The Wall Street Journal Crossword Clue And Answer For April 04, 2024

If you are a crossword enthusiast and love challenging yourself with the crossword hints, then our page is truly dedicated for you. Here you can discover the secrets of Wall Street with today's Wall Street crossword clue and answer for April 04, 2024.

by Pooja

Updated Apr 04, 2024

The Wall Street Journal Crossword Clue And Answer For April 04, 2024

The Wall Street Journal's daily crossword is a financial and business-related puzzle. It focuses on financial terms, but also includes general knowledge clues. 

Challenge your brain with the Wall Street Crossword puzzle in today’s edition. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at some of the clues from today's edition of Wall Street Crossword. It’s a great way to test your cognitive abilities and broaden your knowledge of finance and the world around us.

April 04, 2024 Answers

Aleve and Advil, familiarly


"Familiarly" suggests that the answer should be a casual or colloquial way of referring to certain medications. "Aleve and Advil" are both over-the-counter pain relievers commonly used to alleviate various types of pain, making "PAINMEDS" a fitting answer.

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Hot stocks

Answer: BROTHS

"Hot stocks" refers to stocks that are experiencing significant increases in value or trading activity, often sought after by investors for their potential for high returns. Thus, "BROTHS," indicating a bubbling or boiling financial market, fits the clue.

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Jamba purchase


"Jamba purchase," the answer should be something commonly bought at a Jamba Juice location. "Smoothie" is a popular beverage made from blended fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients, often sold at smoothie shops like Jamba Juice, making it the appropriate answer.

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Maze runner

Answer: LABRAT

"Maze runner" suggests a creature often associated with navigating through mazes or similar structures for experimental purposes. "Lab rat" is a common term referring to rodents, particularly rats, used in scientific experiments, including maze navigation studies, making it the correct answer.

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Words after punching a chess clock


Words after punching a chess clock" implies a response typically heard during a game of chess. After one player makes a move and punches the chess clock, it's customary for the other player to respond with their move. Thus, "YOURMOVE" is the appropriate answer, indicating it's now the opponent's turn to make a move in the game.

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Answer: APIECE

"Singly" suggests the concept of 'one at a time' or 'individually.' In crossword puzzles, each clue typically refers to a single word or phrase. Therefore, the answer to this clue could be 'APIECE,' as it means 'for each one' or 'each separately,' aligning with the idea of something being done individually or one by one.

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Tarantula hawks, e.g.

Answer: WASPS

"Tarantula hawks, e.g." provides a hint towards a specific category or group, which in this case is 'WASPS.' Tarantula hawks are a type of wasp known for their potent sting. By specifying "e.g.," the clue implies that 'WASPS' are an example of the broader category of insects to which tarantula hawks belong.

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Gross receipts

Answer: TAKE

"Gross receipts" commonly refers to the total revenue generated before deductions or expenses. In the context of a crossword clue, "TAKE" could fit as the answer. In business terminology, 'take' often refers to the total amount of money collected, which aligns with the idea of gross receipts representing the total income before any deductions or expenses.

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Sinful mammal?

Answer: SLOTH

"Sinful mammal?" prompts us to consider an animal associated with the concept of sloth or laziness. In this context, 'SLOTH' fits as the answer. A sloth is a mammal known for its slow movement and leisurely lifestyle, often symbolizing laziness or indolence, which could be considered sinful in certain contexts.

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Final outcome

Answer: FATE

"Final outcome" suggests the end result or conclusion of a process or situation. In crossword puzzles, the answer could be 'FATE,' as it represents the ultimate destiny or predetermined course of events. This aligns with the idea of a final outcome being determined by factors beyond one's control, echoing the concept of fate.

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Bomb with no boom

Answer: DUD

A "Bomb with no boom" typically refers to a dud, an explosive device that fails to detonate. In this crossword clue, the answer is DUD, indicating something that doesn't work as intended or fails to produce the expected outcome.

