Who is Shivam Dube? Everything to Know About Him

Who is Shivam Dube? Find out more about the promising cricketer, known for his versatility and ability to deliver under pressure, and delve into Shivam Dube’s personal details.

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Updated May 27, 2023

Who is Shivam Dube? Everything to Know About Him

Who is Shivam Dube? 

Shivam Dube, born on June 26, 1993, is an accomplished Indian cricketer, representing Mumbai in domestic cricket and the Chennai Super Kings in the prestigious Indian Premier League (IPL). He possesses exceptional skills as an all-rounder, showcasing his left-handed batting prowess and right-arm medium-pace bowling abilities. In November 2019, Dube made his debut on the international stage, donning the Indian cricket team jersey with great pride.

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Hailing from Mumbai, India, Shivam Dube's cricketing journey encountered a hurdle during his teenage years. Struggling with weight issues and facing financial constraints that limited his ability to focus on physical fitness, he temporarily halted his cricketing pursuits at the tender age of 14.

However, his passion for the sport and unwavering determination propelled him forward, ultimately enabling him to overcome these challenges and emerge as a rising star in the cricketing realm.


Shivam Dube Age

Shivam Dube will become 30 years old on June 26th, 2023. Shivam Dube, born on June 26, 1993, hails from the vibrant city of Mumbai, India. Born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, he has a deep passion for music and enjoys exploring new destinations through his travels. As of 2022, Shivam Dube is 29 years old, marking the prime of his cricketing career.

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However, during his early teenage years, around the age of 14, he temporarily abandoned his cricketing aspirations due to being overweight and facing financial constraints that hindered his ability to prioritize his health. Nevertheless, Shivam Dube's determination to pursue his dreams remained unwavering.

At the age of 19, he made a remarkable comeback to the cricketing scene, reigniting his passion for the sport. His talents were quickly recognized, and he earned a spot in the prestigious Mumbai Under-23s team, setting the stage for his journey toward professional success.

Shivam Dube Profile 

Shivam Dubey, a promising 29-year-old cricketer, proudly represents Mumbai in the realm of Indian domestic cricket. He has emerged as one of the most exciting prospects in Indian cricket, particularly due to his exceptional all-around abilities, which are rare to find in the domestic circuit. In his relatively short first-class career, spanning just three matches, Shivam has made a blazing impact. He has already achieved two remarkable five-wicket-hauls and scored a couple of centuries.

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Noteworthy among his performances are a magnificent seven-wicket-haul against Karnataka and a crucial century against Gujarat, which helped his team recover from a precarious situation. Shivam possesses remarkable power and strength, capable of delivering mighty hits that can send the ball soaring into the distance.

His impressive performances in the Indian Premier League (IPL) earned him a national call-up in 2019, where he made his debut in both One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). However, inconsistent displays led to his exclusion from the national team.

Having started his IPL journey with the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in 2019 and 2020, Shivam subsequently moved to the Rajasthan Royals (RR) in 2021 and later joined the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in 2022. 

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Shivam Dube Parents 

Shivam Dube, the renowned Indian cricketer hailing from Mumbai, has parents who have played a significant role in his life. His father, Rajesh Dube, is a respected businessman who owns a jeans factory in Bhiwandi, specializing in washing jeans. Madhuri Dube, Shivam's mother, is an integral part of his support system. Alongside his parents, Shivam also has two sisters who have contributed to his journey.

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Born on 26th June 1993 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Shivam Dube is widely recognized as a talented cricketer. He completed his schooling at Hansraj Moraji Public School in Mumbai and pursued his higher education at Rizvi College.

Shivam Dube Wife

Shivam Dube, the talented Indian cricketer, is happily married to Anjum Khan. Their wedding took place on July 16, 2021, in an intimate ceremony held in Mumbai. Anjum Khan, his wife, is a renowned model and actress, known for her remarkable talents in the industry. Anjum Khan was born in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, and she pursued her education at Aligarh Muslim University, specializing in Fine Arts.

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Her creativity and passion for the arts have shaped her journey in the modeling and acting world. As a dedicated couple, Shivam and Anjum are blessed with a son, who was born in February 2022, adding joy and happiness to their lives. Their family continues to grow, and they embrace the blessings that parenthood brings.

It's evident that Anjum Khan's remarkable achievements and her loving relationship with Shivam Dube have contributed to their shared journey, creating a beautiful bond between them.

Shivam Dube Height 

Shivam Dube stands tall with a height of 180 centimeters, which is equivalent to 1.80 meters or approximately 5 feet 11 inches. His stature reflects his strong presence on the cricket field, where he showcases his skills and abilities with great determination and passion. With a height that complements his athletic physique, Shivam Dube exudes confidence and contributes to his overall performance as a cricketer.

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Shivam Dube embarked on his cricket journey at the tender age of six when his father enrolled him in the Chandrakant Pandit Cricket Academy located in Andheri West, Mumbai. Under the guidance of coach Satish Samant, he honed his cricketing skills and received valuable training. Initially, Shivam's father was involved in the dairy farm business, but later he ventured into the washing jeans industry.

He established his own jeans factory in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra. However, recognizing Shivam's passion for cricket, his father decided to lease out the factory to support his son's cricketing aspirations. At the age of 14, Shivam temporarily stepped away from the game due to financial constraints. It was not until four years later that he made a comeback, thanks to the unwavering support of his uncle Ramesh Dube and cousin Rajiv Dube.

In 2016, Shivam made his T20 debut for Mumbai in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy against Baroda at Mumbai. This marked an important milestone in his cricketing career, laying the foundation for his subsequent achievements.

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Shivam Dube Stats

Batting Career Summary

Format Matches Innings Not Outs Runs Highest Score Average Balls Faced Strike Rate 100s 200s 50s 4s 6s
ODI 1 1 0 9 9 9.0 6 150.0 0 0 0 1 0
T20I 13 9 3 105 54 17.5 77 136.36 0 0 1 7 6
IPL 50 46 7 1074 95 27.54 759 141.5 0 0 6 58 71

Bowling Career Summary

Format Matches Innings Balls Runs Wickets BBI BBM Economy Average Strike Rate 5W 10W
ODI 1 1 47 68 0 0/68 0/68 8.68 0.0 0.0 0 0
T20I 13 11 129 216 5 3/30 3/30 10.05 43.2 25.8 0 0
IPL 50 13 106 166 4 2/15 2/15 9.4 41.5 26.5 0 0

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Who is Shivam Dube? - FAQ

1. Who is Shivam Dube?

Shivam Dube is an accomplished Indian cricketer representing Mumbai in domestic cricket and the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL. He is known for his skills as an all-rounder.

2. What challenges did Shivam Dube face during his teenage years?

Shivam faced weight issues and financial constraints, which temporarily halted his cricketing pursuits at the age of 14. However, he overcame these challenges and made a remarkable comeback.

3. How old is Shivam Dube?

As of 2023, Shivam Dube will become 30 years old. He was born on June 26, 1993, in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

4. What are Shivam Dube's achievements in domestic cricket?

Shivam has made a significant impact in domestic cricket with remarkable performances, including two five-wicket-hauls and a couple of centuries.

5. Which teams has Shivam Dube played for in the IPL?

Shivam has played for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (2019, 2020), Rajasthan Royals (2021), and Chennai Super Kings (2022) in the IPL.

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