Where to Find Hylian Rice Tears of the Kingdom? Locations

Where to Find Hylian Rice Tears of the Kingdom? Players can buy the Hylian Rice from certain general stores in Goron City and Hateno Village in Nintendo's Tears of the Kingdom.

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Updated May 26, 2023

Where to Find Hylian Rice Tears of the Kingdom? Locations

Where to Find Hylian Rice Tears Of The Kingdom? 

Hylian Rice holds a significant role in the culinary creations within the enchanting realm of Tears of The Kingdom. Nevertheless, procuring this precious ingredient in the early stages of the game can prove to be quite challenging. Despite the occasional presence of itinerant merchants near the horse stables, their availability remains uncertain at best.

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Fortunately, a reliable source for acquiring Hylian Rice emerges at the General Store situated in Lookout Landing, the very first town you encounter during your adventurous journey. Although each piece of this coveted ingredient is priced at 12 Rupees, you have the opportunity to obtain a few at Lookout Landing. To maximize the benefits of Hylian Rice, we suggest combining it with Fresh Milk and Sundelions to concoct a nourishing porridge. This delectable mixture not only satiates your hunger but also acts as a potent defense against the adverse effects of Gloom while exploring the Depths.

Hylian Rice Location Tears Of The Kingdom

There are numerous stores worldwide that offer Hylian Rice, and at a mere cost of 12 rupees per unit, it proves to be an affordable pursuit. The most convenient location to procure this delicacy is at Beedle's emporium. This peripatetic merchant can be encountered at any stable and is known to offer Hylian Rice for sale.

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For those situated in other parts of the world, these sought-after grains can also be found in various shops located in Hatteno Village, Zora's Domain, Koroko Forest, and Gerudo Town. Moreover, once you have successfully completed your initial dungeon exploration, the store at Lookout Landing will expand its inventory to include Hylian Rice among its offerings.

Hylian Rice TOTK

Hylian Rice serves as a key component in numerous delectable dishes within the immersive world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). In order to craft specific recipes and fulfill quests throughout the game, players must locate this invaluable ingredient. There exist multiple avenues through which players can obtain Hylian Rice within TOTK. One option entails purchasing it from reputable vendors scattered throughout the game's vast universe.

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For instance, the esteemed Zaga-Kai merchant in the idyllic village of Uruna offers Hylian Rice for sale. Adventurers seeking to acquire this ingredient can pay a visit to this vendor, thereby procuring the coveted item. Alternatively, those inclined to venture off the beaten path can scour the untamed wilderness for scattered deposits of Hylian Rice.

Carefully exploring various regions of the game's expansive overworld can yield fruitful results in the pursuit of this precious ingredient. Additionally, players possess the ability to cultivate their own Hylian Rice through dedicated farming efforts. This can be achieved by either purchasing pre-planted seeds from reputable vendors or embarking on the gratifying task of planting the seeds themselves. It is imperative, however, for players to exercise patience and allow for the appropriate amount of time to pass before reaping the bountiful harvest.

How to Get Hylian Rice?

Hylian Rice plays a crucial role as a key ingredient in the culinary adventures of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. While the primary objective of this game is to embark on a heroic journey in the land of Hyrule to defeat evil forces, many players find themselves captivated by the immersive cooking mechanics. As you venture through the game, you have the opportunity to collect a plethora of diverse ingredients and concoct extraordinary meals. Among the sought-after ingredients, Hylian Rice stands out, yet it proves to be quite elusive, seldom appearing in the vast expanse of the game world.

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Hylian Rice does not simply manifest on the surface of Hyrule like ordinary items. To acquire this prized ingredient in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, one must diligently search for it amidst the tall grasses that grow along the edges of expansive bodies of water. Cutting the tall grass might yield the desired result, as there exists a possibility that a coveted grain of Hylian Rice will emerge from the harvest.

The optimal location for cultivating Hylian Rice is the Rebella Wetlands, situated at coordinates 2418, -2755, 0222. However, it is essential to note that Hylian Rice spawns exceedingly rarely. The chances of obtaining it are so slim that investing significant effort in cutting through numerous patches of tall grasses may prove to be an unproductive endeavor.

Hateno Village Location TOTK

Hateno Village, a prominent settlement in the world of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, stands as a vital hub amidst the breathtaking landscapes. Nestled around the enchanting Zelkoa Pond and Firly Pond, it finds its place to the north of the majestic Ebon Mountain in the Mount Lanaryu Region. Towards the west lie the captivating Ginner Woods and Midla Woods, adding to the village's charm.

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On the eastern side, a meandering road beckons travelers, leading them to the pristine Kitano Bay on the shores of the Necluda Sea. Hateno Village gracefully exists at the geographical coordinates (3608, -2163, 0176), offering a sanctuary to adventurers. For those seeking to embark on an unforgettable journey, two paths unveil themselves towards the Hateno Village, Awe-inspiring and towering over the land, the Mount Lanaryu Skyview Tower perches proudly atop Mount Lanaryu, situated to the north of Hateno Village.

From this vantage point, one can engage in the exhilarating experience of paragliding, gracefully descending towards the village, taking in the breathtaking sights that Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has to offer. Alternatively, travelers have the option of utilizing the convenience of fast travel. By accessing the Zanmik Shrine, nestled amidst a captivating tundra southeast of Zelda TotK's Hateno Village, adventurers can swiftly transport themselves to their desired destination.

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Where to Find Hylian Rice Tears of the Kingdom - FAQs

1. Where can I find Hylian Rice in Tears of The Kingdom?

Hylian Rice can be purchased at the General Store in Lookout Landing.

2. Where else can I find Hylian Rice in the game?

You can find Hylian Rice in Beedle's emporium, as well as various shops in Hatteno Village, Zora's Domain, Koroko Forest, and Gerudo Town.

3. Can I obtain Hylian Rice by exploring the game's world?

Yes, you can find scattered deposits of Hylian Rice in the untamed wilderness by carefully exploring various regions of the game's overworld.

4. Can I farm my own Hylian Rice?

Yes, you can cultivate your own Hylian Rice by purchasing pre-planted seeds from vendors or planting the seeds yourself. Patience is required for the harvest to grow.

5. Where is Hateno Village located in Tears of The Kingdom?

Hateno Village is situated to the north of Ebon Mountain in the Mount Lanaryu Region. It can be reached by paragliding from Mount Lanaryu Skyview Tower or through fast travel using the Zanmik Shrine southeast of the village.

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