Wall Street Crossword for Today April 1 , 2024

Find your answer here for Today’s Wall Street Crossword Puzzle. Know the detailed answer explanation from the article below.

by Sangeetha M

Updated Apr 01, 2024

Wall Street Crossword for Today April 1 , 2024

 Wall Street Crossword

The Wall Street Crossword is a word game, published in the famous journal Wall Street and also via online.This Interesting Puzzles makes everyone play with enjoyment and helps everyone to develop their vocabulary skills and way of critical thinking. Just think of the answer in numerous ways and guess the given hint. More than this, our article provides you with the best answer with an easy and simple explanation. Do check our page for the latest Wall Street Crossword Puzzle andEnjoy! 

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Letter before omega


 The letter before "omega" in the Greek alphabet is "psi." In this context, "before" refers to the sequence of letters in the alphabet. 



 When rain falls heavily from the sky, we describe it as pouring. The answer is RAINS.



Deplete" means to use up or exhaust a resource, which is reflected in the term "use up."

Entered the marathon


When someone participates in a marathon, they typically run. Therefore, the answer is RAN.



When someone is confused or bewildered, they are said to be "at sea" figuratively, as if lost in a confusing situation.

Speeds for symphonies


Speeds for symphonies  In music, the term "tempi" refers to the speed or pace at which a piece of music is played. It indicates the tempo variations within a musical composition. 

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“Just say what you mean!”


"Just say what you mean!" The phrase "out with it" is an idiom that means to speak directly and clearly, without hesitation. It's often used to encourage someone to express their thoughts or feelings openly.

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To the left, to a mariner


In nautical terms, "aport" means to turn the ship or boat towards the left side. It's a direction given by the captain or crew to navigate the vessel.

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Five Nations tribe


The Oneida are one of the five nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, also known as the Haudenosaunee. They are a Native American tribe originally from the northeastern United States. 

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Remini of TV


Leah Remini is an actress known for her roles in various television shows, including her prominent role in the sitcom "The King of Queens", the answer is LEAH.

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The word "too" is often used to indicate something in addition to what has already been mentioned. It signifies an increase or extension of something. 

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Viper feature


Vipers, like many venomous snakes, possess long, hollow fangs that they use to inject venom into their prey or potential threats. Therefore, the answer is FANG.

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Place with pumps


 A "gas station" is a location where motorists can refuel their vehicles with gasoline or other fuels. It typically has pumps where customers can fill up their tanks. 

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Speedy flier of old


"SST" stands for "supersonic transport," which refers to aircraft capable of traveling faster than the speed of sound. In the past, SSTs were a type of high-speed commercial passenger aircraft. 

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Basketball net holder


In basketball, the "rim" refers to the metal hoop and attached net that players shoot the ball into to score points. It holds the net in place and defines the scoring area. 

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Passes, in a legislature


When a bill or law is officially approved and becomes enacted, it means it has passed through the legislative process and is now legally valid. Therefore the is ENACTS.

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More likely to have a “graphic violence” warning


More likely to have a “graphic violence” warning: When something is described as "gorier," it means it contains more bloodshed, violence, or graphic scenes. 

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Not neg.


"Neg" is short for negative, so "not neg" refers to something that is positive, hence the answer "POS."

1940 Glenn Miller hit suggested by the circled letters


The circled letters in "FOOLSRUSHIN" spell out the title of a 1940 Glenn Miller hit, which is "Fools Rush In."

Hall of Famer Ripken


The Hall of Famer referred to in the clue is Cal Ripken Jr., a famous baseball player known for his exceptional career with the Baltimore Orioles. 



To belabor a point means to dwell on it excessively or repeatedly, which is similar to the action of harping on something, hence the answer "HARPON."

Total, for one


"Total" refers to a sum or aggregate, and "for one" suggests that we are looking for a single word that represents a total. "Cereal" fits this description as it can refer to a breakfast food made from grains, which often come in boxes or packets as a complete meal.

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Gallery focus


Galleries typically display various forms of artwork, and the primary focus of a gallery is often on art.

Bed in a barracks


In a military barracks, soldiers typically sleep on simple beds known as "cots." These beds are usually small and portable, suitable for use in a communal sleeping area. 

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Neck bump


The "Adam's apple" is a prominent protrusion in the human neck, particularly in males, caused by the thyroid cartilage surrounding the larynx. It's named after the biblical figure Adam and is more noticeable in men due to hormonal differences.

Skin feature


A "pore" is a small opening in the skin through which substances such as sweat and oils are secreted. Pores are essential for maintaining skin health but can also be associated with issues such as acne when they become clogged. 

Drink carefully


When someone drinks cautiously, they take small sips to avoid drinking too much at once. Therefore, the answer is SIP.

Prepare for a title fight


In boxing, fighters often engage in practice matches known as "sparring" to prepare themselves for a title fight. Sparring allows them to train and refine their techniques in a controlled environment. 

Transitional primate


An "apeman" is a term often used to refer to transitional forms in human evolution, such as Australopithecus, which exhibit characteristics of both apes and humans. 

Public square


A "plaza" is an open public square or marketplace, often surrounded by buildings and used for gatherings, events, or socializing. 

Scenes that precede title sequences


In television and film, "cold opens" are scenes that precede the opening title sequence and often serve to grab the audience's attention or set the tone for the episode or movie.

Jane Jetson’s son


 In the animated television series "The Jetsons," Jane Jetson is a character who is married to George Jetson, and they have a son named Elroy. 

Jacket material


"Tweed" is a type of rough, woolen fabric, often used to make jackets and suits. It's known for its durability and traditional, rustic appearance. 

