Where to Find Koltin Tears of the Kingdom? Kotlin Locations TOTK

If you want to know where to find Koltin Tears of the Kingdom, stay on this page to find the locations of the “Koltin” in the game, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

by Aishwarya R | Updated May 27, 2023

Where to Find Koltin Tears of the Kingdom? Kotlin Locations TOTK

Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a captivating action-adventure game, was developed and published by Nintendo exclusively for the Nintendo Switch in 2023. Serving as the highly anticipated sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom takes players back to the expansive and immersive world of Hyrule. However, this time, Hyrule has undergone a remarkable expansion, introducing vertical exploration that enhances the sense of adventure.

Link, the legendary hero, once again takes center stage in Tears of the Kingdom, but this time he is joined by the indomitable Zelda herself. Together, they face off against a malevolent force that threatens to plunge Hyrule into darkness and ruin. Their courage and determination are put to the ultimate test as they strive to protect the beloved land they hold dear.

The inception of Tears of the Kingdom stemmed from the realization that the ideas for downloadable content (DLC) for Breath of the Wild had outgrown the scope of a mere expansion. Led by Nintendo's talented Entertainment Planning & Development (EPD) division, the development team, including director Hidemaro Fujibayashi and producer Eiji Aonuma from Breath of the Wild, embarked on an ambitious journey to bring this sequel to life.

A tantalizing teaser was unveiled at E3 2019, fueling anticipation among fans, and a full reveal followed at E3 2021. Although originally planned for release in 2022, the game's launch was ultimately delayed to May 2023 to ensure its utmost quality. Tears of the Kingdom has been met with resounding acclaim, capturing the hearts of players and critics alike.

It has been praised for its expanded open world, inviting players to embark on exhilarating exploration and experimentation. The game introduces exciting new gameplay features, including the Recall ability, which allows objects to reverse time; Fuse, enabling the creation of custom weapons by combining discovered materials; Ultrahand, a versatile skill that allows objects to stick together, facilitating the construction of devices, vehicles, and structures; Ascend, enabling players to traverse surfaces above them; and Autobuild, an extraordinary ability that consumes the valuable Zonaite currency to summon previously constructed structures using Ultrahand.

Where to Find Koltin Tears of the Kingdom?

Koltin, a character in Hyrule, wants to become a Satori and believes that consuming Bubbul Gems will help him achieve this transformation. To begin this quest, you need to locate Koltin and provide him with Bubbul Gems.

Locating Koltin

There are two methods to find Koltin. Firstly, you can ask Kilton, Koltin's brother, for information about Koltin's whereabouts. Alternatively, you may stumble upon Koltin by chance while exploring Hyrule. Kilton always knows where Koltin will appear next, so finding Kilton in Tarrey Town, located in the Akkala Highlands, will give you the information you need.

Finding Koltin's Balloon

Koltin's colorful balloon can be seen east of the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. Keep in mind that Koltin only appears after 9 PM, so make sure to be in the area during the appropriate time. If you see his hot air balloon somewhere around Hyrule, you'll know that Koltin is nearby.

Starting the Quest

Once you find Koltin near Pico Pond (next to the Woodland Stable or northeast from Lookout Landing), approach him and his brother. They will introduce themselves and explain Koltin's desire to consume Bubbul Gems. This marks the beginning of "The Hunt for Bubbul Gems" quest.

Obtaining Bubbul Gems

Inside the cave where the brothers are standing, you can find a Bubbul Frog. Defeat the frog and collect your first Bubbul Gem, which you can immediately give to Koltin since he will be outside the cave.

Continuing the Quest

After consuming his first Bubbul Gem, Koltin will develop a craving for more. This completes the "The Hunt for Bubbul Gems" quest and immediately triggers the "The Search for Koltin" quest since Koltin sets off on an exploration of Hyrule.

Trading Bubbul Gems

To exchange your Bubbul Gems for rewards, you need to locate both Kilton and Koltin. Kilton can be found in Tarrey Town, while Koltin travels around Hyrule in his hot air balloon and appears in different locations. Once you encounter Kilton, he will provide you with information about Koltin's current whereabouts.

Koltin Location TOTK

Here are some known locations where Koltin can be found:

  • Uri Mountain Skyview Tower - Koltin's colorful balloon can appear just east of the Uri Mountain Skyview Tower. This is one of the places where you may encounter him.
  • South of Lookout Landing -  Another possible location for Koltin is south of Lookout Landing. Keep an eye out for his balloon in this area.
  • By Snowfield Stable in Tabantha - Koltin has been spotted near the Snowfield Stable in Tabantha. You might find him here during your search.
  • Isle of Rabac on Death Mountain - Koltin has also been seen on the Isle of Rabac, which is northwest of YunoboCo HQ on Death Mountain. Explore this area to potentially find him.

