What Happened to Preston and Brianna? Did Preston and Brianna Divorce? Did Preston and Brianna Have a Baby?

What happened to Preston and Brianna? We delve into the details surrounding their relationship and questions about Preston and Brianna's marital status and possible parenthood.

by Mathelene | Updated Jun 09, 2023

What Happened to Preston and Brianna? Did Preston and Brianna Divorce? Did Preston and Brianna Have a Baby?

What Happened To Preston And Brianna? 

Since May 12, Preston Arsement and Brianna Arsement embarked on their journey as a married couple, and their union has remained strong and joyful to this day. Despite any rumors that may have circulated regarding their divorce, it is important to clarify that these claims are false and unfounded.

Preston and Brianna's marriage has thrived in an environment of love, trust, and mutual respect. They have nurtured their bond with dedication and commitment, weathering any challenges that have come their way. Their shared values and unwavering support for one another have played a significant role in their continued happiness and marital success.

It is understandable that public figures like Preston and Brianna may occasionally become targets of baseless rumors. However, it is essential to rely on accurate and verified information rather than giving credence to unfounded gossip. In this case, any speculation regarding their divorce must be disregarded as untrue.

The couple's enduring love and dedication to their marriage have been evident in their actions and public statements. They have openly shared their appreciation for each other, their gratitude for their relationship, and their excitement about the future they are building together. Such genuine expressions of love and commitment reaffirm the fact that Preston and Brianna are happily married and remain steadfast in their shared journey.

It is important to respect the privacy of Preston and Brianna as they continue to navigate their lives together. While they may be public figures, their personal lives deserve the same level of privacy and consideration as anyone else's. By focusing on their genuine happiness and their continued dedication to their marriage, we can appreciate and celebrate the positive aspects of their relationship.

In conclusion, the rumors surrounding Preston and Brianna Arsement's divorce are completely false. Their marriage is still intact, and they continue to embark on their journey as a happily married couple, filled with love, support, and a shared vision for the future. Let us support them by celebrating their happiness and wishing them well in all their endeavors.

Did Preston and Brianna Divorce? 

In the rapidly evolving realm of social media, rumors and speculations tend to spread rapidly, capturing the attention of online communities. In recent times, there has been considerable online discussion regarding the possibility of Preston and Brianna, widely known as PrestonPlayz and BriannaPlayz respectively, getting a divorce.

Preston and Brianna's romantic journey began when they were set up on a blind date, an encounter that instantly sparked a deep connection. They spent seven hours engaged in conversation, forging a strong bond over cups of coffee. Their relationship blossomed from there, eventually leading to an engagement in October 2017.

In a grand celebration of their love, Preston and Brianna exchanged vows in May 2018. Their wedding ceremony took place at the stunning Dallas Union Station, an occasion that Preston graciously shared with his dedicated YouTube audience on his channel, PrestonPlayz.

Fast forward to 2022, and Preston and Brianna have been happily married for an impressive five years. Throughout their journey, they have consistently expressed their love and contentment on social media platforms, delighting their millions of followers with glimpses into their lives and the milestones they have achieved together.

Given their ongoing display of affection and joy in their online presence, it becomes evident that the rumors surrounding Preston and Brianna's divorce lack credibility and can be rightfully dismissed. Brianna further solidified their commitment and devotion by posting a heartfelt picture on her Instagram, commemorating the anniversary of Preston's proposal. The image emphasized their unwavering dedication to one another and their shared excitement for the thrilling adventures that lie ahead.

In conclusion, it is essential to approach rumors surrounding celebrity relationships with caution, as the fast-paced nature of social media often gives rise to baseless speculations. In the case of Preston and Brianna, their continuous expressions of love and happiness, along with their shared milestones, provide substantial evidence that their marriage remains strong and divorce rumors should be disregarded.

Did Preston and Brianna have a Baby?

Currently, Preston Arsement and his wife Brianna Arsement have not welcomed any children into their lives. The couple has made a deliberate decision to prioritize their personal lives and individual careers, postponing their journey into parenthood for the time being. Rather than starting a family right away, they are relishing the present moment, cherishing their time together as a married couple, and embracing the opportunities that come their way.

While it is conceivable that they may have aspirations of becoming parents in the future, their current focus lies in strengthening their relationship and pursuing their respective passions. They are dedicated to nurturing their bond, exploring new ventures, and creating a solid foundation for their future.

