VALORANT Patch 6.11 Patch Notes: Explore the Latest Updates

Explore the detailed VALORANT Patch 6.11 Patch Notes, offering an in-depth breakdown of the updates made in VALORANT

by R Vigneshwaraa | Updated May 27, 2023

VALORANT Patch 6.11 Patch Notes: Explore the Latest Updates

VALORANT Patch 6.11 Patch Notes

You’ll notice a few new things in this patch: the Spray Wheel, a different-looking Spray display on your Collections page, and a few updated Agent portraits. Many of these features we’re excited for ourselves. We’ve also fixed a number of Yoru bugs whether for when you’re playing against or as him. Lastly, get into a game and listen for some new Reyna voiceover lines.

As always, let us know what you think about all the newest things coming to Patch 6.10. Enjoy

VALORANT Update 6.11 Patch Notes


Spray Wheel, Collections Rework, Spray Equip Flow Improvements

We have been cooking up some new features to allow you greater flexibility when using and collecting Sprays and we are happy to launch our first iteration of these improvements with this pass. Introducing the Spray Wheel!

  • Added an in-game Spray Wheel, which can be activated by holding your chosen Spray Keybind.
  • Retained Quick Spray functionality by tapping your chosen Spray Keybind. This will use the Spray located at the top slot of your wheel.
  • Added new equip flow for the Spray Wheel located in the Collections page.
  • Replaced the Spray Carousel with a Grid that can be searched, filtered, and sorted by Favorites.
  • Added an audio queue and visible timer to indicate cooldowns on the Spray Wheel.
  • Added an “Empty Spray” to allow a user to empty their Wheel or keybind.
  • Added a text and image to indicate pre- or post-round only sprays.
  • Added settings to the Settings page under Controls -> Equipment to better customize your spraying experience
    • This includes a sensitivity slider, the ability to turn off the wheel entirely, and separate the keybinds.
  • Removed the “wall” texture to display Sprays on the Spray Screen.



  • Updated the size of Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (E) and Orbital Strike (X) targeting reticles so that they match their size before the update that shipped in patch 6.08.
  • Removed the mouse cursor that was displayed on Brimstone's Sky Smoke (E) and Orbital Strike (X), and Omen's From the Shadows (X).


  • We’ve updated Fade’s in-game portrait for better gameplay readability and quality consistency.
  • We’ve updated Harbor’s in-game portrait for better gameplay readability and quality consistency.
  • We’ve updated some Agent portraits to be higher resolution.
  • Improved the hitbox on KAY/O’s ZERO/Point (E) so shooting the handle of the knife destroys it.
  • We regularly review Agent voiceovers to deepen, improve, and refresh their in-game dialogue. We’ve added new lines for Reyna to develop her relationships with new and existing Agents
    • Added new Reyna Voiceover Lines and interaction lines with Gekko, Chamber, and KAY/O.


  • The RGX 11z Pro EP 4 Gun Buddy and Oni EP 6 Gun Buddy now have the variant shift feature on their corresponding older bundles. You can now put your RGX EP 4 Gun Buddy on your Vandal and it shifts its color just like it does in the Phantom—no more mix and match!


  • We've updated our fonts to fix missing character glyphs that occur in some languages.



  • Fixed an issue where Yoru’s Fakeout (C) would min flash you if you were outside of its conal range of effect.
  • Fixed issue that was causing a slight delay between sources of concussion hitting you and the actual effects of the debuff being applied.
  • Fixed a bug where Yoru’s Fakeout (C) echo would sometimes not have a weapon equipped.
  • The weapon that Yoru’s Fakeout (C) echo equips should now use a more accurate weapons skin.
  • Killjoy spent some time in the workshop hammering out bugs that were causing her Turret (E) to aim at the ground. (Fixed in Patch 6.09)


  • Fixed a rare issue where you can see ghost enemies when they’ve entered line of sight.
  • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions, you can continue to defuse the Spike out of line of sight.


Spray Wheel

  • The Spray Wheel can be called in the Range, however, you can’t spray in the Range. We’ve never been able to spray in the Range, so this isn’t a change, but the wheel is sending mixed signals. We’ll fix this in a future patch.
  • In Arabic, there’s a slight overlap between the Spray Title and “Pre/Post Round” Informational text on the Spray Screen.
  • Zooming in on Sprays in the Collections tab puts the Spray over the Title text instead of behind it like it was in the previous Collections page.

Spray Wheel instructional text in the Collections tab doesn’t indicate your current keybinds. We’ll fix this in a future iteration.


VALORANT is a popular multiplayer first-person shooter game developed and published by Riot Games. It was released in June 2020 and has gained a large player base since then. The game combines elements of tactical team-based gameplay with precise shooting mechanics and unique agent abilities.

