What Happened to Chris Konya? Why did He Depart from WBEE?

What happened to Chris Konya? This article provides information about the departure of The BEE Morning Coffee Club co-host Chris Konya from WBEE-FM.  

by Alaguvelan M | Updated Jun 09, 2023

What Happened to Chris Konya? Why did He Depart from WBEE?

What Happened to Chris Konya?

Chris Konya is a radio personality who worked for WBEE/Rochester's "Morning Coffee Club" until his departure in May 2023 after a decade with the station. However, there is no clear information about what happened to him after his departure. Konya has not revealed his future plans after leaving WBEE, but he remains active on social media, where he posts about his personal and professional life. He has not ruled out a return to radio, but he has also expressed his passion for law and music. He has thanked his fans and colleagues for their support and friendship over the years.

It is not entirely clear what happened to Konya after he left the "Morning Coffee Club" show in May 2023. However, some reports suggest that he may be pursuing other radio opportunities or exploring other interests outside of broadcasting. Given the relatively recent nature of his departure from WBEE, it is possible that Konya's plans for the future are still in flux and may become clearer over time. In the meantime, his fans and followers will likely be keeping an eye out for updates on his career and personal pursuits.

In 2011, he switched to another Entercom station in Rochester, WBEE (92.5), a country station, where he became part of The BEE Morning Coffee Club with Terry Clifford and Steve Hausmann2. He co-hosted the show for 10 years until he decided to leave the station at the end of his contract in June 2023. His co-host Terry Clifford also announced her retirement from the show after 30 years with the station.

WBEE Chris Konya

Chris Konya, the charismatic former radio personality, graced the airwaves as a cherished co-host of WBEE's beloved "Morning Coffee Club" show in Rochester, New York, for an impressive decade. Alongside his esteemed partner in crime, Terry Clifford, Konya captivated audiences with a delightful blend of news, commentary, and good-natured humor.

With a captivating personality that oozed authenticity, Konya effortlessly weaved personal stories and unique perspectives into his hosting repertoire. His playful banter with Clifford became the stuff of radio legend, while his genuine passion for music and unwavering interest in local happenings and cultural affairs endeared him to the hearts of his listeners.

Building an ardent following over the years, Konya became an iconic figure in the Rochester radio scene. His wit, warmth, and unfiltered authenticity resonated deeply, forging strong connections with his loyal fan base. Beyond the microphone, Konya's commitment to championing local causes and charitable endeavors solidified his place as a revered community leader.

While his departure from WBEE's "Morning Coffee Club" in May 2023 may have come as a surprise to many, Konya's lasting impact as a broadcaster and advocate for the Rochester community remains indelible. Whether he chooses to embark on a new radio venture or explore other exciting avenues, his contributions to the local media landscape and the cherished memories he created with his audience will continue to reverberate for years to come, serving as a testament to his remarkable legacy.

Who is Chris Konya?

Chris Konya, a charismatic radio personality and accomplished attorney, has left his mark in various markets and diverse roles. His radio journey commenced as an associate producer for the vibrant Scott and Todd show on WPLJ New York (95.5), an upbeat pop station owned by Cumulus Media. Displaying his versatility, he later ventured into Rochester, NY, joining Entercom (now Audacy) as a morning show producer and a dynamic host for WBZA (98.9 The Buzz), a rock station.

In a notable career shift, Konya transitioned to WBEE (92.5), an Entercom country station in Rochester, in 2011. There, he became an integral part of The BEE Morning Coffee Club alongside esteemed colleagues Terry Clifford and Steve Hausmann. For an impressive decade, Konya co-hosted the show, captivating listeners with their engaging banter and infectious chemistry. However, as his contract came to a close in June 2023, Konya made the decision to bid farewell to WBEE, just as his esteemed co-host Terry Clifford announced her well-deserved retirement after an illustrious 30-year tenure.

While making waves at WBEE, Konya concurrently pursued a law degree and achieved his goal of becoming an attorney at the esteemed SWMW Law firm, renowned for its expertise in asbestos litigation and personal injury cases. Moreover, Konya's talents extend beyond the radio booth and courtroom, as he adeptly strums the guitar for The Bobby Ford Band, a captivating country rock group hailing from St. Louis, MO.

As Konya embarks on a new chapter post-WBEE, he remains an active presence on social media, sharing glimpses of his personal and professional life. While he has not yet disclosed his future plans, Konya's passion for law and music shines through. He graciously expresses his heartfelt gratitude to his dedicated fans and cherished colleagues for their unwavering support and friendship throughout his journey. While the road ahead is yet to be unveiled, the world eagerly anticipates Chris Konya's next remarkable endeavor.


WBEE-FM, the lively commercial radio station in Rochester, New York, is the ultimate destination for country music enthusiasts. Owned by Audacy, Inc. (formerly Entercom Communications) since its acquisition from Sinclair Broadcasting in 1999, WBEE-FM proudly broadcasts a captivating country music radio format to its dedicated listeners. The station's state-of-the-art studios are situated in downtown Rochester at the esteemed Entercom's High Falls Studios, while its transmitter tower gracefully stands along Five Mile Line Road in Penfield.

Since its debut on March 1, 1961, as WGR-FM, the FM counterpart to AM 580 WGR, WBEE-FM has evolved and flourished. Initially serving as a simulcast of WGR, the station shifted gears in 1967, adopting an easy listening format. In a bold move in 1972, WBEE-FM embraced the Top 40 genre, becoming one of the nation's most successful stations in that category throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Its cherished morning show, "The Wake Up Club," hosted by the dynamic duo of John Murphy and Gary Burbank, brought joy to countless listeners.

In 1992, WBEE-FM embarked on a new chapter by embracing a country music format. This daring decision proved immensely fruitful, as the station has since become one of the most successful country music stations in the entire nation. In fact, WBEE-FM consistently ranks among the top two stations in terms of listenership in the Rochester radio market, according to Nielsen Audio.

Not only does WBEE-FM offer crystal-clear HD broadcasts, but it also features the all-sports format from its co-owned AM 950 WROC on its HD-2 channel, catering to sports aficionados and providing a diverse range of content. WBEE-FM's popularity in Rochester stems from its commitment to live and local programming. With an array of captivating shows, including morning drive, afternoon drive, and evening news, the station ensures that its listeners are always entertained and informed by their favorite hosts.

Furthermore, WBEE-FM is dedicated to giving back to the community it serves. The station proudly supports local charities and events, organizing fundraisers and special occasions throughout the year that benefit the Rochester community. For those seeking an exceptional country music experience in Rochester, look no further than WBEE-FM. With its incredible music selection, captivating live shows, and unwavering commitment to supporting local charities, WBEE-FM is the ultimate destination for country music enthusiasts who crave a wholesome and vibrant radio experience

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What Happened to Chris Konya - FAQs

1. What happened to Chris Konya?

Chris Konya, the former radio personality, left WBEE's "Morning Coffee Club" show in May 2023.

2. Why did Chris Konya leave WBEE?

Chris Konya decided to leave WBEE at the end of his contract in June 2023. He has not publicly disclosed his specific reasons for departure.

3. Will Chris Konya return to radio?

While Chris Konya has not ruled out a return to radio, his future plans after leaving WBEE have not been revealed.

4. What other interests does Chris Konya have?

Chris Konya has expressed his passion for law and music in addition to his radio career.

5. How long did Chris Konya co-host the "Morning Coffee Club" show?

Chris Konya co-hosted the "Morning Coffee Club" show on WBEE for over a decade alongside Terry Clifford.

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