Wall Street Crossword Puzzle for Today March April 3, 2024

Solve your answer here for Today’s Wall Street Crossword Puzzle. Yeah! Have a look at the article below to find the solution.

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Updated Apr 03, 2024

Wall Street Crossword Puzzle for Today March April 3, 2024

Wall Street Crossword

The Wall Street Crossword Puzzle is a word game which is published in a Wall Street Journal newspaper and online. The Wall Street Crossword puzzle completion needs concentration, memory, and the ability to link clues to answers. It gives the best entertainment for everyone, who loves puzzles and fun!  It will improve our general knowledge, and capacity for critical thinking. Visit our page for the latest Wall Street Crossword Puzzles here. Let’s get into the explanation. 

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Delivery person?

Answer: MOM

Delivery person? is a clever way to hint at the answer, which is MOM. While it may seem ambiguous at first, the context suggests that delivery refers to childbirth, making MOM the logical answer as the person delivering a baby.


Answer: RANCOR

Resentment describes a deep-seated feeling of bitterness or ill will towards someone or something. The answer RANCOR aligns perfectly with this definition, as it denotes a strong, long-lasting hostility or resentment towards a particular person or situation.

“Chiquitita” quartet

Answer: ABBA

Chiquitita, a popular song by the Swedish pop group ABBA, gives a clear clue to the answer, which is ABBA. The quartet's name is synonymous with catchy tunes and harmonious melodies, making it a fitting solution to the crossword clue.


Answer: APE

Burlesque is a form of entertainment characterized by parody, exaggeration, and sometimes risqué performances. The answer APE might seem unusual, but it fits the clue as it can refer to mimicking or imitating something in a humorous or exaggerated way, akin to the spirit of burlesque.

Pal of Jerry and George

Answer: ELAINE

Seinfeld, known for his comedic interactions with Jerry and George. The answer is ELAINE, as she is one of the main characters and often seen as the female counterpart and close friend to Jerry and George in the show.

Like the sequoias

Answer: TALL

Like the sequoias suggests something towering and majestic, leading to the answer TALL. Sequoias are renowned for their impressive height, standing tall and grand in the forests they inhabit.

Make fun of nuns?


Make fun of nuns? is a humorous clue hinting at the answer KIDSISTERS. It plays on the similarity in sound between nuns and sisters, suggesting teasing or jesting directed towards young female siblings, commonly referred to as kids or sisters.

Hurdle for a future esq.

Answer: LSAT

Hurdle for a future esq. hints at a challenge aspiring lawyers must overcome, leading to the answer LSAT. The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is a standardized exam that prospective law students need to excel in to gain admission to law school, acting as a significant obstacle in their path towards becoming a lawyer.

Bagel choice

Answer: ONION

Bagel choice suggests a specific type of bagel flavor, leading to the answer ONION. When selecting a bagel, one might choose from various flavors, and onion is a popular option known for its savory taste and aromatic appeal.

Singer Corinne Bailey ___

Answer: RAE

Singer Corinne Bailey ___ directs attention to the last name of a well-known musician, leading to the answer RAE. Corinne Bailey Rae is a British singer-songwriter known for her soulful voice and hit songs, making RAE the fitting completion to this crossword clue.

Glorified gofer

Answer: AIDE

In various professional settings, a person who assists or supports someone in authority is often referred to as an aide. They handle tasks ranging from administrative duties to providing crucial information, essentially serving as a glorified gofer for their superior.

Split-off group

Answer: SECT

When a faction or subgroup breaks away from a larger organization due to differences in beliefs, practices, or ideologies, it forms a sect. This split-off group often seeks to establish its own identity and pursue its goals independently, distinct from the original entity.

Make fun of a member of a sleigh-pulling team?


Slam dance is to engage in an energetic and often aggressive style of dancing. Here, the term humorously suggests poking fun at a member of a sleigh-pulling team by imagining them engaging in lively dance moves, portraying a humorous image that adds a playful twist to the concept.

Bone of contention

Answer: ISSUE

In discussions or disputes, an issue refers to a point of disagreement or contention between parties. Like a bone that causes discomfort or conflict, an issue is often the focal point of debate or negotiation, requiring resolution for progress to be made.

Hot dogs do it

Answer: PANT

When hot dogs are heated, they release steam, causing them to pant or emit bursts of hot air. This playful clue employs wordplay, associating the action of panting with the behavior of hot dogs when cooked, illustrating how language can be used creatively in crossword puzzles.


Answer: FAN

Buff is the clue for the word FAN. This might refer to someone who is a fan of something, like a sports team or a celebrity. A fan can also be a device used for creating a breeze or circulating air.

