What is Camp Mode on Tesla? How to Use Tesla Camp Mode?

While driving Tesla, you can take rest by using "Camp Mode". Once you activate this mode, it can give you a comfortable sleep, and you can also adjust the interior space as you wish.

by Preethi

Updated Apr 03, 2024

What is Camp Mode on Tesla? How to Use Tesla Camp Mode?

What is Camp Mode on Tesla?

The world's famous automotive company, Tesla, has launched some new features in their vehicles to excite customers. Camp mode is a special setting that makes your car comfortable for sleeping or camping. Yes, exactly. If you are on a trip and you need some rest for a while, you can just switch camp mode on and take a rest.

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Even so, it creates more comfort than you expected. It can maintain a low temperature, provide proper ventilation, and play some melodies while taking a rest. So, do not worry about your tiredness while traveling; just park a car, put camp mode on, and get a good sleep.

How to Use Tesla Camp Mode?

These are all the steps to follow to use camp mode on a Tesla.

Park your Tesla

  • While driving, you can't use Camp Mode.

  • So, you should park your Tesla safely.

Access the touch screen

  • Tap on the screen inside your Tesla to access the controls.

Find the climate controls

  • You can control your climate conditions.

  • There is a fan icon at the bottom of the screen.

  • Tap on it to access it.

Enable camp mode

  • Within the climate controls, you will see the option "Camp."

  • Tap on it to enable Camp Mode.

Set your preferences

  • Once camp mode is activated, you can set what you prefer.

  • You can adjust the temperature and ventilation.

  • You can also play music or keep the lights on.

Enjoy your camp experience

  • Now, the entire environment is set as you wish.

  • You can make it perfect for sleeping or camping adventures.

Tesla Camp Mode Benefits

  • The walk-away lock should be automatically disabled.

  • So, you can sleep without worrying about whether it is locked or unlocked.

  • You can adjust your seat based on your wishes.

  • You can move the front seats forward to create more sleeping space.

  • You can alter your interior sleeping space.

  • Also, you maintain the temperature you want inside the car.

  • You don't need an external heater or cooler.

  • By using the car's power source, you can charge your gadgets.

  • The screen is also available inside the car; you can watch whatever you want or take some relaxing pictures.

  • There is no noise or pollution while using this mode.

How Much Power it Consumes?

  • In Tesla, Camp mode consumes about 10% of its battery for eight hours of usage.

  • If you use more hours, it will drain more.

  • Sometimes it will take 15% power consumption when your car needs more heat.

  • Some Tesla cars, like the Model Y or the 2021 Model 3, might use a bit less power because they have a heat pump.

  • If your car goes below 20% of the battery, "Camp Mode" will turn off.

  • This feature helps you reach a nearby charge station to boost your battery.

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