What Happened to Sahar Tabar Face? Sahar Tabar Before and After

What happened to Sahar Tabar face? Check about the Iranian social media star who underwent several plastic surgeries and know about the transformation of Sahar Tabar’s face.

by Sakthi | Updated May 27, 2023

What Happened to Sahar Tabar Face? Sahar Tabar Before and After

Sahar Tabar Story

Fatemeh Khishvand, widely recognized by her Instagram handle, Sahar Tabar, is an influential figure hailing from Iran. She gained fame for sharing pictures on Instagram, where she purportedly displayed the results of numerous cosmetic surgeries she had undergone.

Speculation circulated suggesting that she had gone through a staggering fifty plastic surgeries to alter her appearance. In October 2019, Tabar appeared on Iranian national television for an interview following her arrest on charges of blasphemy and illegal acquisition of money. Reports emerged in December 2020 stating that Tabar had been sentenced to ten years of imprisonment.

A few days following the news of her ten-year prison sentence, Tabar revealed to the press that she had been released. She disclosed, "The judge has granted a bail order in place of the arrest warrant, and I have regained my freedom after posting bail." Tabar further informed reporters that she had been acquitted of two charges and had submitted an appeal, awaiting the final verdict.

On October 5, 2019, Tabar was apprehended in Tehran on multiple charges, including blasphemy, inciting violence, illicit acquisition of property, violating the national dress code, and encouraging youth to engage in corruption. These allegations were reported by the Tasnim news agency, which also mentioned that the arrest was prompted by public complaints.

Simultaneously with her arrest, her Instagram account was deleted. In the following days, three additional female Instagram influencers, namely Sahra Afsharian, Sara Shariatmadari, and Niloufar Moti'ei, were also arrested in Iran.

What Happened to Sahar Tabar Face?

Sahar Tabar, popularly known as the Zombie Angelina Jolie, gained significant attention as an Iranian Instagram influencer, captivating audiences with eerie photographs resembling the renowned Hollywood actress. However, her journey took a dramatic turn when she faced legal repercussions in 2019, leading to her arrest in Iran on charges related to blasphemy, incitement to violence, and promotion of corruption.

Ultimately, she received a sentence of 10 years in prison. However, in March 2022, Tabar was granted her release. Tabar's distinct facial features have sparked numerous speculations and debates. Some argue that she underwent extensive plastic surgery to achieve her striking appearance, while others believe that clever makeup techniques and photo editing played a significant role.

Although Tabar admitted to utilizing makeup and editing to craft her distinctive look back in 2017, she has confirmed that she underwent plastic surgery. Her case serves as a catalyst for discussions surrounding the perils of social media and the immense pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards.

Tabar's narrative acts as a stark reminder that the online realm can harbor dangerous pitfalls, urging us to approach the images we encounter critically. In an interview with the BBC following her release from prison, Tabar expressed remorse for the distress she had caused, emphasizing that her intentions were never to offend anyone. She asserted that she was just an ordinary girl, emphasizing her humanity and dispelling any notions of being a monster.

Tabar's story encompasses a multitude of complexities, yielding varying perspectives regarding her circumstances. Nonetheless, one undeniable truth emerges: her tale serves as a cautionary tale, shedding light on the hazards of social media and the relentless pressure to conform to unattainable ideals of beauty.

Sahar Tabar Before and After

In their quest for information about Sahar Tabar, people often search for her name along with the word "antes," which translates to "before" in Spanish. This term is fitting as it perfectly encapsulates the stark contrast between Sahar Tabar's past and present appearances. Over the years, her face has undergone a profound transformation. Comparing her before and after images reveals the extent of these changes.

In her earlier photos, Sahar Tabar showcased a more natural and unaltered beauty. One of the most striking differences is evident in her nose. In her earlier pictures, her nose appeared petite and delicate. However, in more recent photographs, her nose has acquired a larger and more prominent shape, indicative of a possible rhinoplasty.

Tabar has also enhanced her lips, accentuated her cheekbones, and widened her eyes through various procedures. These interventions have undoubtedly bestowed on her a more captivating and pronounced aesthetic. Here are some of the most noticeable differences observed in Sahar Tabar's before and after photos:

Nose: Tabar's nose has undergone a transformation, appearing larger and more prominent.

Lips: Tabar's lips have been plumped, offering a fuller and more defined look.

Cheekbones: Enhancements to Tabar's cheekbones have resulted in a more pronounced and sculpted facial structure.

Eyes: Tabar's eyes now exhibit a widened appearance, potentially due to cosmetic interventions.

Sahar Tabar Instagram

As of our current knowledge, Sahar Tabar does not possess a verified Instagram account. However, it is important to note that this information is subject to change. In the event that we receive credible information regarding Sahar Tabar's official Instagram details, we will promptly update and share those particulars on our platform for our readers' benefit. Stay tuned for any future developments and updates regarding Sahar Tabar's Instagram presence.

