What Happened to Project Slayers? Why is the Game in Maintenance?

What happened to Project Slayers? We explore the events surrounding the game's maintenance and delve into the reasons behind Project Slayers' temporary disruption.

by Ushapriyanga

Updated May 29, 2023

What Happened to Project Slayers? Why is the Game in Maintenance?

What Happened to Project Slayers?

Trading System

An unconfirmed but highly anticipated addition to Project Slayers Update 2 is the introduction of a trading system. In a developer update on February 19, it was mentioned that players would have the ability to trade various items, excluding the default Fists. This feature, if included, would allow players to engage in item exchange and further enhance their gameplay experience.

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New Combat Mechanics

Project Slayers Update 2 is expected to bring exciting combat enhancements, introducing new Breathing Styles and Blood Demon Arts. These additions would provide players with fresh ways to unleash devastating combos and deal massive damage to their enemies. Speculated Breathing Styles include Love, Stone, Sound, and Serpent Breathing from the Entertainment District Arc. Additionally, there are rumors of the inclusion of powerful Blood Demon Arts such as Daki, Doma (confirmed), and Rui, which could significantly impact the game's metagame dynamics.

New Character Introduction

One of the speculated highlights of Project Slayers Update 2 is the potential addition of Gyomei Himejima as a playable character. The expected introduction of the Stone Hashira (Breathing) combat style further fuels these speculations. Himejima, known for being one of the strongest and most skilled combatants in the Demon Slayer manga, brings immense excitement as players anticipate the chance to embody his formidable abilities.

Expanded Features

Areas, and Modes Project Slayers Update 2 aims to provide players with expanded content in various aspects. This may include an increased level cap, the introduction of a trading system (as mentioned earlier), and the addition of new game modes featuring challenging Doma or Daki bosses. Furthermore, players can look forward to exploring new and captivating locations within the game, each offering unique challenges and rewarding experiences.

Enhanced Equipment and Gear

In the upcoming Project Slayers Update 2, players can anticipate the acquisition of more powerful weapons, armor, and equipment. These new additions will serve to bolster their capabilities as both Demon Slayers and Demons, allowing them to find the perfect gear to suit their individual needs. With the introduction of enhanced equipment, players can expect exciting upgrades that will aid them in their adventurous journeys.

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Project Slayers Wiki

Project Slayers, a Roblox game inspired by the popular anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, has been highly anticipated by players since 2021. Created by Ouw0pp in 2020, the game was officially made available for play on July 15, 2022, attracting a large player base of over a hundred thousand individuals within the first hour of its launch.

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However, a day after its initial release on the Roblox.com website, the game experienced an unexpected shutdown, lasting for approximately 12 hours, in order to implement necessary system updates.

Following the shutdown, on August 25, 2022, the game received its first update, introducing various additions such as dungeon updates and new items like the Stylish Mask, Stylish Haori, and Fox Mask. Then, on November 5, 2022, Update 1 was officially released, bringing three new Breathing styles, three new Blood Demon Arts, a new dungeon called Ouwigahara, and the introduction of the second world known as Ouwohana.

Furthermore, the game's development continued, and on March 13, 2023, the announcement of Update 1.5 was made, building excitement among the player community for the forthcoming content update.

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Project Slayer Discord

Similar to many Roblox creators, the developers of Project Slayers, coincidentally sharing the same name as the game, provide players with instant access to their Discord server.

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By simply following the Project Slayers Discord link and accepting the invite, players can join a vibrant and extensive community, where they have the opportunity to connect with fellow players and embark on adventures within this virtual world.

The server offers a platform to make new friends and discover companions to explore the game's immersive environment alongside. So, if you're seeking a break from blocky experiences, you can also check out our curated list of the best anime games for alternative options.

Why is Project Slayers Private?

Given the rapid popularity of the game, Project Slayers' servers can become crowded, leading to potential difficulties in finding available slots for gameplay. To address this, the concept of VIP or Private servers is introduced, allowing players to enjoy the game with their friends or in a limited player environment. Accessing a Private server typically requires the use of ROBUX, the in-game currency, which can sometimes be challenging for all players to obtain.

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Private servers offer an exclusive and more controlled gaming experience. By utilizing ROBUX to access these servers, players can create a more personalized and intimate setting to enjoy the game alongside their friends or a smaller group of players. This feature becomes particularly beneficial when the main servers are overcrowded or when players prefer a more private and focused gaming session.

While obtaining ROBUX may present a challenge for some players, it is worth noting that it is a means for game developers to support ongoing development, server maintenance, and provide additional features and options for the players. Private servers serve as an optional and premium feature that enhances the overall gameplay experience for those who choose to invest in it.

Additionally, players who wish to access Private servers but do not have enough ROBUX have the option of earning them through various means within the game. These methods can include participating in events, completing challenges, or engaging in other in-game activities that provide opportunities to earn ROBUX.

Overall, the availability of VIP or Private servers in Project Slayers allows players to enjoy a more exclusive and controlled gaming experience, though the acquisition of ROBUX may pose a challenge for some players. It provides a means for players to customize their gameplay sessions and enjoy the game in a more private and tailored setting

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What Happened to Project Slayers-FAQs

1.   When was Project Slayers released?

Project Slayers was officially launched on July 15, 2022.

2. Who created Project Slayers?

Project Slayers was created by Ouw0pp.

3. What is Project Slayers inspired by?

Project Slayers is inspired by the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

4. ow can I join the Project Slayers Discord server?

To join the Project Slayers Discord server, simply follow the provided Discord link and accept the invitation.

5. How can I obtain ROBUX to access Private servers?

ROBUX can be obtained through various means within the game, including participating in events, completing challenges, or engaging in other in-game activities that provide opportunities to earn ROBUX.

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