Who are Harsha Bhogle Parents? Meet A. D. Bhogle And Shalini Bhogle

Who are Harsha Bhogle Parents? Check this article to know who are Harsha Bhogle Parents along with Harsha Bhogle  biography.Harsha Bhogle is an Indian cricket commentator and journalist .
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by Gayathri Rajendran | Updated May 26, 2023

Who are Harsha Bhogle Parents? Meet A. D. Bhogle And Shalini Bhogle

Who are Harsha Bhogle Parents?

So who is Harsha Bhogle Parents? According to our research,Harsha Bhogle Parents are A. D. Bhogle and Shalini Bhogle. Harsha Bhogle is an Indian cricket commentator and journalist born on 19 July 1961.

Real Name

Harsha Bhogle

Nick Name

Harsha Bhogle         

Date of birth

19 July 1961


61 years old


5 feet 8 inches (172 cm)


66 kg (146 lbs)






Indian cricket commentator and journalist 





Eye Colour

Dark Brown

Hair Colour


Zodiac Sign



A. D. Bhogle And Shalini Bhogle 

Kids/Children Name

Chinmay Bhogle, Satchit Bhogle


Anita Bhogle

Who is Harsha Bhogle?

Harsha Bhogle is a prominent Indian cricket commentator and analyst who has made a significant contribution to the world of cricket through his insightful and engaging commentary. Born on July 19, 1961, in Hyderabad, India, Bhogle developed a deep passion for cricket from a young age.

Bhogle's career in cricket commentary began in the 1990s when he made his debut as a commentator during the tour of West Indies by India in 1996. With his distinct and articulate style, he quickly gained recognition and became a familiar voice in cricket broadcasting. What sets Bhogle apart is his ability to provide a balanced and objective analysis, along with his in-depth knowledge of the game.

Known for his eloquence and smooth delivery, Bhogle has commentated on numerous international cricket matches, including several ICC Cricket World Cups and Indian Premier League (IPL) seasons. His engaging commentary and insightful observations have made him a favorite among cricket enthusiasts around the world.

Apart from his commentary work, Harsha Bhogle is also a prolific writer. He has authored several books on cricket, including "Out of the Box: Watching the Game We Love" and "The Winning Way: Learnings from Sport for Managers." These books reflect his deep understanding of the game and offer valuable insights into the world of cricket.

Bhogle's expertise and contribution to cricket have been widely recognized and honored. He has received several prestigious awards, including the "Best Commentator" award by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the "Rajiv Gandhi Award for Excellence in the Field of Sports Journalism."

Harsha Bhogle's impact on cricket commentary extends beyond his own country. His voice and analysis have captivated audiences worldwide, making him one of the most respected and admired cricket commentators of his time. With his passion for the game and unparalleled expertise, Bhogle continues to enrich the cricketing experience for fans across the globe.


Harsha Bhogle Biography

Harsha Bhogle, the enigmatic voice behind the cricketing spectacle, has captivated the minds and hearts of millions with his infectious passion and encyclopedic knowledge of the game. Born on a scorching summer day in Hyderabad, India, Bhogle's destiny as a cricket commentator seemed preordained.

From a young age, Bhogle's fascination with the sport was insatiable. As a child, he would spend countless hours glued to the television, mimicking the announcers and analyzing every shot and delivery with an unyielding curiosity. Little did he know that his childhood pastime would shape his future career.

Bhogle's foray into the world of cricket commentary commenced in the 1990s, during an iconic India-West Indies clash. His debut sent tremors of excitement throughout the cricketing fraternity, as his unique voice and articulate style instantly struck a chord with fans across the nation.


Harsha Bhogle Age

Harsha Bhogle, the iconic cricket commentator, continues to inspire and enthrall audiences with his timeless charm and unparalleled insights into the game. Born on July 19, 1961, in the vibrant city of Hyderabad, India, Bhogle is a testament to the adage that age is just a number.

In 2023, he celebrates his 62nd birthday, embracing the wisdom and experience that accompany the passing years. With each passing day, Bhogle's passion for cricket burns brighter, his enthusiasm undimmed, as he continues to lend his distinctive voice to the sport that has become his life's calling.

As he gracefully navigates through the cricketing landscape, Bhogle reminds us that age is no barrier to pursuing one's dreams and making a lasting impact in the world.

Harsha Bhogle Height and Weight

Harsha Bhogle, the renowned cricket commentator, stands with a height of 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm) and maintains a weight of approximately 66 kg (146 lbs). While his physical attributes may not garner the spotlight, it is Bhogle's intellectual acumen and deep understanding of the game that truly define his stature in the cricketing world.

His height and weight play a minimal role in his remarkable career, where his voice and insights have left an indelible impact on the sport. Bhogle's commentary transcends the physical realm, as he delves into the nuances of the game, capturing the essence of cricket through his eloquent words. It is his immense knowledge, engaging delivery, and analytical prowess that have garnered him immense respect and admiration from cricket enthusiasts globally. Regardless of his physical measurements, Harsha Bhogle's contributions to the cricketing fraternity stand tall, solidifying his status as one of the most esteemed and revered cricket commentators of his time.

Harsha Bhogle Nationality

Harsha Bhogle, the eminent cricket commentator and analyst, proudly carries the flag of Indian nationality. Born and raised in Hyderabad, India, Bhogle's roots run deep in the rich tapestry of the country's cricketing heritage. India, with its vast cricketing legacy and passionate fanbase, has provided the perfect backdrop for Bhogle's illustrious career.

His Indian nationality reflects not only his birthplace but also his profound connection to the nation's cricketing ethos. Bhogle's voice has become synonymous with the Indian cricketing experience, as he brings to life the exhilarating moments and captivating narratives that unfold on the cricket field.

With his insightful analysis, Bhogle has become an integral part of Indian cricketing culture, contributing to the growth and popularity of the sport in the country. His Indian nationality serves as a source of pride for both Bhogle and the millions of fans who admire his work.

Harsha Bhogle Career

Harsha Bhogle's career in the world of cricket has been nothing short of remarkable. From his humble beginnings as a budding cricket enthusiast to becoming one of the most recognized and respected voices in the sport, Bhogle's journey has been a testament to his unwavering passion and unparalleled talent.

His career as a cricket commentator took flight in the 1990s, when he made his debut on the international stage, bringing a fresh and insightful perspective to cricket broadcasting. Over the years, Bhogle's career has blossomed, and he has earned a reputation for his astute analysis, captivating storytelling, and an engaging on-air presence.

His commentary spans across various formats of the game, including Test matches, One-Day Internationals, and the highly popular Indian Premier League (IPL). Bhogle's expertise and encyclopedic knowledge of the game have made him a sought-after commentator for cricketing events around the globe.

His contributions to the sport extend beyond the commentary box, as he has authored several books on cricket, further establishing his authority in the cricketing world. With an illustrious career spanning decades, Harsha Bhogle has left an indelible mark on the sport and continues to inspire generations of cricket enthusiasts with his insightful commentary and unwavering love for the game.


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Harsha Bhogle Parents - FAQ

1. Who are Harsha Bhogle Parents?     

According to Our Latest Research,Harsha Bhogle Parents are A. D. Bhogle And Shalini Bhogle.

2. Who is Harsha Bhogle?

Harsha Bhogle is an Indian cricket commentator and journalist.

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