Kilton's Location

Kilton, Koltin's brother, can be found in Tarrey Town in Akkala Highlands. If you visit Kilton in Tarrey Town, he will provide you with information about Koltin's current whereabouts. Alternatively, you can go directly to Kilton, who is located just east of the Uri Mountain Skyview Tower, but only at night.

Trading Bubbul Gems

Once you have collected Bubbul Gems, you can trade them in with Koltin. However, keep in mind that Koltin may leave to travel around again, similar to Kilton in Breath of the Wild. He will only appear at night, so be patient and explore the mentioned locations during nighttime to have a chance to find him and trade your Bubbul Gems.

Tears of the Kingdom Gameplay

Tears of the Kingdom offers an immersive and captivating gameplay experience for players. Building upon the success of its predecessor, Breath of the Wild, this action-adventure game introduces new features, mechanics, and challenges that keep players engaged throughout their journey in the expansive world of Hyrule.

One of the defining aspects of Tears of the Kingdom's gameplay is its open-world environment. Hyrule has been expanded to allow for more vertical exploration, with towering mountains, vast plains, dense forests, and treacherous dungeons awaiting players' exploration. The freedom to roam and discover hidden secrets is a core element of the gameplay, encouraging players to embark on their own adventures and tackle challenges at their own pace.

As the hero, Link, players will navigate through various terrains, overcome environmental obstacles, and engage in thrilling combat encounters. The combat system is dynamic and offers a wide range of options for players, including swordplay, bow and arrow, and the utilization of various runes and abilities. Strategic thinking and skillful execution are essential to overcome formidable enemies and bosses that lurk in the world.

In addition to combat, Tears of the Kingdom places a strong emphasis on puzzle-solving. Shrines, ancient structures scattered across the land, feature intricate puzzles that test players' logic, creativity, and ability to manipulate the environment using their arsenal of tools and abilities. These puzzles often require players to think outside the box and utilize their resources wisely to progress.

Tears of the Kingdom also introduces new gameplay mechanics and abilities. For example, the Recall ability allows Link to manipulate time for objects, enabling creative solutions to puzzles and providing strategic advantages in combat. The Fuse skill enables the combination of weapons and found objects, empowering players to craft unique and powerful tools tailored to their playstyle.

Exploration is rewarded in Tears of the Kingdom, as players discover hidden treasures, uncover the rich history and lore of Hyrule, and forge alliances with various characters they encounter along their journey. Side quests, mini-games, and diverse challenges provide additional depth and variety to the gameplay, ensuring there is always something new to discover and experience.

The immersive gameplay of Tears of the Kingdom is complemented by stunning visuals and a captivating musical score that brings the world of Hyrule to life. From lush landscapes to intricate dungeons, every detail is crafted with care, creating a visually and audibly enchanting experience. Tears of the Kingdom delivers a rich and engaging gameplay experience that combines exploration, combat, puzzle-solving, and storytelling in a vast and vibrant world.

It challenges players to embark on a heroic adventure, unravel the mysteries of Hyrule, and save the kingdom from a malevolent force. With its open-ended nature and depth of gameplay mechanics, Tears of the Kingdom offers countless hours of thrilling and immersive gameplay for fans of the Zelda series and newcomers alike.

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Where to Find Koltin Tears of the Kingdom - FAQs

1. How do I start the quest to find Koltin and collect Bubbul Gems?  

To begin the quest, head to Pico Pond, which is located either beside the Woodland Stable or northeast from Lookout Landing. There, you will find Koltin and his brother. Approach them to initiate the quest and learn about Koltin's desire to consume Bubbul Gems.


2. Where can I find Bubbul Gems for Koltin?

Bubbul Gems can be obtained by defeating Bubbul Frogs. Inside the cave where Koltin and his brother are located, you will find a Bubbul Frog that you can defeat to obtain your first Bubbul Gem. As you explore Hyrule, you may come across more Bubbul Frogs and obtain additional gems.

3. How do I locate Koltin after the initial encounter?

Koltin travels around Hyrule in his hot air balloon, appearing in different locations. You can either ask Kilton, Koltin's brother, for information on Koltin's whereabouts in Tarrey Town, or you can stumble upon Koltin by chance during your exploration. Kilton will provide you with the most up-to-date information on Koltin's location.

4. What are the possible locations where Koltin can be found?

Koltin has been observed in several locations throughout Hyrule. Some known locations include east of the Uri Mountain Skyview Tower, south of Lookout Landing, by the Snowfield Stable in Tabantha, and on the Isle of Rabac on Death Mountain, northwest of YunoboCo HQ. Keep an eye out for his colorful balloon in these areas.


5. Can I trade my Bubbul Gems for rewards?  

Yes, once you have collected Bubbul Gems, you can trade them in for rewards. Locate both Kilton and Koltin to exchange your gems. Kilton can be found in Tarrey Town, while Koltin travels in his hot air balloon. However, be aware that Koltin may leave to explore again, so take advantage of the opportunity to trade with him when he is available, typically during the night.

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