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What is Bluetooth Auracast and How Does it Work?

Bluetooth Auracast allows a device to send multiple audio streams to nearby receivers like headphones or speakers, where users can stream music in various spots.

by T Santhosh

Updated Apr 03, 2024

What is Bluetooth Auracast and How Does it Work?

What is Bluetooth Auracast? 

Auracast enables a single device to broadcast several audio streams that anyone with a compatible receiver nearby can tune into. Essentially, Auracast is a smart Bluetooth feature that allows a main device, such as a television or smartphone, to stream one or more audio streams to an infinite number of audio receivers, such as earbuds, speakers, hearing aids, and all. The best part is that people who are receiving it can select which audio stream they want their devices to sync with.

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Bluetooth Low Energy supports the technology. Airports and gyms, on the other hand, can become more social and interactive spaces. At the airport, passengers are able to hear announcements specific to the gate they are nearer to. Instead of listening to the same song all the time, gym members can tune into customized workout playlists that are broadcast throughout the fitness center. Alternatively, one person can easily play podcasts and songs on the devices of their friends.

How Does Bluetooth Auracast Work?

These devices are working based on two methods. Looking through available Auracast broadcasts is similar to looking for Wi-Fi networks. Broadcasts within range will be detected by your headphones, letting you choose the one you want. Another option is to just instantly connect your headphones by scanning a QR code linked to the streaming device. Lastly, just like contactless payments, NFC-enabled headphones could be able to connect to Auracast by simply tapping the streaming device.

Through the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) audio technology, Bluetooth Auracast allows a single device to simultaneously broadcast audio to multiple receivers. Auracast produces an audio "bubble" that enables compatible receivers nearby to tune into the broadcast. With features like broadcast audio profiles and the LC3plus codec for high-quality streaming, the Bluetooth 5.2 specification fulfills this technology's needs.

A transmitter device ensures CD-quality wireless audio by streaming audio over Bluetooth LE in an uncompressed format. By encoding the audio with high fidelity and low latency and power consumption, the LC3plus codec plays a major role. For both the transmitter and the receivers, this ensures an immersive and effective audio experience.

Receivers that can detect available streams nearby are those that have Auracast support. These streams can be password-protected for private listening or accessible to everyone. A receiver offers a smooth and simple experience by instantly decoding the audio and playing it through speakers or headphones after detecting and locking onto a stream. 

Bidirectional communication is one of the main benefits of Bluetooth Auracast. This indicates that data is exchanged between transmitters and receivers in both directions. For example, receivers have the ability to independently adjust the volume, show track information, and even perform group muting, in which the transmitter can mute all receivers at once.

Features of Auracast 

The greatest benefit is that audio can be transmitted from just a single computer, tablet, or smartphone and simultaneously be heard by an infinite number of listeners. 

Audio Accessibility 

The protocol can send audio in high-quality CD format but not lower-quality Bluetooth standards like SBC and AAC. An additional benefit is that users can start listening immediately by searching for available public or private Auracast streams broadcast over Bluetooth LE Audio without the need to pair or connect. Additionally, Auracast makes assistive listening applications that allow people with hearing impairments to access improved venue audio feeds that clarify speech over background noise.

Enhanced Battery Life 

Public spaces have the ability to transmit live announcements in multiple languages, allowing guests from other countries to hear announcements in their own language. Listeners can enjoy longer battery life because Auracast makes use of LE Audio. In order to restrict access, the owner can also choose to encrypt streams. Auracast, based on the universal Bluetooth standard, offers broadcasters and listeners a high-quality, widely supported, and user-friendly wireless audio distribution. 

Effortless Multi-Device Audio Streaming

You can simultaneously stream audio to multiple listeners from your PC, tablet, smartphone, or other device. The days of crowding around a single speaker are over. Unlike traditional Bluetooth pairing, an Auracast audio stream can be received by an unlimited number of devices. The transmitter's range is the only restriction. Auracast streams can be password-protected for private listening, so only those who are meant to hear them can tune in. Anyone nearby may be able to access public broadcasts.

What Devices Support Bluetooth Auracast? 

Although device support for Bluetooth Auracast is still limited, it is growing widely. The majority of Auracast-capable devices at the moment are flagship models that were released in the previous year or two. A few high-end Samsung TVs, such as the Neo QLED 8K and 2023 microLED models, are there. 

Auracast is also supported by smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S23, Google Pixel 7, OnePlus 10T, and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. Auracast is also being used by the newest laptops and wireless earbuds from leading manufacturers.Although the options are limited at the moment, significant advancements in Auracast compatibility are about to occur.

A software update can enable Auracast support on any device with Bluetooth 5.2. Meanwhile, Auracast is turned on by default for all devices supporting Bluetooth 5.3 or higher. If you want the newest in streaming audio technology, look for devices that specifically mention LE Audio support, Auracast compatibility, and Bluetooth 5.2/5.3.

Range for Auracast 

An auracast signal's range is dependent on the transmitter. If you're broadcasting from a laptop, for instance, you probably won't get very far, but with enough power, the technology can cover 30,000 square feet with a single transmitter. While its coverage isn't as extensive as that of radio, it is still far more expansive than the typical Bluetooth pairing between your phone and headphones. 


Auracast is a broadcast technology, and a low-energy Bluetooth standard supported by Bluetooth LE audio was introduced in 2022. You can share music with friends, switch between two devices' audio streams without interruption, and even broadcast to a large audience in public spaces using Auracast. 

With the use of broadcasting technology, people in airports could be able to hear announcements for their specific gate while traveling or tune into particular TV shows or music while in the gym. This new method of audio broadcasting enables any audio transmitter, like laptops, televisions, and smartphones, to link to an infinite number of receivers, like speakers, earbuds, and more. 

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