Waffle Game Today #620, Waffle Answer Today October 3 2023

Here are the answers to the Daily Waffle for October3, 2023, providing solutions to the Word Waffle puzzle and explaining how to play this brain-boosting word game.

by Menaga K

Updated Oct 03, 2023

Waffle Game Today #620, Waffle Answer Today October 3 2023

What is a Waffle Game?

The Waffle Game, also known as Word Waffle, is a fun puzzle game that's a bit like Wordle. In this game, you have to make six words the right way, and you can only make up to 15 moves. The letters are all mixed up on the game board, shaped like a waffle. You have to move these letters around to make valid 5-letter words. You can play Word Waffle in two modes: daily and unlimited. And if you want to make the game easier or harder, you can pick a grid size of 3x3, 5x5, or 7x7. Playing Word Waffle regularly can help your memory, make your mind sharper, and even slow down the aging of your brain cells. So, it's not just fun, it's good for your brain too!

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Waffle Answer Today October 3 2023 Answers

Here are the answers to the Daily Waffle:

  • Word 1: THORN
  • Word 2: ALIBI
  • Word 3: HONEY
  • Word 4: TEACH
  • Word 5: ONION
  • Word 6: NOISY

How to Play Waffle Game?

Look at the Board: On the game board, you'll see letters all mixed up in the shape of a waffle. Some of these letters might be green, yellow, or gray.

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  • Green Letters: These letters are in the right spot.
  • Yellow Letters: They're the right letters, but they're in the wrong spot.
  • Gray Letters: These letters don't belong in this row.
  • Make 6 Words: Your job is to make 6 words correctly, but you can only move letters around 15 times. To start, tap and hold a letter, then swap it with another one on the waffle. When you swap, the colors of the letters will change, giving you hints.
  • Win the Game: To win, all the letters in the waffle need to turn green, meaning they're all in the right spots. Just remember, you have a limit of 15 moves, so be careful and try to use as few moves as possible. Keep an eye on the move counter!

Rules of Waffle Game

Solve the Waffle in 15 Moves or Less: Your main aim is to complete the Waffle puzzle in 15 moves or fewer. The game board looks like a Waffle, and it has random letters placed in its grids. Form Correct Words Horizontally and Vertically: You need to drag the letters on the board to create the right words, both going across and up and down. Imagine you're making tasty waffles as quickly as possible! Now, the basic rules while playing:

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  • Green Letters: If a letter turns green after you move it, that's great! It means you've placed it in the correct spot. You're close to finishing the Waffle!
  • Yellow Letters: When a letter turns yellow, it's part of the target word, but it's in the wrong place. You'll need to try moving it somewhere else to get the Waffle just right. It's like the Waffle is still not cooked perfectly.
  • Grey Letters: If a letter is grey, it's not part of the word you're trying to make. So, it's like you don't have the right ingredients to make the Waffle. You'll need to find another letter that fits.

Remember, you should be able to solve every Waffle puzzle in just 10 moves or fewer. So, try to be efficient and cook up those Waffles!

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