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Message service launched in 1997


"Message service launched in 1997" directs us to the popular email provider, YAHOO MAIL, which was indeed launched in 1997. It's a familiar platform for sending and receiving electronic messages, making it a fitting solution for this crossword clue.

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Changes “sink” to “think,” e.g.

Answer: LISPS

When the clue mentions changing "sink" to "think," it hints at a speech impediment characterized by substituting the "s" sound with "th," known as LISPING. The answer LISPS fits perfectly, capturing this linguistic alteration.

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Describing something as "Irreverent" suggests a lack of respect or seriousness. The answer to this crossword clue is FLIPPANT, which aptly conveys an attitude of disrespect or light-heartedness towards serious matters.

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Common VHS button

Answer: REC

"Common VHS button" leads us to the answer REC, which stands for "record." This button is often found on VHS players and recorders, allowing users to start recording video onto a tape.

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Tallest Asian player in NBA history


Yao Ming, the towering basketball sensation from China, holds the distinction of being the tallest Asian player to grace the NBA courts. Standing at a remarkable height, Yao Ming's impact on the league and global basketball is undeniable.

Position platform?


A yoga mat serves as the foundational platform for various yoga poses and exercises. It provides stability, comfort, and support, allowing practitioners to maintain proper alignment and posture as they engage in their practice.

Buffalo-to-Bangor dir.

Answer: ENE

When navigating from Buffalo, New York, to Bangor, Maine, the directional abbreviation ENE guides travelers northeastward. This route takes them on a journey across state lines, through diverse landscapes, and toward their destination in the northeastern United States.

Culvert’s purpose


Culverts are engineered structures designed to facilitate the flow of water beneath roads, railways, or trails. They play a crucial role in managing stormwater runoff, preventing flooding, and maintaining the integrity of transportation infrastructure.


Answer: SPENT

When resources or energy have been fully utilized or exhausted, they are considered depleted or spent. Whether referring to finances, physical stamina, or natural reserves, the term "spent" conveys a state of emptiness or exhaustion after significant expenditure.

Stereotypical reply from a mad scientist’s assistant


"Stereotypical reply from a mad scientist’s assistant," the typical answer is "YESMASTER." This phrase embodies the obedience and servitude often portrayed by assistants in mad scientist scenarios, expressing a sense of submission to their superior's commands.

Garb for a gala

Answer: TUX

When dressing for a gala, individuals often opt for formal attire, with the most common choice being a "TUX." This abbreviation refers to a tuxedo, a classic ensemble characterized by its tailored jacket, trousers, and bowtie, symbolizing elegance and sophistication suitable for such prestigious events.

Main character in Sigrid Undset’s “Hestviken” tetralogy

Answer: OLAV

“Hestviken” tetralogy, the central character is "OLAV." Throughout the series, Olav serves as the focal point, guiding readers through his experiences, challenges, and growth within the narrative, shaping the trajectory of the storyline and influencing other characters' lives.

“Hallelujah” songwriter Leonard

Answer: COHEN

Renowned songwriter Leonard "COHEN" is credited with penning the iconic song "Hallelujah." Cohen's profound lyrics and soulful melodies have resonated with audiences worldwide, making "Hallelujah" a timeless masterpiece cherished for its emotional depth and universal themes.

Like many indies

Answer: ARTY

"ARTY" often signifies a production characterized by unconventional or avant-garde elements. Such indie creations frequently prioritize artistic expression over commercial appeal, exploring unique narratives and experimental techniques to captivate audiences and provoke thought.


Answer: SPOTS

"Detects SPOTS" suggests looking for something, like a detective searching for clues. In this context, "SPOTS" could refer to clues or evidence. So, the answer would be SPOTS, as in things that are detected.

“Memorial de Isla Negra” poet

Answer: NERUDA

"Memorial de Isla Negra" poet NERUDA refers to Pablo Neruda, the famous Chilean poet known for his work "Memorial de Isla Negra." Therefore, the answer is NERUDA, as he is the poet associated with that work.

