What Happened to DMac on 104.3 the Fan? Denver Sports Radio Shake-Up

What Happened to DMac on 104.3 the Fan? The details of Darren "DMac" McKee's departure from 104.3 The Fan, a significant event in Denver's sports radio scene. Learn about the changes that led to this shake-up and the impact on the station's programming.

by Swetha P | Updated Sep 19, 2023

What Happened to DMac on 104.3 the Fan? Denver Sports Radio Shake-Up

What Happened to DMac on 104.3 the Fan?

Darren "DMac" McKee, a well-known figure in Denver sports radio, was let go from 104.3 The Fan, where he had been a longtime co-host of the weekday afternoon sports show "The Drive." His departure was part of a broader lineup change initiated by the station's management. DMac shared the news on social media, expressing his readiness to move on to new opportunities. This marked a significant transition in the station's programming.

Who is Darren McKee?

"DMac" is a nickname for Darren McKee, a well-known sports radio host in Denver, Colorado. Darren "DMac" McKee is recognized for his contributions to the sports radio industry, particularly as a co-host on the weekday afternoon sports show "The Drive" on 104.3 The Fan, a popular sports radio station in Denver. He had a strong presence in Denver's sports media landscape and was a familiar voice to local sports enthusiasts. However, as of the recent lineup changes in September 2023, he no longer hosts the show on 104.3 The Fan.



Full Name

Darren McKee



Career Highlights

- Co-host of "The Drive" on 104.3 The Fan

- Prominent figure in Denver sports radio

- Known for insightful sports commentary

Notable Station

104.3 The Fan


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DMac Fired

DMac's departure from 104.3 The Fan can be described as a separation between the station and one of its iconic radio hosts. The decision to let him go was made as part of a larger effort by Bonneville Denver to revamp the station's lineup. While DMac acknowledged the change with a brief message on social media, he left a lasting impact on Denver sports radio during his tenure.

DMAC Solutions Login

It's important to note that "DMAC Solutions Login" is unrelated to Darren "DMac" McKee and the Denver sports radio station. DMAC Solutions is a separate entity that may provide educational software or services, and the login refers to accessing their platform for specific purposes. If you are looking for information related to DMAC Solutions Login, you should visit their official website or contact their support for assistance.

Lineup Changes on Denver Sports Radio

The lineup changes at 104.3 The Fan has generated considerable buzz among Denver's sports radio audience. With new hosts like Phillip Lindsay, Josh Dover, and others stepping into prominent roles, the station aims to maintain its position as a go-to destination for sports enthusiasts. Listeners can expect fresh perspectives, engaging discussions, and a renewed focus on local sports. This transition reflects the evolving landscape of sports radio in Denver and the station's commitment to delivering quality content to its dedicated audience.

104.3 The Fan: Weekday Lineup

Time Slot



6:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Morning Show

Mark Schlereth and Mike Evans

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Midday Show

Brandon Stokley and Josh Dover

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Afternoon Show

Zach Bye and Phillip Lindsay

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


DenverSports.com Digital Team

Upcoming Changes at 104.3 The Fan

As 104.3 The Fan in Denver undergoes a significant reshuffling of its lineup, sports enthusiasts in Colorado can anticipate a fresh wave of programming changes. With the departure of longtime hosts like Darren "DMac" McKee, Orlando Franklin, Nate Jackson, and Chad Brown, the station is ushering in a new era of sports radio. These changes aim to provide listeners with a more stable and consistent listening experience, featuring dynamic personalities and a strong connection to the Denver community.

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What Happened to DMac on the Fan? - FAQs

1. What led to the lineup changes at 104.3 The Fan?        

The lineup changes at 104.3 The Fan were initiated by Bonneville Denver as part of efforts to revamp the station's programming and provide a more stable listening experience.

2. Who are the new hosts joining 104.3 The Fan?  

New hosts joining the station include Phillip Lindsay, Josh Dover, and others who bring fresh perspectives and dynamic personalities to the airwaves.

3. Why did Darren "DMac" McKee leave 104.3 The Fan?  

DMac's departure from the station was a result of the lineup changes, which included the decision not to renew his contract as a host.

4. What impact will these changes have on Denver's sports radio landscape?  

The changes at 104.3 The Fan aim to maintain the station's position as a leading destination for sports enthusiasts, offering engaging discussions and a renewed focus on local sports.

5. Is "DMAC Solutions Login" related to Darren "DMac" McKee or 104.3 The Fan?  

"DMAC Solutions Login" refers to a different entity, unrelated to Darren "DMac" McKee and the Denver sports radio station. It is likely associated with educational software or services.

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