Nonstick cookware brand

Answer: TFAL

Nonstick cookware brand leads to the answer TFAL. This brand is known for its nonstick cookware products, which are popular in kitchens around the world. TFAL is recognized for its quality and innovation in kitchenware.

Exhibited shock

Answer: GAPED

Exhibited shock, the answer is GAPED. This suggests a reaction of surprise or astonishment, often accompanied by opening one's mouth in disbelief or awe. The word gaped captures this expression of shock or wonder.

Lyric poem

Answer: ODE

Lyric poem is the clue that corresponds to the answer ODE. An ode is a type of poem that is often lyrical in nature and expresses feelings of admiration, celebration, or reflection. Odes are known for their structured and often elevated language.

Make fun of familiar sayings?


Make fun of familiar sayings? leads to the answer RIPSAWS. This wordplay suggests the act of tearing apart or mocking common expressions or proverbs, turning them into something humorous or absurd.

Marseille mate

Answer: AMI

Marseille mate hints at a French term for friend, which is AMI. This word is often used in Marseille and other French-speaking regions to refer to a friend or companion.

Perez of “Do the Right Thing”

Answer: ROSIE

Perez of 'Do the Right Thing' refers to Rosie Perez, an actress who gained prominence for her role in the film Do the Right Thing. Her last name, ROSIE, is the answer to this clue.


Answer: DRAT

'Nerts!' is an exclamation of frustration or annoyance, similar to drat. The word DRAT fits this description and serves as the answer to the clue.

Symbol on the Argentine flag

Answer: SUN

The symbol on the Argentine flag is the sun, which appears at the center of the Argentine flag. Thus, the answer to this clue is SUN.

Cleverly skillful

Answer: DEFT

To be cleverly skillful suggests being adept or proficient in a smart and resourceful manner. DEFT accurately describes this ability and provides the answer to the clue.

Motel meet-up, maybe

Answer: TRYST

Motel meet-up, maybe hints at a rendezvous or secret encounter, often associated with passion or intrigue. This word often implies a clandestine or romantic meeting, fittingly represented by TRYST.

Make fun of script dialogue?


Make fun of script dialogue? suggests a critique or mockery of the lines spoken by characters in a play or movie. The word sought here reflects the points where communication breaks down or becomes laughable, akin to FAULTLINES.


Answer: ELAN

Panache signifies flair, style, or flamboyance in one's demeanor or actions. It encapsulates a certain charm and confidence, captured succinctly by the term ELAN.

Plot parcel

Answer: ACRE

Plot parcel directs attention to a section of land, typically used for cultivation or development. This term denotes a specific measurement of land area, a fundamental concept in real estate or agriculture, represented by ACRE.

Malty brew

Answer: ALE

Malty brew indicates a type of alcoholic beverage known for its rich, grain-based flavor profile. This word signifies a type of beer brewed with a particular emphasis on malt, succinctly represented by ALE.

Mentally quick

Answer: AGILE

When it comes to describing agility, the word that comes to mind is AGILE. Agility refers to the ability to move quickly and easily, both mentally and physically, adapting to changes efficiently.

Movie popcorn buys

Answer: TUBS

In theaters, what we commonly purchase to hold popcorn is a TUB. These containers come in various sizes, accommodating the different quantities of popcorn we might want to enjoy during a film.

Make fun of members of WWII’s female naval reserves?


This playful phrase, BLASTWAVES, hints at the jesting nature of humor. During World War II, WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) were integral to naval operations, and humorously mocking them would be represented by the term BLASTWAVES.

History segments

Answer: ERAS

ERAS encompasses distinct periods within history, providing a segmented view of the past. These eras mark significant shifts in society, culture, and technology, helping us understand the progression of human civilization.

One more than an eagle

Answer: BIRDIE

BIRDIE is often used in golf to signify a score of one stroke less than par on a hole. In this context, it refers to being just one step ahead or one increment higher than what's commonly associated with an eagle, which is a prestigious achievement in the sport.

Business card abbr.

Answer: EXT

In the world of professional networking, EXT typically stands for extension, denoting a specific phone extension number on a business card. This abbreviation streamlines communication, making it easier for contacts to reach the intended person within an organization.


Answer: SANE

When assessing someone's mental state or evaluating the logic of a situation, the term SANE comes into play, representing sound judgment and rationality. It's a succinct way to convey that a person's actions or thoughts are within the bounds of reason.


Answer: YESSES

The plural form of YES, YESSES is often used colloquially to denote multiple confirmations or agreements. In contexts where endorsements or authorizations are sought, such as official documents or project proposals, obtaining several YESSES signifies consensus and support.

