Where is Mike Shay Now? Who is Mike Shay? What Happened to Mike Shay?

Where is Mike Shay Now? If you are also curious to know the same, get the details about what is currently Mike Shay up to after leaving the Vanderpump Rules.  

by A Maria | Updated Jun 05, 2023

Where is Mike Shay Now? Who is Mike Shay? What Happened to Mike Shay?

Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules is a captivating American reality television series that has been captivating audiences since its premiere on Bravo on January 7, 2013. Serving as the first spin-off from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the show has garnered a dedicated following throughout its nine seasons.

The series offers an inside look into the world of Lisa Vanderpump, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, and the dynamic staff who work at her renowned establishments: SUR Restaurant & Lounge, Pump Restaurant, and Tom Tom Restaurant & Bar, all located in the vibrant city of West Hollywood, California.

Viewers are treated to a fascinating glimpse into the lives, relationships, and daily dramas of the staff members as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of working in the restaurant and bar industry. The show's success has led to the creation of two spin-off series: Vanderpump Rules After Show, which provides behind-the-scenes commentary and exclusive interviews, and Vanderpump Rules: Jax And Brittany Take Kentucky, which follows the lives of two beloved cast members as they embark on a new chapter in their relationship.

With its compelling storyline, captivating cast members, and glamorous Los Angeles backdrop, Vanderpump Rules has become a beloved staple in the reality television genre. The show continues to entertain and engage audiences with its mix of drama, humor, and a touch of glitz and glamour that defines the world of Lisa Vanderpump and her iconic establishments.

Where is Mike Shay Now?

Mike's Twitter bio proudly identifies him as a versatile artist, encompassing the roles of rapper, producer, and DJ. However, it appears that his social media presence has been relatively quiet, with no updates on his Twitter page since 2019.

In contrast, his Instagram activity suggests a connection with Hyro the Hero. In December 2021, Mike shared a video promoting Hyro's latest song, "Kids Against the Monsters," expressing his enthusiasm with a caption that read, "KATM OUT NOW... @hyrothehero #kidsagainstthemonsters #hyrogang LINK IN MY BIO ‼️‼️‼️"

While Mike's Twitter and Instagram accounts offer glimpses into his interests and affiliations, his SoundCloud page tells a different story. It appears that he hasn't shared any new music on the platform in the past three years, leaving fans eager for new releases. 

Taking a closer look at Mike's Instagram feed, it becomes evident that family holds great importance to him. In one particular photo, he gathers an impressive group of 15 family members, showcasing their unity and love. On Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022, Mike shared this heartwarming snapshot, accompanied by the hashtags #shays and #blessed in his caption, emphasizing the significance of family in his life.

Mike also takes the opportunity to reminisce and pay tribute to his loved ones. He shares throwback pictures of his parents, and siblings, and even captures precious moments from his brother Zach's engagement in 2022, allowing followers to share in these cherished memories.

While Mike's social media presence may not be as active as some may expect, his posts offer glimpses into his musical affiliations, family life, and moments of celebration. Fans eagerly await updates on his artistic endeavors and anticipate the release of new music from this multi-talented individual.

Who is Mike Shay?

Mike Shay, a familiar name to fans of reality television, has made notable appearances on shows such as TMI Hollywood (2012), Vanderpump Rules (2013), and Reality Relapse (2014). He gained recognition through his involvement in these programs, leaving viewers curious about his life beyond the screen.

One significant aspect of Mike Shay's life is his former marriage to Scheana Shay. Their relationship, documented on Vanderpump Rules, captured the attention of audiences as they witnessed the ups and downs of their journey together.

The intricacies and dynamics of their union left fans intrigued, wondering about the intricacies of their personal lives off-camera. While Mike Shay may have been primarily known for his appearances on reality TV, his story and experiences extend beyond the small screen. Curiosity lingers among followers, eager to delve deeper into the life of this enigmatic individual and discover the path he has taken since his time in the spotlight.

What Happened to Mike Shay?

Mike Shay's marriage to "Vanderpump Rules" star Scheana Shay was a notable chapter in their lives, chronicled on the popular reality show. The couple tied the knot in 2014, and their wedding was a highlight during Season 3 of the series. However, their relationship faced significant challenges, leading to their eventual separation in 2017.

aThroughout their time together, one of the issues that strained their marriage was Mike's battle with substance abuse. Scheana openly discussed how his pill problem surfaced just three months into their marriage, and later, she discovered inappropriate text messages that further strained their bond. Despite these hurdles, she tried to maintain a facade of normalcy, believing in the commitment they made to each other.

The couple's struggles and subsequent separation unfolded on the show, allowing viewers to witness the ups and downs of their relationship. While their time on "Vanderpump Rules" captured the attention of audiences, it also shed light on the challenges they faced as a couple.

Since their separation, Mike Shay has made progress in his personal journey. As a music producer by profession, he has ventured beyond the realm of reality television and embarked on a new chapter in his life. While details about his current endeavors may be less visible to the public eye, it is evident that he has come a long way from his time in the reality TV spotlight.

What Happened to Scheana and Mike Shay?

Season 10 of the beloved Bravo series, Vanderpump Rules, has arrived, and it holds significant significance for reality star Scheana Shay. This latest installment will showcase the recent wedding of the new mother to Brock Davies. However, this isn't the first time Scheana has walked down the aisle on camera.

Her previous marriage to Mike Shay, who frequently appeared on Vanderpump Rules, came to an end in 2017. The couple, who had been sweethearts since high school, exchanged vows in 2014. Sadly, the union was challenged by Mike's escalating struggle with substance abuse. Scheana opened up about the difficult decision to end their marriage, revealing that she had never contemplated divorce because she took their vows seriously.

As their relationship endured, Mike's repeated dishonesty about his pill use and his actions, including stealing money from Scheana's account, shattered the trust between them. The reality star acknowledged that she could not move forward with someone who had caused such profound breaches of trust.

While Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules will showcase Scheana's joyous wedding to Brock Davies, it also serves as a reminder of the challenges she faced during her previous marriage. Scheana's willingness to share her personal struggles on camera has allowed viewers to witness the complexities of her relationships and the difficult decisions she had to make.

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Where is Mike Shay Now - FAQs

1. When did Vanderpump Rules first premiere?

Vanderpump Rules made its debut on Bravo on January 7, 2013.

2. Is Vanderpump Rules a spin-off of another show?

Yes, Vanderpump Rules is the first spin-off from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

3. How many seasons of Vanderpump Rules have aired so far?

The show has aired nine seasons to date, captivating audiences with its compelling storylines.

4. What is Vanderpump Rules about?

Vanderpump Rules provides viewers with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the life of Lisa Vanderpump, a prominent personality in the entertainment industry. The series primarily revolves around the staff members working at Vanderpump's renowned establishments, including SUR Restaurant & Lounge, Pump Restaurant, and Tom Tom Restaurant & Bar, all located in the vibrant city of West Hollywood, California.

5. Who is Lisa Vanderpump?

Lisa Vanderpump is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, with a successful career as a restaurateur, businesswoman, and television personality. She gained recognition through her appearances on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and has since become a central figure in Vanderpump Rules.

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