Where is Cosmo Dinardo Now? Who are His Parents?

Where is Cosmo Dinardo now? He is currently in custody at the state correctional facility in Phoenix, but what did Cosmo Dinardo do? Find out here, along with details of who his parents are.
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by Mathelene | Updated May 26, 2023

Where is Cosmo Dinardo Now? Who are His Parents?

Who is Cosmo DiNardo?

Cosmo DiNardo, a resident of Bensalem, Pennsylvania, is an American serial killer. In July 2017, he confessed to murdering four missing men in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. DiNardo comes from a family involved in real estate and is of Italian descent. He has a passion for collecting sneakers and firearms, as well as hunting squirrels in his rural hometown. Additionally, he assists in running a small corn farm.

Neighbors have described DiNardo as mentally ill, and he had a troubled history at Arcadia University, where he attended for only one semester. Due to his verbal interactions with campus members, he was banned from the campus and received a certified letter declaring him persona non grata.

On July 10, 2017, DiNardo was arrested at his residence on a firearms possession offense. Law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, searched his properties in connection with the disappearances of Dean Finocchiaro, Mark Sturgis, Thomas Meo, and Jimi Tar Patrick. DiNardo's family owned the home where he was arrested, as well as other properties in Solebury Township.

Initially, he was held on 10% of $1 million bail but was released on July 11, 2017, on $1 million bail, 10 percent cash, specifically for the firearms charge. However, on July 12, 2017, he was re-arrested for attempting to sell one of the missing men's cars shortly after the man had gone missing. His bail was increased to $5 million. An accomplice named Sean Kratz was also arrested for allegedly assisting DiNardo in disposing of the victims' bodies using construction equipment.

Where is Cosmo Dinardo Now?

Cosmo DiNardo, the individual convicted of four murders in 2017, has been relocated from SCI Retreat, a medium-security prison in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. He had been serving his four life sentences at SCI Retreat since 2018 when he pleaded guilty to the murders of four young boys.

On a recent Wednesday, he was transferred to SCI Huntingdon, located in the Allegheny Mountains. SCI Huntingdon is known as one of the state's "highest-security facilities," according to Pennsylvania Department of Corrections spokeswoman Susan McNaughton.

The reason behind DiNardo's transfer has not been disclosed by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. As he is currently incarcerated, he does not have a residence and is confined to the prison. It is worth noting that DiNardo has his own Facebook account under his own name, which suggests some level of access to communication platforms while in custody.

Cosmo Dinardo Parents

Sandra Affatato DiNardo and Antonio "Tony" DiNardo are the parents of Cosmo DiNardo. Regarding their son's actions, Sandra Affatato DiNardo has expressed her perspective. She described her son as a model and wonderful individual, emphasizing his positive qualities. However, she acknowledged that over time, his mental health deteriorated, leading to his illness and ultimately his involvement in the murders.

Sandra Affatato DiNardo attributes her son's transformation into a murderer to a decline in his mental well-being. She still maintains a view of him as a previously exemplary person but recognizes the negative changes that occurred within him.

However, his father said,” He was mad. I could tell he was angry…Cosmo asked if I was with a certain person, and I said yes.” And when Sandra, Tony’s wife, was called to the stand soon after, she broke down and made a hasty exit, saying sorry to the ...

Cosmo Dinardo Family

Cosmo DiNardo comes from a family that includes his mother, father, sister, and himself. According to his mother, Sandra, he was once seen as a model son and a wonderful human being. His sister, Bella DiNardo, attended Archbishop Ryan High School in Pennsylvania. It is important to note that Bella has no involvement in the crimes committed by Cosmo. However, Cosmo's cousin, Sean Kratz, was implicated in the killings and received an appropriate legal sentence.

The story of Cosmo DiNardo began with the unsettling disappearance and subsequent deaths of four young boys. However, the narrative took a dark turn when it became evident that Cosmo was connected to these crimes. Prior to this, he had displayed promising academic achievements as a scholar at Arcadia University and aspired to become an orthodontist.

