USA Today Crossword for April 1, 2024 Answers Revealed

Try this USA Today crossword puzzle with Clues to learn the crossword patterns and techniques, and we have included the answers below in this article.

by Shalini K

Updated Apr 01, 2024

USA Today Crossword for April 1, 2024 Answers Revealed

USA Today Crossword

The USA Today Crossword is a puzzle challenge based on the USA Today newspaper and consists of a grid of white and black squares that needs to be filled in. The clues in the USA Today Crossword can vary from easy to more challenging ones that require some thinking and wordplay.

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Based on the given clues, you have to fill in all the squares with the correct words. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crossword solver, try this crossword puzzle, and we have provided the answers for better clarity.

Big cut

Answer: GASH

This clue refers to a significant and often deep wound or laceration on the body. "Big cut" suggests an injury that results in substantial bleeding and requires medical attention. The answer "GASH" precisely fits this description, as it denotes a long and deep cut or slash, typically caused by a sharp object or forceful impact

Cul-de-___ (dead-end roads)

Answer: SACS

This clue describes a type of road layout characterized by a dead-end or closed-off design. "Cul-de-___" refers to a French term meaning "bottom of the bag" or "end of the sack," commonly used to denote dead-end streets or roads with no through traffic. The answer "SACS" completes the phrase "Cul-de-SACS," which specifically refers to dead-end roads or streets with a circular or looped layout.

Wee bit

Answer: ATAD

This clue indicates a small or minimal amount of something. "Wee bit" suggests a tiny or insignificant quantity or degree. The answer "ATAD" represents this idea, as it means "a tad," which is a colloquial term for a small amount or degree, fitting the description of a "wee bit."

Genre for Weird Al medleys

Answer: POLKA

This clue refers to a style of music often associated with energetic dancing and characterized by its distinctive rhythm and tempo. "Genre for Weird Al medleys" suggests a musical style favored by the musician Weird Al Yankovic, known for his comedic parodies and medleys of popular songs. The answer "POLKA" denotes this lively and upbeat genre, featuring accordion-driven melodies and a fast-paced rhythm suitable for dancing.

Figure skater Rippon

Answer: ADAM

This clue points to a notable figure skater known for his achievements in the sport. "Figure skater Rippon" refers to Adam Rippon, an American figure skater who gained prominence for his performances in national and international competitions. Rippon is celebrated for his artistic expression and technical skill on the ice, making him a recognizable figure in the world of figure skating

Seized auto

Answer: REPO

This clue refers to a type of automobile that has been repossessed by a lender due to the borrower's failure to make loan payments. "Seized auto" suggests a vehicle that has been taken back or repossessed by the lender or creditor. The answer "REPO" is short for "repossession," denoting a process wherein the lender takes back possession of the vehicle due to the borrower's default on loan payments.

Turn at home plate

Answer: ATBAT

This clue describes a specific action in the game of baseball, occurring when a batter steps up to the plate to take their turn to bat. "Turn at home plate" suggests the batter's opportunity to hit the ball during their time at bat. The answer "ATBAT" denotes this moment in the game, representing the period when a player is actively engaged in attempting to hit the pitched ball while at home plate.

Grain tower

Answer: SILO

This clue refers to a structure commonly used for storing grains or other bulk materials on farms or in agricultural settings. "Grain tower" suggests a tall cylindrical building or container designed to store and protect grains from moisture and pests. The answer "SILO" precisely fits this description, denoting a vertical storage facility used for storing grains, silage, or similar agricultural products.

“College GameDay” channel

Answer: ESPN

  • This clue directs attention to a television network known for its coverage of sports events, including the popular college football program "College GameDay." "College GameDay" channel" suggests a network that airs this program among its offerings.
  • The answer "ESPN" refers to the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, a cable and satellite television channel renowned for its comprehensive sports coverage, including college football analysis and commentary on "College GameDay."

Confection with cocoa butter but not cocoa solids


"Confection with cocoa butter but not cocoa solids" suggests a specific variety of chocolate that primarily consists of cocoa butter and other ingredients but lacks cocoa solids. The answer "WHITECHOCOLATE" precisely fits this description, denoting a type of chocolate made from cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids, and flavorings, with a pale color due to the absence of cocoa solids.


Answer: SANE

This clue points to a quality or characteristic associated with rationality, sound judgment, and mental clarity. "Sensible" suggests the opposite of irrational or insane behavior. The answer "SANE" accurately represents this quality, denoting a state of mental well-being and rationality, where one demonstrates sound judgment and logical thinking.

Many mouse batteries

Answer: AAS

This clue suggests something related to the batteries used in computer mice, which are often AA size. The answer is "AAS" which is a plural form of "AA," indicating multiple AA batteries

Share a marquee

Answer: COSTAR

This clue refers to something that might share a marquee or top billing in a performance or event. The answer is "COSTAR," which means sharing the spotlight with another actor or performer in a production

Minibike relative

Answer: MOPED

This clue hints at a type of vehicle similar to a minibike. The answer is "MOPED," which is a small motorcycle with both pedals and a low-powered engine, akin to a minibike but with additional features for ease of use.

“What have we here!”