Nonbinary pronoun pair, or, when parsed differently, the initial letters of 17-, 30-, 37-, 38- and 47-Across


"Nonbinary pronoun pair, or, when parsed differently, the initial letters of 17-, 30-, 37-, 38- and 47-Across" indicates a word or phrase that could represent a nonbinary pronoun pair or be interpreted as initial letters. The answer here is THEYTHEM, as it represents a nonbinary pronoun pair and the initial letters of the specified Across clues.


Answer: ZEALOT

"Radical ZEALOT" implies someone who is extremely passionate or fervent about their beliefs or cause. The answer would be ZEALOT, as it denotes someone with radical or extreme views.

The U.K. before Brexit, e.g.


"The U.K. before Brexit, e.g. EUMEMBER" suggests a term that describes the UK's status as part of the European Union before Brexit. The answer is EUMEMBER, as it signifies the UK's membership in the EU before Brexit.

Things that may be liquid or frozen

Answer: ASSETS

Assets can take various forms, including things that may be liquid or frozen, such as cash, stocks, or real estate. In the context of a crossword puzzle, "ASSETS" fits the clue because it encompasses possessions that can be readily converted into cash or are already in a liquid state.

Paper units


 Paper units refer to editions, which can range from newspapers and magazines to books and other printed materials. "EDITIONS" is the answer that aligns with this clue, as it denotes the different versions or issues of printed publications that are distributed to readers.

“Gangnam Style” singer

Answer: PSY

"Gangnam Style" singer achieved worldwide fame with his hit song, making him a well-known figure in the music industry. "PSY" is the answer corresponding to this clue, as it identifies the South Korean artist responsible for the viral sensation that captivated audiences around the globe.

Verb on Valencia valentines

Answer: AMO

Verb on Valencia valentines hints at a romantic gesture associated with the Spanish language, where "AMO" translates to "I love" in English. This word fits the clue and serves as the answer, reflecting the expression of affection commonly exchanged on Valentine's Day and resonating with the theme of love.

Letters from debtors

Answer: IOU

Letters from debtors often come in the form of IOUs, representing promises to repay borrowed money. "IOU" is the solution that fits this clue, as it symbolizes the written acknowledgment of debt owed by one party to another, commonly used in informal or personal financial transactions.

Boolean logic operator

Answer: NOR

"Boolean logic operator" refers to a logical operator that produces a true output only if both inputs are false. This operator is commonly used in digital logic circuits and programming. The answer to this clue is "NOR," which stands for "NOT OR."

Production co. for “Rhoda,” “Lou Grant” and “Hill Street Blues”

Answer: MTM

Production co. for “Rhoda,” “Lou Grant” and “Hill Street Blues”: The crossword clue hints at a company known for producing television shows such as "Rhoda," "Lou Grant," and "Hill Street Blues." The answer is "MTM," which stands for "Mary Tyler Moore Productions," named after the renowned actress Mary Tyler Moore.

Website for DIYers

Answer: EHOW

EHOW is a popular website catering to do-it-yourself enthusiasts, offering tutorials, guides, and advice on various projects ranging from home improvement to crafting and beyond.

Demanding star

Answer: DIVA

A demanding star is often referred to as a DIVA, typically describing someone, usually a female performer, who displays a high level of talent along with an equally high level of demanding behaviour.

Judges appropriate


When judges SEES FIT, they make decisions or rulings based on their judgement and discretion, indicating that they believe it is appropriate or fitting under the circumstances.

Great time

Answer: BLAST

"Great time" prompts us to think of an explosive event, often associated with excitement or joy. The answer is "BLAST," which perfectly fits the context, conveying the energetic nature of the occasion.


Answer: RAP

When asked about the genre of JPEGMAFIA, "RAP" immediately comes to mind. Known for his innovative approach to hip-hop music, JPEGMAFIA blends various styles and influences within the rap genre, making "RAP" the fitting answer to this question.

Passing lines?