Regrettably, Cosmo's mental health began to deteriorate in 2015, leading to a diagnosis of depressive disorder. His condition further worsened after an ATV accident that occurred on the family farm. Eventually, he confessed to the police about his involvement in the murders of the four young men. Cosmo said, “I don’t know why I did this sh*t, man. I threw my life away for nothing.

It is crucial to reiterate that Cosmo's sister, Bella, is innocent and has no connection to the crimes committed. On the other hand, Cosmo's cousin, Sean Kratz, faced legal consequences for his participation in the killings. The overall narrative revolves around the tragic events triggered by Cosmo's mental illness and the subsequent impact on those involved.

Dinardo Farm Bucks County

The Solebury Township residence at 2827 Aquetong Road, which played a significant role in the investigation of the murders of four young men in 2017, has been listed for sale with an asking price of $700,000. The property, previously owned by the parents of confessed killer Cosmo DiNardo, was put on the market recently.

Described as a fully renovated historic home built in 1821, the three-bedroom, two-bathroom property sits on just under an acre of land. It gained national attention during the homicide case when evidence related to the killings was discovered on the premises. The four missing men were ultimately found on an 80-acre farm owned by the DiNardo family, located less than a mile away on Upper Mountain Road near Lower York Road in the secluded area of Solebury.

Cosmo DiNardo, now 25 years old, pleaded guilty to killing the four men, with assistance from his cousin, Sean Kratz. The victims were lured to the farm under the pretense of a marijuana sale. DiNardo and Kratz, who was convicted at trial for their involvement in three of the murders, are currently serving life sentences.

During the investigation into the missing person's case, the car of one victim, Thomas Meo, was found in a shed on the Aquetong Road property. Authorities also discovered the car's title, keys, and a diabetes kit that Meo relied on for survival inside the vehicle.

Meo and another victim, Mark Sturgis, had met with DiNardo near Peddler's Village prior to their deaths. They had accompanied DiNardo to the Aquetong Road property, where Meo left his car in the shed. DiNardo then took them to the farm, where he fatally shot them.

In a previous incident at the farm, DiNardo killed Jimi Taro Patrick, and shortly after the murders of Meo and Sturgis, he, along with Kratz, killed Dean Finocchiaro. Three of the victims' bodies were burned in a pig roaster after being doused in gasoline by DiNardo and Kratz. The bodies were later found buried in a 12-foot-deep hole on the farm, with Patrick's remains located elsewhere on the property based on information provided by DiNardo in exchange for the exclusion of the death penalty.

No clear motive for the murders emerged from DiNardo's confession, and his connections to the victims were primarily limited to arranging drug deals. Prior to the crimes, DiNardo had a history of mental health issues and had been banned from Holy Ghost Prep and Arcadia University campuses due to behavioral problems.

He had also been involuntarily committed to a mental health facility and was legally prohibited from possessing firearms. Sandra DiNardo, Cosmo's mother, purchased the Aquetong Road property in 2006 for $450,000 and reportedly sold it to Gina DiNardo for $1 in December of the previous year.

The DiNardo family still owns the farm property. The murder case garnered attention and was featured in a two-hour documentary on Investigation Discovery titled "The Lost Boys of Bucks County," which highlighted the contributions of Middletown Township police officer Megan Freer in identifying the farm where the victims' bodies were found. Officer Freer received an Award of Valor for her role in solving the case at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia.

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Where is Cosmo Dinardo Now - FAQs

1. Who is Cosmo DiNardo?  

Cosmo DiNardo is an American serial killer who confessed to murdering four missing men in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in 2017. 

2. Where is Cosmo DiNardo currently located?  

Cosmo DiNardo has been transferred from SCI Retreat to SCI Huntingdon, both correctional facilities in Pennsylvania. 

3. What is the background of Cosmo DiNardo's family?  

Cosmo DiNardo comes from a family consisting of his mother, father, sister, and himself. His sister, Bella DiNardo, is not involved in the crimes committed by Cosmo. Cosmo's cousin, Sean Kratz, was implicated in the killings and faced legal consequences.

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