What Happened to Professor Green? What Illness does He have?

What happened to Professor Green? Check here to know about his illness and learn about the near death experience of the English rapper Stephen Paul Manderson aka Professor Green.
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by Aishwarya R R | Updated May 26, 2023

What Happened to Professor Green? What Illness does He have?

Who is Professor Green?

Stephen Paul Manderson, widely known as the extraordinary force that is Professor Green or simply Pro Green, is a true embodiment of talent, resilience, and activism. Hailing from the vibrant streets of Clapton in east London, he has carved his path to stardom, becoming an illustrious rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, television personality, and mental health advocate. Growing up on a council estate, Green defied the odds and soared to unimaginable heights, captivating audiences with his undeniable artistry.

With over 3.5 million combined sales in the UK alone, he stands proudly as a multi-platinum artist, a testament to his indomitable spirit and artistic brilliance. His music resonates deeply, reaching the souls of millions, and his autobiography, a captivating masterpiece, graced the prestigious Times bestseller list. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the stage, Green's heart beats with a purpose. He passionately advocates for mental health, fearlessly shining a light on the struggles and triumphs of those battling their inner demons.

As the patron of the suicide prevention charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), he serves as a guiding beacon, offering hope and support to those in need.  The journey to greatness began with his groundbreaking mixtape, Lecture #1, released in 2006. It was a harbinger of the incredible talent that lay within, captivating listeners and leaving them hungry for more. In 2008, Green solidified his prowess by emerging as the champion of the illustrious JumpOff MySpace £50,000 battle rap tournament, a testament to his lyrical brilliance and unmatched passion.

Signed to Virgin Records after a remarkable stint touring alongside the legendary Lily Allen, Green took the world by storm with his debut album, Alive Till I'm Dead, in 2010. The album, a testament to his artistic versatility, showcased his musical prowess with the chart-topping single "I Need You Tonight," soaring to number 3 in the UK and capturing hearts across Ireland.

Green's second album, At Your Inconvenience, released in October 2011, further solidified his position as a musical force to be reckoned with. The anthemic title track, "At Your Inconvenience," reverberated through the airwaves, radiating his unique style and commanding presence. Its premiere by the revered Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 marked a milestone in his extraordinary journey.

In November 2016, Green unleashed "One Eye on the Door," a compelling musical revelation accompanied by an awe-inspiring music video that captured the essence of his artistry. With each release, he captivated hearts, defying expectations and shattering barriers with his raw authenticity and lyrical brilliance.

As we venture into the future, Green's fire burns brighter than ever. With the announcement of his second EP, Matters of the Heart, and the highly anticipated title track set to grace our souls in July, we eagerly await the 6-track masterpiece, slated for release in September. The world will once again bear witness to his boundless creativity and artistic evolution. In 2020, he gifted us the transcendent "Bad Decisions," featuring the incomparable NAHLI, a testament to his unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and creating timeless music.

In August 2021, the world rejoiced as Green embarked on a groundbreaking partnership, signing a worldwide artist services deal with the illustrious British independent record label, Cooking Vinyl. This remarkable collaboration sets the stage for even greater triumphs and elevates his already illustrious career to unprecedented heights.


What Happened to Professor Green?

In early 2023, the rapper known as Professor Green, whose real name is Stephen Manderson, shared a harrowing incident he experienced at the start of the previous year. In a post on Instagram, the 39-year-old artist revealed that he had suffered a seizure that could have proven fatal. The incident took place in April of the previous year when Professor Green had a "grand mal" seizure, characterized by the loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions.

While alone at home, he collapsed and fell face-first onto steel and concrete, convulsing for a distressing eight minutes. The rapper confessed that he had not watched the CCTV footage capturing the incident. Sharing a picture of his battered and bruised face, Professor Green expressed that the internal bruising was a major concern and he has been working hard to recover ever since. He admitted that the seizure was the result of various factors, largely due to neglecting his own well-being.

The rapper emphasized the importance of dealing with personal struggles, warning that failing to address them would ultimately have repercussions. He acknowledged the impact the incident had on his family, as he nearly lost them, and they, in turn, nearly lost him. Fans and fellow celebrities commended Professor Green for his honesty and offered their support. Mo Gillian from The Masked Singer encouraged him to persevere, while actress Sheridan Smith expressed her concern and sent well wishes.

This is not the first time Professor Green has faced health challenges. In 2019, he had to cancel a tour after fracturing vertebrae in his neck from a fall, which was accompanied by two subsequent seizures. In the past, he has been candid about his struggles, including the tragic suicide of his father in 2018, which he has referenced in his music.

