What Happened to Lexi And Rae? Why Did Lexi and Rae Break Up?

What Happened to Lexi And Rae? The Ultimatum: Queer Love’s Lexi and Rae decided to go separate ways, check here what caused their break up.

by V Gomala | Updated Jun 08, 2023

What Happened to Lexi And Rae? Why Did Lexi and Rae Break Up?

What Happened to Lexi and Rae?

Netflix's latest dating series, The Ultimatum: Queer Love, stands out for its distinctiveness in featuring a full cast comprising exclusively of queer women and non-binary individuals. On Wednesday, Netflix released the last two episodes of the season, showcasing the pivotal Ultimatum Day for the couples. This momentous occasion gave them the choice to either commit to engagement or part ways, followed by a cast reunion held at a later time.

Among the compelling narratives presented in the show, Lexi and her girlfriend, Raelyn "Rae" Cheung-Sutton, faced numerous challenges throughout their journey. These obstacles included several heated arguments concerning Rae's trial marriage partner, Vanessa Papa. Nonetheless, they ultimately decided to take their relationship to the next level by becoming engaged. However, when the cast reunion took place, Lexi and Rae disclosed that they had ultimately chosen separate paths, indicating a shift in their romantic status.

Why Did Lexi and Rae Break Up?

Following their journey on The Ultimatum, Lexi and Rae reached a joyous milestone as they embraced their engagement and eagerly embarked on the exciting journey of planning their upcoming wedding. The finale of the show showcased their blissful state, with Rae expressing her admiration for their relationship, describing the past year as truly remarkable. However, as is often the case in real-life relationships, their happiness was short-lived. Disappointingly, a title card appeared at the conclusion of the episode, disclosing that the couple's bond ultimately dissolved shortly after their appearance at the cast reunion.

At a press event for The Ultimatum, Lexi said,, "We had a great four and a half years together, but when we’re looking for a life partner, maybe there’s things that we’re looking for that are different and things we couldn’t get past from the show.”


Lexi and Rae Breakup

The revelation of Lexi and Rae's breakup likely left fans in a state of surprise, particularly considering Lexi's unwavering dedication to her relationship with Rae throughout the series. However, Lexi sheds light on the situation in an interview with PEOPLE, explaining that the couple ultimately succumbed to the challenges they encountered during their time on the show.

Lexi said, "There was some stuff that we were still working through that happened from filming, just trust that was broken and things we just really couldn't [overcome]. We couldn't get to a place where we were just moving forward completely. Candidly, trust is so important in a relationship, especially when you're trying to commit to somebody in something so definitive as a marriage, as a marriage license, as like joining of funds and finances and love."

Are Lexi and Rae Married?

Lexi and Rae's journey did not end up in marriage. After being in a committed relationship for several years, Lexi felt compelled to issue an ultimatum to Rae. This pivotal moment arose when Rae expressed uncertainty about her readiness for marriage. To explore their feelings and navigate this uncertainty, the couple embarked on a unique path of trial marriages.

During this period, Lexi entered into a trial marriage with Mal, while Rae pursued a connection with Vanessa. Unfortunately, Rae's involvement with Vanessa sparked significant conflict between her and Lexi, as Lexi made her disdain for Vanessa known.

However, despite the obstacles they faced, Lexi and Rae managed to rediscover their deep affection for one another. In a surprising turn of events, Rae took the initiative and proposed to Lexi. Lexi reciprocated by proposing to Rae in return. Despite their profound commitment to each other, it is important to note that Lexi and Rae ultimately did not proceed with a formal marriage ceremony.


Lexi’s New Relationship

Lexi has ventured into a fresh romantic connection, and she asserts that her current relationship fulfills the aspects she sought but couldn't find in her previous relationship with Rae. In light of her trial marriage with Mal, Lexi discovered specific qualities and compatibility factors that she desired in a partner. However, it's important to note that Lexi's relationship with Mal has evolved into a platonic friendship, and they maintain a strong bond as close friends. Their connection remains significant and valued despite the absence of romantic involvement.

She told Tudum, “I found somebody that gives me all of the love and happiness I felt with Mal, mixed with an intimacy that we’re exploring. That’s truly what I always wanted when I knew my relationship with Rae was ending — somebody that made me feel the way I felt when I was with Mal and we were walking around San Diego calling each other our wives."

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What Happened to Lexi and Rae - FAQs

1. What Happened to Lexi and Rae?

Lexi and Rae disclosed that they had ultimately chosen separate paths, indicating a shift in their romantic status.

2. Are Lexi and Rae Married?

Lexi and Rae's journey did not end up in marriage.

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