Stretch of years


A "stretch of years" refers to a period of time or duration, which can be represented by the word "age." 



When something is considered worthy or deserving, it is said to "rate" or have merits. 

Closes in anger, perhaps


When someone is angry, they might forcefully close a door or other object, which can be described as "slams."

Danson of TV


Ted Danson is an actor known for his roles in various television shows, including "Cheers" and "The Good Place." 

Trial prints


Trial prints: "Proofs" are test prints or copies made to check for errors or to evaluate the quality of the final product before mass production. 

Steamy spots


 "Saunas" are rooms or buildings designed for experiencing dry or wet heat sessions, often used for relaxation and health benefits. 



Meaning "Intent" refers to the purpose or significance behind an action or statement, the reason why something is done or said. 

Worry for speakeasy patrons


During the Prohibition era in the United States, a "raid" was a sudden and forcible entry by law enforcement authorities to search for and seize illegal alcohol in speakeasies (illegal bars). 

Encouraging words


 "Attagirl" is an informal expression of praise or encouragement, typically directed towards a female, to acknowledge and applaud her efforts or achievements. Therefore, the answer is ATTAGIRL.

“Kinda sorta”


The term "ish" is slang and informal language used to indicate approximation or uncertainty, suggesting that something is somewhat or partially true or accurate. 

Armstrong and Diamond, for two


Armstrong and Diamond, for two Neil Armstrong and Neil Diamond are both well-known individuals named Neil. 

Fills completely


Fills completely When something is "sated," it means it is completely filled or satisfied, usually in the context of hunger or appetite. Therefore, the answer is SATES.

Person from Provo


Person from Provo Someone from Provo, a city in Utah, is called a "Utahan." Therefore the answer is UTAHAN.

Fall mo.


Fall mo. "Sep" is an abbreviation commonly used to refer to the month of September the answer is SEP.

Face made of punctuation


An "emoticon" is a representation of a facial expression formed by using punctuation marks, letters, and numbers, typically used in text messages or online communication to convey emotions. 



When something is "uprooted," it is removed or displaced from its original position, especially in the context of plants being removed from the ground by pulling up their roots. 

Spikes for a mountaineer


 "Pitons" are metal spikes or pegs driven into a rock face to provide anchors for mountaineers or climbers. They help secure ropes and provide points of support during ascent.

Fake locks


A "wig" is a head covering made from human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fiber, used to conceal baldness or as a fashion accessory.

Had something


When you consume food or drink, you "ate" it, the answer is ATE. “

“Witness” people


“Witness” people The Amish are a group of traditionalist Christian church fellowships, known for their simple living, plain dress, and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology.

Two-inch putt, e.g.


Two-inch putt, e.g.: In golf, a "tap-in" refers to a very short putt, typically two inches or less in length, which is considered easy to make.

Aussie hopper


The kangaroo, often referred to as "roo" for short, is a marsupial native to Australia known for its hopping locomotion. 

Clay figure brought to life, in Jewish lore


Clay figure brought to life, in Jewish lore: In Jewish folklore, a "golem" is a mythical creature made of clay or mud that is brought to life through magical or divine means. 

Stretch of years


A "stretch of years" refers to a period of time or duration, which can be represented by the word "age."

Like farmland


"Rural" describes areas or landscapes that are characterized by countryside, agriculture, or small communities rather than urban or metropolitan areas. 

Unlikely to reach consensus anytime soon


Unlikely to reach consensus anytime soon When people's opinions or positions are widely divergent or opposed, they are "far apart" and unlikely to reach agreement or consensus in the near future. 

Words before a frisking


 "Spread 'em" is a colloquial phrase often used by law enforcement officers before conducting a frisk or pat-down search. It instructs the individual to spread their arms or legs for inspection.



When something is "hot," it means it has a high temperature or produces heat. In a figurative sense, it can also refer to something exciting, intense, or passionate. 

Squiggle under a French c


In French orthography, the "cedilla" is a diacritical mark placed under the letter "c" (ç) to indicate that it is pronounced as a soft "s" sound, as in the word "garçon." 

Ghost of cartoons


Casper is a friendly ghost character from cartoons and comic books. He is known for being kind-hearted and often seeking friendship with humans. 

Tests for purity


 "Assays" are analytical tests or examinations used to determine the composition, quality, or purity of a substance, especially metals or minerals. Therefore the answer is ASSAYS.

Trip around the track


Trip around the track: In racing or running, a "lap" refers to one complete circuit around a track or course. It measures the distance covered in a single rotation.



 "Come at" is a phrase that can be interpreted as charging or attacking, either physically or verbally, often used to imply aggression or confrontation.

Grove growth


"Orange" is the name of a type of fruit, and groves are often associated with the cultivation of orange trees.

Prepared for a hit


When someone anticipates a physical impact or attack, they often tense their muscles in preparation, becoming "tensed."



Concords: "Pacts" are agreements or treaties made between parties to achieve mutual benefits or objectives.

Move stealthily


To "prowl" means to move quietly and stealthily, often with predatory intent, as a cat might stalk its prey. 



 "Pep" can refer to liveliness, energy, or enthusiasm, characteristics often associated with animated characters or lively performances. 

Okra units


Okra units The edible part of the okra plant consists of elongated seed pods. 

Saldana of “Avatar”


Saldana of "Avatar" Zoe Saldana is an actress known for her role as Neytiri in the film "Avatar." 



A "lea" is a piece of grassland or meadow used for grazing livestock, such as cattle or sheep. 

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