Answer: OBIT

"Passing lines?" hints at a sombre subject, indicating a form of written tribute. The answer, "OBIT," refers to obituaries, which succinctly summarise the life and legacy of individuals who have passed away, thus completing the crossword clue.

Tank tracks

Answer: TREADS

"Tank tracks" direct our attention to the distinctive features of military vehicles. "TREADS" is the correct answer, as it accurately describes the rugged, treaded tracks commonly found on tanks and other armoured vehicles.

Chop to little bits

Answer: HACKUP

"Chop to little bits" suggests a method of cutting or disassembling something into smaller pieces. The answer is "HACKUP," reflecting the action of chopping or hacking an object into smaller, more manageable fragments.

Trusty mounts

Answer: STEEDS

"Trusty mounts" refers to reliable transportation, often associated with horses. In the crossword, the answer is "STEEDS," which are indeed dependable horses commonly used as mounts.


Answer: PAL

"Bud" typically refers to a close friend or companion, which matches the clue "PAL." In casual language, "bud" is often used interchangeably with "pal," making it a fitting answer.

“Resident Alien” network

Answer: SYFY

The television network that airs "Resident Alien" is "SYFY." This channel is known for its science fiction and fantasy content, making it a suitable platform for the show's genre.

Refrain from singing?

Answer: LALA

"Refrain from singing?" hints at the word "LALA," which often represents a nonsensical vocalization or the act of singing without lyrics. In this context, "refrain" suggests holding back from singing actual words.

981-mile-long river

Answer: OHIO

"981-mile-long river" referred to in the crossword is the "OHIO." This river flows through several states in the United States and is indeed approximately 981 miles in length.

Guys in charge

Answer: TOPMEN

"Guys in charge" hints at leadership or authority figures. The term "TOPMEN" refers to individuals who hold high positions of power or responsibility within an organization or group.

Enter quickly, as a convertible


"Enter quickly, as a convertible" suggests a prompt action, especially in the context of a car. "HOPINTO" signifies the swift action of getting into a convertible, implying urgency or eagerness.



"Mournful" evokes feelings of sadness or grief. The word "ELEGIAC" describes something that is melancholic or expressing sorrow, often associated with lamentation or mourning.

Locks in a stable, say

Answer: MANE

"Locks in a stable, say" suggests a location or scenario where locks are commonly found. The reference to "MANE" leads to the idea of locks of hair, particularly those of a horse, which are often seen in stables.

He directed Heath and Jake in “Brokeback Mountain”

Answer: ANG

"He directed Heath and Jake in 'Brokeback Mountain'" refers to a director known for working with actors Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. The answer, "ANG," is a shortened form of Ang Lee, the acclaimed filmmaker behind the movie "Brokeback Mountain."

Retort to a naysayer

Answer: ICANSO

When confronted by a naysayer, one might simply respond with "ICANSO," emphasizing confidence and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve success despite skepticism.

Drift about

Answer: ROAM

If you feel the need to wander and explore freely, you may find yourself compelled to "drift about" or "ROAM," embracing the spontaneity and adventure that comes with exploring new places and experiences.

Univ. divisions

Answer: YRS

In the academic world, "Univ. divisions" often refers to the various departments or branches within a university structure, abbreviated as "YRS," signifying the diverse fields of study and research available to students and scholars.

“Hidden Figures” subject

Answer: MATH

The remarkable film "Hidden Figures" sheds light on the groundbreaking contributions of African American women in the field of "MATH," revealing their crucial roles in NASA's space program and their triumphs over adversity and discrimination.

“A Death in the Family” writer

Answer: AGEE

"A Death in the Family" is a poignant novel penned by the esteemed writer "AGEE," capturing the profound impact of loss and grief within the intricate dynamics of familial relationships, resonating with readers through its emotive storytelling and poignant themes.

Coastal bird

Answer: TERN

Terns are seabirds often found along coastlines. With their characteristic sharp bills and streamlined bodies, terns are well-adapted for diving and catching fish in coastal waters.