Sahar Tabar 2023

In the pursuit of information about Sahar Tabar, individuals often search for her name accompanied by the term "heute," which translates to "today" or "current" in German. This choice of words implies the desire to gain insight into Sahar Tabar's present circumstances and whereabouts. However, as of the latest available information, there is limited knowledge regarding her current activities and residential location.

Since her release from prison in March 2022, Sahar Tabar has maintained a relatively low profile, refraining from public visibility. The specifics of her current endeavors remain uncertain, leaving us unaware of her current pursuits or the place she currently calls home.

Although there have been speculations suggesting that Tabar intends to make a comeback on social media, no official confirmation has been provided to validate these claims. It is equally plausible that she has chosen to distance herself entirely from the realm of social media.

Only time will unveil the path Sahar Tabar will traverse in the future. It is an enigma waiting to unfold. However, her story serves as an enduring reminder of the perils ingrained within the realm of social media and the relentless pressure to conform to unattainable beauty standards.

Rest assured, if we obtain credible and up-to-date information regarding Sahar Tabar's current whereabouts, we will promptly upload the details on our platform, ensuring that our readers stay informed.

Sahar Tabar Avant

During a recent television interview, Sahar Tabar made a stunning revelation by unveiling her true appearance and confessing that her previously showcased look was merely a result of makeup artistry and digital manipulation through Photoshop. She candidly admitted that her intention behind this deception was to amass a larger following on Instagram, as she believed cyberspace offered a convenient avenue to achieve this goal. Comparatively, she stated that this approach was far simpler than pursuing a career in acting, emphasizing the ease and accessibility of the online platform.

At the age of 21, Sahar acknowledged undergoing certain cosmetic procedures, such as a rhinoplasty (nose job) and lip fillers, which she openly disclosed. However, she vehemently asserted that the widely circulated viral image of her, which garnered substantial attention and scrutiny, was substantially altered through the use of extensive Photoshopping techniques. Initially, she boldly claimed that her dramatic appearance was the outcome of undergoing an astonishing total of 50 cosmetic surgeries.

Interestingly, Sahar had previously come forward with her admission of perpetrating this hoax back in 2017, during an interview with the Russian news portal Sputnik. She confessed that she frequently manipulated her pictures for personal amusement, indicating a past history of altering her online image for entertainment purposes.

Sahar Tabar Interview

A young woman who gained notoriety for sharing photos of herself resembling a "zombie Angelina Jolie" has recently unveiled her genuine appearance during an interview on Iranian television, following her release from incarceration.

Sahar Tabar, hailing from Tehran, had previously led many to believe that her distinctive look was the outcome of unsuccessful plastic surgery. However, she finally presented her authentic self before the cameras this week. The 21-year-old, whose true name is Fatemah Khishvand, had been imprisoned on charges of obscenity and insulting the hijab, according to the Iran Human Rights News Agency.

In October 2019, she was arrested for offenses related to "corruption" and "blasphemy," resulting in a sentence of 10 years behind bars. However, after serving a period of 14 months, Sahar Tabar was ultimately released from prison, as confirmed by activist Masih Alinejad. Her release coincided with widespread protests in Iran, which erupted following the tragic demise of Mahsa Amini while in police custody due to her failure to wear a hijab.

Sahar Tabar had previously expressed her desire for fame, which had persisted since her childhood. She had relied on the use of makeup and photo editing software like Photoshop to amass a following on her Instagram account. "Cyberspace was an accessible avenue," she remarked, stating that it was a much easier path compared to pursuing a career as an actress.

Although Sahar acknowledged undergoing certain cosmetic procedures such as a nose job, lip fillers, and liposuction, she emphasized that the infamous images were primarily the result of skillful makeup application and adept editing techniques.

It is worth noting that Sahar Tabar confessed to orchestrating the hoax in 2017, revealing to Russian news outlet Sputnik that she had deliberately altered the pictures to entertain herself. The interview shed light on the underlying truths behind Sahar Tabar's enigmatic persona, unraveling the essence of her real identity and providing insight into the motivations that drove her controversial digital presence.

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What Happened to Sahar Tabar Face: FAQs

1. What led Sahar Tabar to gain attention on social media platforms?  

Sahar Tabar gained attention by posting photos of herself resembling a "zombie Angelina Jolie" on social media.

2. Why was Sahar Tabar arrested and imprisoned in Iran?

Sahar Tabar was arrested and imprisoned in Iran on charges of obscenity, insulting the hijab, corruption, and blasphemy.

3. How long was Sahar Tabar sentenced to prison, and when was she released?

Sahar Tabar was initially sentenced to 10 years in prison. However, she was released after serving approximately 14 months.

4. When did Sahar Tabar confess to orchestrating the hoax surrounding her altered images?  

Sahar Tabar confessed to creating the hoax in 2017, revealing her intention to amuse herself by manipulating the pictures.

5. What did Sahar Tabar state about her motive for seeking fame on social media?  

Sahar Tabar expressed her long-standing desire for fame and acknowledged that cyberspace provided an accessible route to achieve it.

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