What Does Gyatt Mean on Tiktok? Meaning Explained Here

"Gyatt" on TikTok is a word used mostly by boys to show admiration for someone attractive or to express excitement. It is said to be an inside joke 'between the guys'.

by Rubaditsha

Updated Apr 03, 2024

What Does Gyatt Mean on Tiktok? Meaning Explained Here

What Does Gyatt Mean on Tiktok?

On TikTok, gyatt is a term derived from Twitch and YouTube, gaining popularity for expressing admiration or excitement, particularly towards attractive women. Originating from content creator Your RAGE, it signifies appreciation for curvy figures. Beyond physical attraction, it is used to convey excitement, approval, or disbelief, drawing from the Jamaican Patois term gyat meaning greatest of all time.

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Its versatility allows it to express various emotions and support for achievements, expanding its usage beyond initial intentions. While primarily associated with admiration, it can also suggest urging someone to improve their behavior. With its roots in social media culture, gyatt has become a common slang term, accumulating billions of views on TikTok.

How Did Gyatt Trend on TikTok?

On TikTok, the trend of GYATT primarily gained traction through its usage by content creators who migrated the term from other platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Initially coined by streamers, its appeal spread as users adapted it to TikTok's format. The term's versatility, from expressing admiration for physical attractiveness to conveying excitement or approval, contributed to its trendiness.

Its emergence on TikTok was not isolated; rather, it reflected a broader cultural adoption of internet slang and vernacular. The term's roots in social media culture, combined with its catchy and easily adaptable nature, facilitated its spread on TikTok. As more users incorporated GYATT into their content, whether in comments, direct messages, or videos, its visibility and popularity continued to grow, ultimately making it a prominent trend within the TikTok community.

Other TikTok Slang Terms and Meanings

TikTok is a place where many new words and phrases come up all the time, making it a special language. Here are some cool words you may hear there:

Go Little Rockstar

Embraced on TikTok to celebrate achievements and diverse heroes, stemming from the misinterpreted lyrics of an indie song.


Short for mediocre, referring to something that's neither particularly good nor bad, just average.


Used to describe things or people out of touch with current trends, signaling it might be time for a style update if labeled as such.


Encouraging authenticity and self-confidence, popularized by rapper Lil B, reclaiming it from its previous negative connotations.

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