Preston and Brianna are relishing the freedom and flexibility that their child-free status allows, enabling them to fully devote themselves to their personal and professional pursuits. They recognize the significance of this phase in their lives and are embracing the experiences and possibilities it offers.

It is essential to respect their decision and support their chosen path. As they continue to evolve as individuals and as a couple, they may revisit their plans for parenthood when the time feels right for them. Until then, they are content with their current circumstances and remain open to the adventures that life has in store for them.

Where Does Preston and Brianna Live?

Preston Arsement, a prominent YouTuber, currently resides in the vibrant city of Dallas, Texas. He shares his life and adventures with his audience alongside his wife, Brianna Arsement, who is also a YouTuber.

In addition to his individual content creation, Preston is a member of a renowned group known as The Pack. The Pack consists of Preston and his close friends who collaborate on Minecraft-related projects and videos. The group includes popular Minecraft YouTubers such as MrWoofless, Lachlan, Vikkstar123, JeromeASF, and Bajan Canadian. Together, they engage in exciting Minecraft gameplay, exploring various challenges, and entertaining their combined fan base.

Preston's involvement with The Pack not only showcases his passion for gaming but also highlights his ability to foster strong friendships and collaborations within the YouTube community. Their collective Minecraft adventures have captivated audiences worldwide and have contributed significantly to their individual and collective success as content creators.

Living in Dallas, Texas, Preston enjoys the benefits of residing in a dynamic city known for its diverse cultural offerings and thriving entertainment industry. It provides him with an inspiring backdrop for his content creation, as well as opportunities to connect with fellow creators and fans in the area.

While Preston's involvement with The Pack and his life in Dallas bring unique experiences and opportunities, his partnership with Brianna remains a cornerstone of his personal and professional life. Together, they navigate the challenges and triumphs of their careers while supporting and inspiring each other along the way.

How old is Preston and Brianna?

Born on May 4, 1994, in Texas, Preston Blaine Arsement, also known as PrestonPlayz, is a renowned YouTuber and entrepreneur who has achieved significant success in the online world. Although his current age is 29 as of 2023, his impact and influence extend far beyond his years.

During his childhood, Arsement's aspirations were focused on a different path—he dreamed of becoming a professional paintball player. The idea of becoming an online presence hadn't yet entered his mind. However, this would soon change as he embarked on a journey that would lead him to YouTube stardom.

On July 4, 2012, Arsement created his YouTube channel, marking the beginning of his online presence. It wasn't until January 15, 2013, that he released his first video, which turned out to be a turning point in his career. This inaugural upload catapulted him into the spotlight and set him on a trajectory towards fame and success.

As of 2023, she is 29 years old, having been born on January 2, 1994. This talented individual is recognized as a YouTube gamer, captivating audiences with her engaging content and entertaining gameplay. Born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn, she embodies the traits commonly associated with this sign, such as determination, ambition, and a strong work ethic.

Throughout her YouTube career, she has garnered a significant following, captivating viewers with her gaming expertise, unique style, and charismatic personality. Her date of birth on January 2, 1994, marks an important milestone in her life, as it represents the beginning of a journey that would lead her to become a prominent figure in the gaming community.

When Did Preston and Brianna get Married?

On May 12, 2018, a significant milestone took place in the lives of Preston Arsement and Brianna Arsement. It was on this memorable day that the couple exchanged vows and officially became husband and wife. The joyous occasion of their marriage took place at the enchanting Dallas Union Station, creating a beautiful backdrop for their special day.

Surrounded by loved ones and cherished friends, Preston and Brianna embarked on a new chapter of their lives together. The wedding ceremony was a heartfelt and joy-filled event, symbolizing their commitment and love for one another. The choice of Dallas Union Station as the venue added an extra touch of grandeur and elegance to the celebration. The historic and visually stunning location provided the perfect ambiance for their union, creating lasting memories for the couple and their guests.

Since that remarkable day in 2018, Preston and Brianna have continued their journey as a married couple, supporting and cherishing one another through life's ups and downs. Their wedding remains a significant milestone in their relationship, representing the start of their lifelong commitment and partnership.

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What Happened To Preston And Brianna - FAQs

1. When did Preston Arsement and Brianna Arsement get married?  

Preston Arsement and Brianna Arsement got married on May 12, 2018.

2. Where did Preston and Brianna get married?  

They got married at Dallas Union Station.

3. Did Preston and Brianna have a wedding ceremony?  

Yes, they had a wedding ceremony to celebrate their marriage.

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