Known for his music, including the chart-topping hit "Read All About It" with Emeli Sandé, Professor Green has also made appearances on television shows like Channel 5's Lip Sync Battle UK, which he hosted alongside Mel B. In addition, he participated in the Holly Willoughby game show Freeze The Fear with Wim Hof. In 2021, he welcomed a son named Slimane Ray Manderson with his partner, actress Karima McAdams. Previously, Professor Green was married to Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh, but they divorced in 2016 after tying the knot in Somerset in 2013.


What Illness does Professor Green Have?

Professor Green, the British rapper whose real name is Stephen Manderson, has experienced various stomach-related health issues throughout his life. At just six weeks old, he underwent his first stomach operation for pyloric stenosis, a condition that obstructed food from entering his small intestine, causing severe vomiting and dehydration. In 2017, after a lifetime of ongoing stomach problems, Professor Green underwent surgery again, this time for severe inflammation of the esophageal mucus and stomach lining.

The underlying cause of this inflammation was identified as a hiatus hernia, which occurs when part of the stomach protrudes into the chest. However, what was initially expected to be a routine operation turned out to be more complicated. Shortly after being discharged, he had to return to the hospital due to a distressing combination of inflammatory reactions and pneumonia, which had resulted in partial stomach paralysis. Although a gastric bypass was recommended as a potential solution, Professor Green decided to conduct his own research instead of pursuing further surgery.

Recognizing the importance of self-education, he delved into various resources to learn more about his condition. While acknowledging that he is not an expert in the field of nutrition or medicine, he discovered crucial information about his own health. For instance, he was unaware of his vitamin B12 deficiency, which had persisted for most of his life. Additionally, he learned that pernicious anemia, a rare condition caused by low levels of B12, could be associated with symptoms of dementia.

Professor Green also became aware that a significant portion of serotonin, a neurotransmitter linked to mood regulation, is produced in the gut. Furthermore, he discovered that almost 70 percent of the immune system is located in the gut. As a result of his self-education, Professor Green established a direct connection between his stomach issues and his well-known battles with mental health. This understanding prompted him to collaborate with Prince William and Prince Harry for their charity Heads Together and to front a BBC documentary in 2015 called "Suicide and Me," which explored his father's suicide.

Professor Green's health challenges have included pyloric stenosis in infancy, a hiatus hernia causing inflammation, and subsequent complications leading to partial stomach paralysis. His personal research has provided him with valuable insights into the correlation between gut health and mental well-being.

Professor Green Partner

Love is in the air as the enchanting tale of Professor Green and Karima McAdams unfolds. In a whirlwind of romance, the couple found themselves engaged, their hearts intertwined in a dance of eternal devotion. Their joyful announcement in October 2021, a mere seven months after welcoming their precious bundle of joy, Slimane, sent ripples of delight through their adoring fans. Karima McAdams, a radiant English actress and model born in the enchanting neighborhood of Bethnal Green, London, has captured the hearts of many with her captivating beauty and undeniable talent.

Her star shone brightly when destiny bestowed upon her the incredible opportunity to portray the iconic Lara Croft, the beloved protagonist of the renowned video game series Tomb Raider. From promotional events to video game conventions, Karima graced the stage as Lara Croft, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of gamers and enthusiasts. Her portrayal of the iconic character solidified her status as a true luminary, and her retirement from the role in 2008 marked the end of a remarkable chapter.

Their hearts entwined effortlessly, filling the voids within and igniting a love so profound that it could not be contained. Together, they embarked on a beautiful journey, cherishing each moment and nurturing a bond that only grew stronger with time. Now, in the warmth of their love, they stand united, ready to embrace a future filled with infinite possibilities. Their engagement signifies a commitment to forever, a promise to weather life's storms hand in hand.


As they bask in the glow of their love, their hearts beat as one, dancing to the rhythm of a love story that is meant to be cherished for all eternity. Professor Green and Karima McAdams, two souls destined to find solace in each other's arms. With each passing day, their love blossoms, radiating an aura of pure enchantment. Together, they are a testament to the power of love, reminding us all that in the realm of true love, every ending is simply a prelude to a breathtaking new beginning.

Professor Green Ex-Wife

Love's journey for Professor Green has seen its share of twists and turns. In 2013, he embarked on a path of matrimony, exchanging vows with the lovely Millie Mackintosh at the enchanting Babington House in Somerset. However, life's whims guided them on separate paths, and they embraced the bittersweet reality of parting ways in 2016. Millie Mackintosh, born on July 26, 1989, in Wiltshire, United Kingdom, is a young and talented individual.

