What Happened with Gary Lineker and Richard Madeley?

What happened with Gary Lineker and Richard Madeley? A recent on-air exchange between media personalities Gary Lineker and Richard Madeley has caused a stir in the British media.

by Ushapriyanga | Updated May 30, 2023

What Happened with Gary Lineker and Richard Madeley?

What Happened With Gary Lineker and Richard Madeley?

Gary Lineker has accused Richard Madeley of "misrepresenting" him while addressing his first public statement about his suspension from Match of the Day. In March, the 62-year-old Lineker was instructed to step down from hosting the football highlights show after posting a tweet comparing the language used to introduce a new government policy on asylum seekers and that used during the 1930s in Germany.

Consequently, the BBC's sports programming faced turmoil as Match of the Day proceeded without presenters or pundits when Ian Wright and Alan Shearer withdrew in "solidarity" with Lineker.

Three days later, Lineker's suspension was lifted. BBC director general Tim Davie announced that Lineker had agreed to adhere to the corporation's editorial guidelines. At the same time, an independent review of their social media policies, specifically as they apply to freelancers, was conducted.

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, May 23, Madeley explained that he had defended Lineker's right to express his political views on social media but fundamentally disagreed with the content of Lineker's statement.

Who is Gary Lineker?

Gary Winston Lineker OBE, born on November 30, 1960, is an esteemed English sports broadcaster and former professional footballer. He holds the remarkable distinction of being the sole player to have achieved the title of top goalscorer in England while playing for three different clubs: Leicester City, Everton, and Tottenham Hotspur.

Lineker also had a successful stint with Barcelona in Spain and represented England on 80 occasions, becoming their second highest international goalscorer. Since 1999, Lineker has been the esteemed presenter of Match of the Day, the BBC's premier football program.

Lineker embarked on his football career with Leicester City in 1978 and notably clinched the First Division's joint top goalscorer title in the 1984-85 season. He then joined the league champions Everton, where he received both the PFA Players' Player of the Year and FWA Footballer of the Year awards in his debut season.

After his spell at Everton, Lineker made a move to Barcelona and secured the third position in the 1986 Ballon d'Or rankings for his exceptional performances with Everton. During his time with the renowned Spanish club, he triumphed in the 1987-88 Copa del Rey and the 1989 European Cup Winners' Cup.

Lineker's subsequent move was to Tottenham Hotspur in 1989, where he earned his second FWA Footballer of the Year accolade and won the FA Cup, his sole major domestic trophy in English football. Lineker concluded his professional career with Nagoya Grampus Eight in Japan, retiring in 1994 after two seasons with the club.

Lineker's international debut for England took place in 1984, and he amassed 80 caps and netted 48 goals over an illustrious eight-year tenure. He currently ranks as England's fourth-highest goalscorer, trailing Harry Kane, Wayne Rooney, and Bobby Charlton. Lineker's international goals-to-games ratio remains one of the best in the nation's history.

At the 1986 FIFA World Cup, he emerged as the tournament's top scorer, securing the prestigious Golden Boot award. Lineker was a key contributor to England's journey to the semi-finals in the 1990 World Cup, scoring an additional four goals. He still holds the record for most goals scored by an English player in the FIFA World Cup.

Remarkably, Lineker's exemplary career was devoid of any yellow or red cards, and he never claimed a top-flight league title. In 1990, he was bestowed with the FIFA Fair Play Award. Over the course of his 16-year senior career encompassing 654 competitive matches, Lineker amassed a total of 331 goals, with 283 of them achieved at the club level.

Following his retirement, he received the honor of being inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame. Lineker remains a devoted supporter of Leicester City and played a vital role in a consortium that invested in the club in 2002, effectively rescuing it from bankruptcy. In recognition of his contributions, he was appointed as an honorary vice-president.

Lineker's media journey commenced with the BBC, where he has been the host of the esteemed football program Match of the Day since the late 1990s, enjoying the longest tenure of any presenter in the show's history.

He also assumes the role of lead presenter for live football matches on the BBC, including coverage of prestigious international tournaments like the FIFA World Cup. Lineker has further expanded his media career through engagements with Al Jazeera Sports, Eredivisie Live, NBC Sports Network, and BT Sport's coverage of the UEFA Champions League.


Who is Richard Madeley?

Richard Holt Madeley, born May 13, 1956, is a notable English television presenter and writer. He is widely recognized for his collaborations with his wife Judy Finnigan, particularly as host of the popular programs This Morning and Richard & Judy. Madeley has also engaged in solo ventures, including the ITV series Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway and filling in for The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2.

From 2012 to 2017, he served as the primary relief presenter on Channel 5's The Wright Stuff, and since 2017, he has been one of three main relief presenters on the ITV breakfast show, Good Morning Britain. Madeley has consistently expressed staunch support for former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In a 2001 interview with The Guardian, he opined that the United Kingdom had experienced improvements under New Labour, named independent MP Martin Bell as his favored politician, and expressed his endorsement of the euro.

He also expressed his support for the Iraq War, acknowledging the intricate nature of international law surrounding the matter. Certain commentators have labeled him as a neoconservative, Blair's self-proclaimed defender, and even likened him to a yapping Pekingese serving Blair's interests. During an interview in 2006, Madeley revealed that Cuban leader Fidel Castro is the individual he harbors the greatest contempt. 