Carrier to Copenhagen

Answer: SAS

When planning travel to Copenhagen, SAS serves as the abbreviation for Scandinavian Airlines, the carrier that offers flights to and from the Danish capital. Recognized for its extensive network and quality service, SAS facilitates transportation for passengers heading to this European destination.

Blue-backed sharks

Answer: MAKOS

MAKOS refers to Mako sharks, known for their distinctive blue-colored dorsal surface. These agile predators inhabit oceans worldwide, often recognized for their streamlined bodies and impressive speed, making them formidable hunters in their marine ecosystems.

Offer one’s two cents

Answer: OPINE

When someone shares their opinion or perspective, they often offer their two cents. This phrase suggests contributing thoughts or advice, typically in a casual or informal manner. In crossword puzzles, the answer is OPINE, which means to express one's opinion.

Well-intentioned things?


Well-intentioned things refers to actions or items that are done or given with good intentions. In this context, the answer in the crossword puzzle is MEDICINES. Medicines are often well-intentioned items, as they are meant to alleviate or treat ailments and improve health.


Answer: REIN

The word check can have multiple meanings, including to verify, control, or restrain something. In crossword puzzles, the answer is REIN, which relates to the act of checking or controlling, especially in the context of guiding or restraining a horse.

Gore and Sharpton

Answer: ALS

Gore and Sharpton likely refer to prominent figures named Al, specifically Al Gore and Al Sharpton. However, in crossword puzzles, the answer is ALS, which stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a neurological disease commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

Rebellion leader Turner

Answer: NAT

Rebellion  leader Turner, referring to Nat Turner, an African American slave who led a famous slave rebellion in 1831. However, in the crossword puzzle, the answer is simply NAT, which may indicate a shortened form of the name or another context entirely.

Old Cutlass model

Answer: CIERA

In the world of automobiles, the Old Cutlass model, known as CIERA, was a popular choice among drivers seeking a blend of style and performance. Its sleek design and reliable mechanics made it a classic in its time, capturing the essence of an era gone by.

Site for a merger?

Answer: ONRAMP

When companies embark on a journey towards merging their operations, they often seek a strategic starting point. An onramp provides the perfect metaphorical space for this, symbolizing the beginning of a collaborative journey where separate entities come together to forge a unified path forward.

Los Angeles neighborhood north of Tarzana and Encino

Answer: RESEDA

In the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, Reseda stands as a vibrant neighborhood situated to the north of Tarzana and Encino. Its unique blend of urban amenities and suburban tranquility makes it a sought-after location for residents seeking a balance between city life and suburban comforts.

Home of the Brave


Home of the Brave, Atlanta embodies the spirit of resilience and determination. From its pivotal role in the civil rights movement to its vibrant cultural scene and thriving economy, Atlanta stands as a beacon of courage and opportunity, inspiring all who call it home.


Answer: BASIC

When it comes to simplicity and essential functionality, nothing embodies the concept of bare-bones better than BASIC. This programming language, with its straightforward syntax and minimalistic approach, serves as the foundational building block for countless applications and software systems, emphasizing efficiency and clarity in its design.

Cutting edge

Answer: BLADE

Cutting edge, the answer refers to a blade, which is the sharp, cutting part of a tool or weapon. It's the forefront of sharpness, used for slicing and cutting various materials.


Answer: ALTER

Revise, we often think of making changes or amendments to something previously written or planned. In this context, alter perfectly fits as it means to change or modify, especially in terms of improving or updating.


Answer: SOTS

Lushes is a term often used to describe individuals who frequently indulge in alcoholic beverages to excess. The word sots fits this description, as it refers to habitual heavy drinkers or alcoholics.

Muslim mystic

Answer: SUFI

Muslim mystic refers to someone within the Islamic tradition who practices mysticism or Sufism. Sufism emphasizes spiritual growth, inner peace, and a direct personal experience of the divine.

Quantum movement, at times

Answer: LEAP

Quantum movement, at times, hints at sudden or significant changes or shifts, much like a quantum leap in physics. This term is often used metaphorically to describe sudden advancements or progressions in various fields.

Like many a teen

Answer: ANGSTY

Teenagers often experience feelings of anxiety and uncertainty, which can be described as angsty. This word captures the mood of adolescence, characterized by a mix of rebellion, confusion, and emotional turbulence.

Wall in Manhattan, e.g.

Answer: STREET

Manhattan is renowned for its diverse neighborhoods and bustling streets. Within this concrete jungle, a wall could refer to any number of iconic streets like Wall Street, famous for its financial institutions, or even the vibrant murals that adorn the city's buildings.

On behalf of

Answer: FOR

When acting on behalf of someone or something, we often do things for their benefit or representation. This preposition signifies the act of advocating, supporting, or speaking in favor of a cause, individual, or organization.


