Who are Zoey Deutch Parents? Meet Howard Deutch And Lea Thompson

Who are Zoey Deutch's Parents? Check this article to know who are Zoey Deutch's Parents along withZoey Deutch biography. Zoey Deutch is a American actress.

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Updated May 26, 2023

Who are Zoey Deutch Parents? Meet Howard Deutch And Lea Thompson

Who are Zoey Deutch's Parents?

So who are Zoey Deutch's Parents? According to our research, Zoey Deutch's Parents are Howard Deutch and Lea Thompson. Zoey Deutch is an American actress born on 10 November 1994.

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Real Name Zoey Deutch
Nick Name Zoey Deutch
Date of birth 10 November 1994
Age 28 years old
Height 163 cm, 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 53 kg (117 lbs)
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, United States
Gender Female
Profession American actress
Religion Judaism
Nationality American
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Sexual Orientation Straight

Howard Deutch

Lea Thompson

Who is the Zoey Deutch?

Zoey Deutch, an immensely talented American actress, has carved a distinctive path in the entertainment industry through her remarkable performances and undeniable charisma. Born on November 10, 1994, in Los Angeles, California, Deutch comes from a lineage of artistic prowess, with her mother being actress Lea Thompson and her father being director Howard Deutch.

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Deutch's journey in acting began at a young age, fueled by her passion for storytelling and a natural inclination toward the performing arts. With a captivating presence and an ability to breathe life into every character she embodies, Deutch's talent shines brightly on the silver screen.

Her breakthrough came in 2014 with her role in the film "Vampire Academy," where she showcased her versatility and innate ability to capture the essence of complex characters. This performance served as a springboard for her career, leading to a string of captivating roles in both film and television.


Zoey Deutch Biography

Zoey Deutch, a captivating American actress, has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her undeniable talent and magnetic presence. Born on November 10, 1994, in Los Angeles, California, she was raised in a family deeply rooted in the world of film and television. Her mother, Lea Thompson, is an actress, and her father, Howard Deutch, is a renowned director. With such a rich artistic heritage, it's no wonder that Zoey developed a passion for acting from a young age.

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Curiosity surrounds Zoey's journey into the spotlight, as she embarked on her acting career with determination and resilience. She gained recognition for her breakout role as Maya Bennett in the Disney Channel series "The Suite Life on Deck." This early success opened doors for her to explore a wide range of roles across various genres.

Zoey's curiosity extends beyond acting, as she constantly seeks out challenging and diverse projects. She has portrayed complex characters in films like "Before I Fall," "Flower," and "Zombieland: Double Tap," showcasing her versatility and commitment to her craft. Her ability to captivate audiences with her nuanced performances and emotional depth has garnered critical acclaim.


Zoey Deutch Age

Zoey Deutch radiates with youthful energy as she embraces the prime of her career. Born on November 10, 1994, in the lively city of Los Angeles, California, Deutch encapsulates the optimism and vibrancy that come with her age.

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At 28 years old, Zoey Deutch has already achieved remarkable success in the entertainment industry. Her youthful charm and undeniable talent have propelled her to the forefront of Hollywood, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide. Her age serves as a testament to the promising future that lies ahead, brimming with potential and exciting opportunities.

With every project she undertakes, Deutch infuses her performances with a contagious enthusiasm that resonates with viewers. Her ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level, coupled with her natural charisma, ensures that her career trajectory continues to ascend.


Zoey Deutch Height and Weight

Zoey Deutch, the remarkable American actress, possesses not only an extraordinary talent but also a graceful physical presence. Standing at approximately 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall and maintaining a healthy weight of 53 kg (117 lbs), Deutch embodies a natural elegance that adds to her captivating on-screen persona.

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Deutch's talent is not limited to acting alone. She is also an active advocate for important social causes, using her platform to raise awareness and make a positive impact. Her passion for making a difference reflects her depth as an artist and a compassionate individual.


Zoey Deutch Nationality 

Zoey Deutch proudly holds American nationality. She was born in Los Angeles, California, which places her firmly within the American cultural landscape. Growing up in a family deeply entrenched in the entertainment industry, Zoey has embraced her American heritage while making her mark as a talented actress.

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What sets Deutch apart is her unwavering commitment to her craft. She fearlessly immerses herself in each character, delivering authentic and nuanced portrayals that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. Her range spans from heartfelt dramas to lighthearted comedies, demonstrating her ability to effortlessly navigate various genres.

Zoey Deutch Career

Zoey Deutch's career is a testament to her talent, versatility, and dedication to her craft. With each project she takes on, she showcases her ability to embody diverse characters and bring them to life on the screen.

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After gaining initial recognition for her role in "The Suite Life on Deck," Zoey went on to star in a series of critically acclaimed films. She has displayed her acting prowess in dramas like "Before I Fall," where she portrayed a complex and conflicted protagonist, and in the coming-of-age comedy "Flower," where she delivered a captivating performance.

Zoey's career has also seen her venture into the world of action-comedy with "Zombieland: Double Tap," where she held her own alongside an ensemble cast of seasoned actors. Her ability to seamlessly transition between genres and bring depth to her characters has established her as a rising star in the industry.

As her career continues to flourish, Zoey Deutch remains an actress to watch, with her innate talent and curiosity leading her to explore new horizons and captivate audiences with her captivating performances.

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Zoey Deutch Achievement and Awards

Here are some of Zoey Deutch's notable awards and achievements:

List of Zoey Deutch's Award Wins:

  1. 2016 Napa Valley Film Festival - Chandon Rising Star
  2. 2017 Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards - MAXMARA Face of the Future
  3. 2017 Dallas International Film Festival - Diff Shining Star Award
  4. 2017 SCAD Savannah Film Festival - Rising Star Award
  5. 2019 Ischia Global Film and Music Festival - Ischia Actress of the Year
  6. 2020 Hollywood Critics Association - Next Generation of Hollywood

List of Zoey Deutch's Award Nominations:

  1. 2014 Teen Choice Awards - Choice Movie Actress: Comedy for "Vampire Academy" (Nominated)
  2. 2017 Teen Choice Awards - Choice Movie Actress: Drama for "Before I Fall" (Nominated)
  3. 2020 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards - Best Supporting Actress for "Zombieland: Double Tap" (Nominated)
  4. 2022 British Independent Film Awards - Best Supporting Performance for "The Outfit" (Pending)

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Zoey Deutch Parents - FAQ

1. Who are Zoey Deutch's Parents?      

According to Our Latest Research, Zoey Deutch's Parents are Howard Deutch and Lea Thompson.

2. Who is Zoey Deutch?  

Zoey Deutch is an American actress.

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