At the age of 26 in 2016, she possesses a typical height of 5 feet and 9 inches. Millie comes from a family with a sweet legacy, as her ancestors were the creators of beloved candies in the UK like Caramac, Quality Street, and Toffee Crisp. Her parents, Nickel Mackintosh and Georgina Mackintosh, have always been a source of inspiration and motivation in her life. Millie holds a deep affection for her sister, Alice Mackintosh.

Millie gained worldwide recognition through her appearance on the reality TV show, Made In Chelsea. This award-winning and immensely popular series showcased her beauty and her genuine nature, which resonated with millions of viewers. After her five-season run on the show, Millie carved a path for herself as a fitness and beauty icon, as well as a talented make-up artist. She dedicated herself to honing her skills, and her social media posts on fashion, beauty, and style garnered a massive following of millions.

Many of her followers found inspiration in her diet, lifestyle, hairstyles, fitness routines, and impeccable fashion sense. Expanding her influence, Millie established the Millie Mackintosh branded clothing line, which received great acclaim. She further plans to launch multiple clothing lines in the future. Additionally, Millie's endeavors include modeling, as well as her own line of eyelashes and captivating jewelry collaborations. With her entrepreneurial spirit and multifaceted talents, Millie Mackintosh continues to make her mark in the realms of fashion, beauty, and beyond.


Professor Green Child

The renowned rapper and mental health activist, Stephen Manderson, also known as Professor Green, became a father at the age of 39 when he welcomed his son, Slimane, in March 2021, alongside his fiancée, actress Karima McAdams. Reflecting on the transformative experience of fatherhood, the "Lullaby" singer acknowledged the ups and downs that come with parenting. He expressed concerns for his 21-month-old son's future, particularly regarding his own financial situation and the potential expiration date of his career.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Professor Green shared his thoughts on being a father, stating, "At this moment, my understanding of parenting is that it's both wonderful and stressful. The wonderful aspects outweigh the stressful ones, but there are challenging times." He further highlighted the unique difficulties faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, with limited access to playgroups and childcare, leading him and Karima to be stay-at-home parents, which brought about a range of emotions and insecurities.

Despite the challenges, Professor Green expressed gratitude for the time he gets to spend with his son, emphasizing that he never wishes for less. He acknowledged that all parents encounter tough moments but often hesitate to vocalize them, fearing misinterpretation as discontentment with parenthood. He stressed that being a parent can be immensely difficult at times. When discussing the possibility of having more children in the future, Professor Green revealed a cautious approach.


He described Slimane as a beautiful child but acknowledged the upcoming "terrible twos." While he expressed the desire for more kids hypothetically, he emphasized the importance of not rushing into such decisions. Parenthood has taught him that every aspect of life must be balanced, ensuring that everything remains manageable and stress-free, as his son deserves the best of him. Professor Green recognized the profound impact that becoming a father has had on his life, acknowledging that his upbringing would have been significantly different if not for the presence of his grandmother.

He expressed gratitude for the positive influence his son has had, keeping him on his toes and shaping him as a person. Even with careful planning, he acknowledged that unforeseen challenges can arise, but he remains open to the idea of expanding his family in the future, taking into account the lessons learned from his experience as a father.

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What Happened to Professor Green - FAQs

1. Who is Professor Green?  

Professor Green, whose real name is Stephen Manderson, is a British rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, television personality, and mental health activist. He gained fame for his music career and has also been involved in various TV shows and charitable work.


2. When did Professor Green become a father?

Professor Green welcomed his son, Slimane, in March 2021. Slimane was born to his fiancée, actress Karima McAdams.

3. How has fatherhood impacted Professor Green's life?

Becoming a father has been transformative for Professor Green. He describes it as both wonderful and stressful, with the wonderful aspects outweighing the challenging ones. He feels grateful for the time he gets to spend with his son and acknowledges the difficulties that all parents face.

4. What are Professor Green's concerns for his son's future?

Professor Green expressed concerns about his son's future, particularly regarding his own financial situation and the potential limitations of his career. He worries about providing the best for his son and wants to ensure a stable and fulfilling life for him.


5. Does Professor Green plan to have more children?  

While Professor Green hypothetically expresses the desire to have more children, he emphasizes the importance of not rushing into such decisions. He wants to focus on being a present and attentive parent to Slimane and believes that every aspect of life needs to be balanced before considering expanding his family further.

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