In VALORANT, two teams, consisting of five players each, compete against each other in rounds. The objective varies depending on the game mode but often involves planting or defusing a bomb, securing or defending a location, or eliminating the opposing team. The team that wins the best-of-25-rounds match emerges as the victor.One of the key aspects of VALORANT is the diverse roster of agents, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. Agents are divided into different classes, such as Duelists, Controllers, Initiators, and Sentinels, each bringing a distinct set of skills to the battlefield. Teamwork and coordination are crucial in utilizing agent abilities effectively and developing strategies to outplay the opponent.

The game features a variety of weapons, including rifles, shotguns, sidearms, and sniper rifles, offering players different options for their preferred playstyle. Players can purchase weapons and equipment at the start of each round using in-game currency earned through performing well or completing objectives.VALORANT has a competitive mode where players can climb the ranks and compete against others of similar skill levels. The game also provides regular updates, introducing new agents, maps, and balance changes to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. With its combination of tactical gameplay, diverse agent abilities, and competitive mode, VALORANT has quickly become a popular choice for players looking for a challenging and strategic FPS experience.


  1. Select Agent: 

Before a match begins, players have the opportunity to select an agent. Each agent has unique abilities that can provide tactical advantages during gameplay. Consider the agent's playstyle and abilities when making your selection.

  1. Buy Phase:

 At the start of each round, there is a buy phase where players can spend their in-game currency to purchase weapons, shields, and abilities. Choose your loadout carefully, keeping in mind your role and strategy for the round.

  1. Team Formation: 

Once the buy phase is complete, players gather with their team to discuss strategies and plan their approach for the round. Communication and coordination with teammates are essential for success.

  1. Round Execution: 

The attacking team begins their assault, while the defending team positions themselves to hold off the attackers. Work together with your teammates to navigate the map, secure objectives, and eliminate opponents. Use your abilities strategically to gain an advantage.

  1. Combat:

 Engage in intense gunfights with the enemy team. Aim for headshots and use cover effectively to minimize damage. Communication is crucial to relay enemy positions, callouts, and coordinate attacks.

  1. Objective Completion:

 If you're on the attacking team, your primary objective is to plant the spike (bomb) at one of the designated bombsites on the map. Coordinate with your team to clear out enemies and secure the site. Defenders must prevent the spike from being planted or defuse it if it has already been planted.

  1. Ability Usage: 

Throughout the round, utilize your agent's abilities strategically to gain an edge over the opposition. Abilities can range from vision-blocking smokes, healing abilities, area-denial utilities, and more. Timing and coordination with your team can turn the tide of battle.

  1. Round Outcome: 

The round ends when all players on one team are eliminated, the spike is successfully defused, or the spike detonates. The winning team earns credits for the next buy phase, while the losing team's economy may be impacted.

  1. Repeat: 

Rounds are played in a best-of-25 format, alternating between attacking and defending sides. Teams switch sides after 12 rounds. The first team to win 13 rounds wins the match.

  1. Match Conclusion:

 After all rounds are played, the match concludes with a victory for the team that won the majority of rounds. Players receive individual performance ratings, and the match outcome contributes to their overall competitive ranking.


Specifications Details


Riot Games

Initial release

2 June 2020


Microsoft Windows


Multiplayer video game


The Game Award for Best ESports Game


The Game Award for Best Multiplayer Game

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VALORANT Patch 6.11 Patch Notes-FAQs

1. How to install Valorant in India?

Open Epic Games Store app or download the app from the official website. Login using your Epic Games account, or create a new account if you don't have one. Search for Valorant on Epic Games Store app.


2. Is Valorant PC only?

Currently, Valorant is only available on PC, just like many other huge Riot Games titles. League of Legends is available in the Xbox Games Pass, but the game is still not playable on consoles. Only Wild Rift has been confirmed to release on multiple consoles, such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.


3. Can you play Valo on laptop?  

You may play and download Valorant for free on a PC. You must first download the initial launcher, which is roughly 100MB in size, in order to install the game on your computer. The League of Legends and other Riot games share the same launcher.


4. Can I play Valo on Windows 10?  

The world has largely moved away from these older systems, including Microsoft itself–Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and some older versions of Windows 10 are no longer supported by Microsoft, which allows cheaters to bypass certain security features that enable us to keep VALORANT safe.


5. Can Valorant run on 4GB RAM?  

Minimum specifications (for 30 FPS) CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (Intel) / Athlon 200GE (AMD) GPU: Intel HD 4000 / AMD Radeon R5 200. VRAM: 1 GB. RAM: 4 GB.


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