A devotee is someone who ardently supports and admires something or someone. In this context, the clue suggests a person who is a passionate enthusiast or follower, such as a devoted fan of a sports team or celebrity.

Sonnet section

Answer: STANZA

A stanza is a grouping of lines in a poem, often with a specific rhyme scheme or thematic connection. In a sonnet, which typically consists of 14 lines, each stanza contributes to the overall structure and development of the poem's themes.

Makes baby food, maybe

Answer: PUREES

Purees are soft, mashed foods often made for babies who are beginning to eat solid foods. This clue hints at the process of blending or mashing fruits, vegetables, or other foods into a smooth consistency suitable for young children.

Crowd scene group

Answer: EXTRAS

In film and theatre, extras are performers who appear in the background of a scene, adding depth and realism to crowd scenes. They may not have speaking roles but play a crucial part in creating the atmosphere of a scene.

Noise from a purse dog

Answer: YAP

The term "purse dog" refers to tiny breeds like Chihuahuas or toy poodles that are often seen being carried around in handbags. These dogs are known for their tendency to vocalize loudly and frequently, often emitting short, sharp barks referred to as "yaps." Therefore, the answer to the clue "Noise from a purse dog" is "YAP," capturing the distinctive sound associated with these petite canine companions.

Exams for aspiring J.D.s

Answer: LSATS

This clue refers to the standardized tests required for admission to law school, specifically for aspiring Juris Doctor (J.D.) candidates. The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a crucial component of the law school application process, assessing a student's critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning skills. Aspiring lawyers must excel in the LSAT to gain acceptance into reputable law programs. Therefore, the answer to the clue "Exams for aspiring J.D.s" is "LSATS," reflecting the abbreviation of the Law School Admission Test.

Present time?


This clue plays on the idea of "present time" as a festive season, referring to Christmas or the holiday season. Yule is an archaic term for Christmas or the winter solstice celebration, making it the fitting answer to the clue.

Clumsy landing

Answer: THUD

When something lands clumsily or heavily, it often produces a sound described as a "thud." This onomatopoeic word captures the noise associated with a clumsy landing, making it the appropriate answer.

Teamster’s vehicle

Answer: SEMI

Teamsters, historically known as labor union members representing truck drivers and other transportation workers, often operate large trucks known as semi-trailers or semis. Therefore, the answer to the clue "Teamster’s vehicle" is "SEMI."

Colon portion

Answer: DOT

In the context of human anatomy, the colon is a portion of the digestive system. However, in this clue, "colon portion" refers to a punctuation mark, the dot, specifically the period. The period is commonly known as a dot and is used to mark the end of a sentence.

Up to now

Answer: YET

"Up to now" suggests something that has occurred or been true until the present moment. "Yet" is an adverb often used in this context to indicate that something is true or has happened until the present time, making it the suitable answer.

“Don’t wanna hear that!”

Answer: TMI

TMI stands for "Too Much Information." It's often used in informal contexts to indicate that someone has shared more personal or detailed information than the listener wants or needs to hear. Therefore, the answer to the clue "Don’t wanna hear that!" is "TMI."

“The Last of Us” network

Answer: HBO

"The Last of Us" is a popular video game that was adapted into a television series. The television series is produced by HBO, a well-known network renowned for its high-quality original programming. Therefore, the answer to the clue "The Last of Us" network is "HBO."

Bedtime, for a poet

Answer: EEN

This clue plays on the poetic convention of using archaic language, such as "e'en" for "even," often found in classical poetry. "Een" is a shortened form of "even," and in this context, it refers to bedtime, making it the appropriate answer.

Title choice on an application

Answer: MRS

When filling out an application form, individuals are often asked to indicate their title, such as Mr., Mrs., or Ms. "Mrs" is the title used by married women, making it a common choice on applications for those who identify with this marital status. Therefore, the answer to the clue "Title choice on an application" is "MRS."

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