What is Daikin Error code A3: Cause and Fixes

Many of them are fed off by the Daikin error code A3 in the Daikin Air Conditioners and here is the article, which tells what Daikin Error code A3 scroll down and learn here Daikin Error code A3 causes and fixes.

by Janani Durga Perumal | Updated Mar 18, 2023

What is Daikin Error code A3: Cause and Fixes

Daikin Air Conditioners

Most of them have felt comfortable after installing a Daikin air conditioner in their homes. Daikin AC systems permit precise temperature control throughout your home, and they are less expensive. Your quiet-running Daikin air conditioner is designed to use energy efficiently. They could reduce waste and thus save you money on your energy bills for decades. Daikin products are engineered to function with a minimal amount of energy waste, making them environmentally friendly.

What is Daikin Error Code A3?

Daikin error code A3 is the error that occurs when the Daikin air conditioners' drain level is too high. Daikin error code A3 is usually caused by a clog of dirt in the drain or a faulty drain pump. Daikin error code A3 indicates a malfunction in the compressor discharge temperature sensor. This sensor is responsible for monitoring the temperature of the refrigerant leaving the compressor.

If the sensor detects a temperature that is outside the normal range, it will trigger the A3 error code, which will cause the system to shut down. This is a safety feature designed to protect the compressor and prevent further damage to the system.

Cause of Daikin Error Code A3

  • Faulty compressor discharge temperature sensor: The A3 error code is triggered when the compressor discharge temperature sensor detects a temperature that is outside of the normal range. If this sensor is faulty, it may be reading incorrect temperatures and triggering the error code.

  • Clogged air filter or dirty coils: When the air filter or coils are dirty or clogged, it can cause the compressor to work harder, which can result in higher discharge temperatures. This can trigger the A3 error code if the temperature gets too high.

  • Low refrigerant levels: If the refrigerant levels in the system are too low, it can cause the compressor to work harder, which can lead to higher discharge temperatures and trigger the A3 error code.

  • Electrical issues: Faulty wiring or loose connections in the electrical components of the system can cause errors to occur, including the A3 error code.

  • The lift pump has malfunctioned.

  • Improper drain piping work

If you encounter the A3 error code on your Daikin air conditioner, it's recommended that you contact a qualified HVAC technician to diagnose and repair the issue, as attempting to fix it yourself could be dangerous and cause further damage to the system.

How to Fix Daikin Error Code A3?

The electric and electronic devices you use always need assistance from technicians to fix any technical errors that occur.

  • When you purchased the Daikin Air Conditioner, you might see the Daikin ACs manuals or guides shipped along with your AC. 

  • On those Daikin AC manuals, you could find details of the Daikin AC Service Centres. You could get the customer care number and place a call for help.

  • Otherwise, during the fitting of your air conditioners, you might have noted the phone number of the trusted technicians. You could call them for help fixing the Daikin error code A3.

  • Else, you could visit the Daikin Official website, where you could see the options for customer support and service requests. You could choose the options and contact the technicians for help.

  • The HVAC technician will initially turn off your air conditioner; he will then check the air filter, coils, and refrigerant levels of the AC. Then he would check the compressor discharge temperature sensor. Finally, he will fix the issue.

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What is Daikin error code A3 - FAQs

1. What is Daikin? 

Daikin Industries, Ltd. is a Japanese multinational air conditioning manufacturing company headquartered in Osaka.

2. Who is the inventor of variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioners?    

Daikin is the inventor of variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioners.

3. Mention any one of Daikin's achievements. 

Daikin is an innovator in the split system air conditioning market, having made the first split and multi-split air conditioners. 

4. When was Daikin founded? 

Daikin was founded on 25 October 1924. 

5. Where is Daikin headquartered?

Daikin is headquartered in Osaka, Japan.

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