Richard Madeley Gary Lineker Interview

During his appearance on the program via a video link, Match of the Day host Gary initially intended to discuss his Saturday night gameshow, Sitting on a Fortune. However, the trajectory of the segment took an unexpected turn when Richard chose to delve into Gary's political tweets from earlier in the year.

One particular tweet, in which Gary drew a parallel between the Conservative Party's rhetoric regarding migrants and that of 1930s Germany, resulted in his temporary suspension from the BBC amid accusations of violating the corporation's impartiality guidelines.

Following a well-publicized standoff, Gary and the BBC reached a resolution, and he resumed his role as a presenter on MOTD without further repercussions. Despite the matter having been resolved long ago, Richard questioned Gary about his feelings regarding the tweet in retrospect.

Clearly uneasy with the direction the conversation was taking, Gary expressed his discontent with Richard's misinterpretation of his words. He clarified, stating, "You have already mischaracterized what I said, which stemmed from the Daily Mail's misleading headline that initiated this controversy in the first place.

I did not compare the government to the Nazis, nor did I reference the Holocaust. I simply pointed out that certain language bore resemblance to that used during the 1930s in Germany, and there is a significant distinction to be made."

“But it’s amazing how many people do think that, because they see a front page headline of a newspaper. But that’s water under the bridge now. All is well with the world, it was a very disproportionate story… common sense prevailed.”

Gary Lineker Net Worth

Gary Lineker is estimated to have a net worth of approximately £30 million. One significant contributor to his wealth is his endorsement deal with Walkers Crisps. In 2020, Lineker signed a three-year contract worth £1.2 million to continue serving as the prominent face of the brand. This endorsement has been a lucrative venture for Lineker and has further bolstered his financial standing.

Additionally, Lineker has consistently been among the highest earners at the BBC. As the longstanding host of Match of the Day, the BBC's flagship football program, Lineker has been able to command a substantial salary. His prominent role and enduring presence on the show have firmly established him as one of the network's top earners.

These factors, combined with Lineker's successful football career, media ventures, and various endorsements over the years, have contributed to his substantial net worth.

Who Does Gary Lineker Support?

Gary Lineker's deep-rooted passion for Leicester City is evident in his unwavering support for the club. Born in the East Midlands city, Lineker shares a strong bond with the team and openly displays his allegiance on television. Whether he is hosting Match of the Day or appearing as a pundit, Lineker's emotions are clearly visible when it comes to the fortunes of Leicester City.

When the team secures a victory, Lineker is known to express his joy and satisfaction, celebrating their success with genuine enthusiasm. Conversely, in moments of defeat, Lineker doesn't shy away from displaying his disappointment and sorrow. His emotional investment in Leicester City reflects his genuine connection to the club, and his reactions resonate with fans who appreciate his genuine passion for the team.

Lineker's public affiliation with Leicester City not only showcases his loyalty as a fan but also reinforces his connection to his hometown. It adds an extra layer of authenticity to his role as a football personality and endears him to supporters who appreciate his genuine love for the club.

Gary Lineker News

Gary Lineker couldn't conceal his disappointment as Leicester City suffered relegation from the Premier League. However, he chose to shift his focus towards the club's remarkable achievements over the past decade, particularly highlighting their iconic title win in 2016 and their FA Cup triumph two years ago.

Leicester found themselves in a precarious situation on the final day of the Premier League, relying on Everton not securing a victory against Bournemouth to give them a chance of avoiding relegation. While Leicester managed to secure a crucial win against West Ham, the desired equalizer from Bournemouth never materialized.

As a result, Leicester faced the unfortunate fate of dropping back down to the Championship for the first time since 2014. Nonetheless, Lineker fondly reminisced about the club's incredible success in recent years, cherishing the memories of their historic achievements in the English top flight.

Gary Lineker Itv

Gary Lineker has confirmed his comeback to ITV for the second season of a popular television show. Last week, the former England striker was absent from BBC One, as Match of the Day was moved to BBC Two to accommodate Eurovision. However, Lineker will be back on BBC One this Saturday and has also announced his return to the ITV program, Sitting on a Fortune.

The show, which premiered in 2021 and features Lineker as the host, revolves around six contestants competing for a chance to win up to £100,000. Following its successful debut, the show has been commissioned for a second series, scheduled to commence on ITV1 on Sunday, May 28, at 7pm. Expressing his excitement prior to the show's initial launch, Lineker expressed his delight in hosting a program that he hopes will be adored by viewers.

"It’s going to be full of tension with high stakes and bags of drama from start to finish – everything a great game show should be. I can’t wait for the viewers at home to experience the fun and the excitement of Sitting On A Fortune."

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What Happened With Gary Lineker and Richard Madeley-FAQs

1. What show is Gary Lineker returning to for the second series?

Gary Lineker is returning to the ITV show "Sitting on a Fortune" for its second series.

2. Why wasn't Gary Lineker seen on BBC One last week?

Gary Lineker was not seen on BBC One last week because Match of the Day was moved to BBC Two to accommodate Eurovision.

3. What is the premise of the show "Sitting on a Fortune"?

"Sitting on a Fortune" is a show where six contestants compete for a chance to win up to £100,000.

4.   When did the first series of "Sitting on a Fortune" air?

The first series of "Sitting on a Fortune" premiered on November 7, 2021.

5. When is the second series of "Sitting on a Fortune" set to start?

The second series of "Sitting on a Fortune" will begin on Sunday, May 28, at 7pm on ITV1.

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