Answer: ADO

A flutter typically suggests a state of excitement, commotion, or agitation. This word encapsulates a sense of nervous energy or anticipation, often experienced before an important event or during moments of uncertainty.

It was dropped in the ’60s

Answer: LSD

In the 1960s, the psychedelic drug LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) gained widespread popularity and notoriety for its mind-altering effects. Its cultural impact was profound, influencing art, music, and social movements, while also sparking controversy and debate over its use and legality.

2023 film in Korean and English nominated for Best Picture


In 2023, a Korean and English film titled PASTLIVES received a nomination for Best Picture. This multilingual cinematic masterpiece captivated audiences with its compelling storytelling and brilliant performances, earning it a prestigious accolade in the film industry.

Cassowary’s cousin

Answer: EMU

Cassowaries, known for their distinct appearance and behaviors, belong to the same family as the EMU. These large, flightless birds are native to Australia and possess striking similarities, making them close relatives in the avian world.


Answer: DIN

Amidst the bustling city sounds, one might encounter a cacophony of noise, where individual tones merge into a chaotic DIN. This dissonance, though overwhelming, contributes to the vibrant tapestry of urban life, reflecting the diverse rhythms of human activity.

Creative works, in Cremona

Answer: ARTE

In the picturesque city of Cremona, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, one can find an abundance of ARTE – creative works spanning centuries of artistic expression. From masterful paintings to intricate sculptures, Cremona stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of creativity and craftsmanship.

Much of history

Answer: WARS

Throughout the annals of time, WARS have shaped the course of human civilization, leaving an indelible mark on history. From ancient conflicts to modern warfare, these tumultuous events have profoundly influenced societies, politics, and cultures across the globe.



In the realm of crossword puzzles, the word indolence finds its counterpart in idlesse, reflecting a state of leisure or laziness. This term encapsulates a sense of inactivity or a lack of motivation, aligning perfectly with its crossword counterpart.

In need of the gym

Answer: FLABBY

Flabby vividly illustrates a state of physical condition where one could benefit from exercise. It embodies the concept of lacking muscle tone or being out of shape, offering a concise and fitting solution to the clue's implication of needing gym time.

Walden with the graphic novel memoir “Spinning”

Answer: TILLIE

Tillie serves as the solution to this crossword hint, referring to Tillie Walden, the talented author behind the graphic novel memoir Spinning. By linking the name directly to the work mentioned, the answer elegantly completes the puzzle clue with precision.

Genesis creator

Answer: SEGA

SEGA neatly corresponds to the clue, as it represents the company responsible for creating the iconic Genesis gaming console. This concise answer perfectly aligns with the puzzle's context, succinctly identifying the entity behind the gaming platform.

Trio of myth

Answer: FATES

Fates emerges as the ideal solution to this crossword puzzle, representing the mythical trio of deities in various mythologies. These figures, often depicted as weavers of destiny, perfectly fit the context of the clue, offering a seamless completion to the puzzle's thematic elements.

Integra maker

Answer: ACURA

The maker of the Integra, a popular car model known for its performance and sleek design, is ACURA. Acura is renowned for its precision engineering and luxury features, making it a top choice among automotive enthusiasts.


Answer: URBAN

When a place is described as citified, it means it has been transformed or developed to resemble a city environment, with urban infrastructure and amenities. URBAN aptly describes this characteristic, capturing the essence of urbanization and modernization.

Closes in on

Answer: NEARS

This phrase suggests the action of nearing or approaching something, gradually getting closer to a target or destination. As one NEARS their objective, anticipation builds, creating a sense of imminent arrival or accomplishment.

Amazon assistant

Answer: ALEXA

An indispensable digital helper renowned for its efficiency in managing various tasks and providing information, ALEXA stands as the quintessential Amazon assistant. With voice commands, ALEXA assists users in ordering items, controlling smart devices, and accessing a wide range of services.

Settles in

Answer: NESTS

When someone settles in, they make themselves comfortable in a new environment, finding their place and establishing a sense of belonging. NESTS encapsulates this notion, evoking the image of a bird settling into its nest, cozy and secure.

Impresses deeply

Answer: AWES

AWES impresses deeply. It's a concise word often used to describe a profound sense of admiration or astonishment towards something remarkable or extraordinary.

’60s radical grp.

Answer: SDS

SDS refers to a ’60s radical group. The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was a prominent organization known for its activism during the 1960s, advocating for civil rights, anti-war efforts, and social justice causes.


Answer: TIE

TIE involves drawing together. In the context of a crossword puzzle, it suggests connecting two or more points to form a link or bond, often represented by lines intersecting or looping around each other.

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