Answer: OHO

This phrase is often exclaimed in surprise or discovery. The answer is "OHO," which is an expression used to indicate astonishment or realization

Country that turned 200 in 1976

Answer: USA

This clue asks for a country that celebrated its bicentennial in 1976, which is the United States of America (USA). The USA declared its independence in 1776, making 1976 its 200th anniversary.

Former NBA star Gilbert . . . or the venues he played in

Answer: ARENAS

This clue is referring to Gilbert Arenas, a former NBA star, and "the venues he played in" suggests arenas, which are the stadiums or locations where basketball games are held.

Follow orders

Answer: OBEY

This clue is straightforward; it's asking for a word that means to comply or adhere to instructions or commands.

Did a knifehand strike on


"Knifehand strike" is a term commonly associated with martial arts, particularly karate. The clue is asking for a word that means performing such a strike on someone.

___ of the litter

Answer: PICK

This is a phrase often used to refer to the selection of the best or most desirable item from a group, typically referring to a group of animals born to the same mother.

Go by, like time

Answer: ELAPSE

The question "Go by, like time" suggests something that passes or progresses, much like time does. The word "elapse" means to pass or go by, especially in reference to time. So, when time "elapses," it passes or goes by.

Ore-___ (Tater Tots brand)

Answer: IDA

"Ore" is the part of the word that's given, and we're looking for the completion that forms the name of a brand. The brand being referred to here is "Ore-Ida," which is a well-known brand of Tater Tots. So, "IDA" completes the term "Ore-___" to form the brand name "Ore-Ida."

“What’s more . . .”

Answer: AND

The phrase "What’s more . . ." typically introduces additional information or points to be considered. In many contexts, "and" serves the same purpose, adding more to what has already been said. So, "AND" is the appropriate word to fill in the blank here.

Touch of color

Answer: TINGE

When something has a "touch of color," it means there's a slight or delicate amount of color present. The word "tinge" perfectly fits this description as it means a slight trace or amount of something, especially color. So, "TINGE" is the appropriate word for describing a touch of color

Nacion de Sevilla y Barcelona

Answer: ESPANA

The question provides two clues: "Nacion de Sevilla y Barcelona" which translates to "Nation of Seville and Barcelona." Seville and Barcelona are cities in Spain. Therefore, the answer is "ESPANA," which is the Spanish word for Spain.

CBS crime franchise with theme songs by The Who

Answer: CSI

This question hints at a crime franchise aired on CBS that features theme songs by The Who. The most well-known franchise fitting this description is "CSI" (Crime Scene Investigation), which includes various spin-offs such as CSI: Miami and CSI: NY.

“Zip it!”

Answer: HUSH

The phrase "Zip it!" is an informal way of telling someone to be quiet or stop talking. Another way to convey this is by saying "Hush!" So, "HUSH" is the appropriate word to fill in the blank here.

Exam format


The question refers to a specific format commonly used in exams where test-takers choose the correct answer from a list of options. This format is known as "MULTIPLE CHOICE," where multiple options are provided for each question, and the test-taker must choose the correct one.

End-of-class sound

Answer: BELL

The end-of-class sound in many educational institutions is often signaled by the ringing of a bell. Therefore, the answer to "End-of-class sound" is "BELL," as it indicates the end of the class period.


Answer: LOAN

The word "Lend" means to give something to someone temporarily, expecting it to be returned. A synonym for "lend" is "loan." So, "LOAN" is the appropriate word to fit the meaning of "Lend" in this context.

Give private lessons to

Answer: TUTOR

The phrase "Give private lessons to" indicates the act of teaching or instructing someone on a particular subject individually. A person who provides such instruction is commonly known as a "tutor." So, "TUTOR" is the appropriate word to fill in the blank here.

___ in a while

Answer: ONCE

The phrase "___ in a while" suggests occasional or infrequent occurrence. The word "Once" fits this context perfectly, as it means "one time" or "occasionally." So, "ONCE" is the word that completes the expression "___ in a while."

Shade trees

Answer: ELMS

The term "Shade trees" refers to trees that provide shade due to their large canopy. "Elms" are a type of tree known for their tall stature and broad leaves, which make them excellent choices for providing shade. So, "ELMS" is the appropriate word for trees that provide shade.

Russian rulers until 1917

Answer: TSARS

The question refers to the rulers of Russia before the Russian Revolution of 1917. The rulers of Russia were commonly known as "Tsars" or "Tsaritsas" (for female rulers) before the revolution. Therefore, "TSARS" is the correct term for the Russian rulers until 1917

Bobber in a harbor

Answer: BUOY

A "buoy" is a floating device anchored in a body of water, often used for navigation or as a marker. In a harbor, buoys are commonly used to mark channels, warn of hazards, or indicate the location of moorings. So, "BUOY" is the appropriate term for a floating device in a harbor

Prescription amount

Answer: DOSE

The term "Prescription amount" refers to the specific quantity of medication that is recommended or prescribed by a healthcare professional. This quantity is often referred to as a "dose," indicating how much of the medication should be taken at one time. So, "DOSE" is the correct term for the prescription amount of medication.


Answer: PERT

The word "Sassy" describes someone or something that is lively, spirited, and perhaps a bit impudent or cheeky. "PERT" is a synonym for this attitude, often used to describe someone who is lively and boldly self-assured, sometimes in a cheeky or disrespectful way.

“The Dark Knight” city

Answer: GOTHAM

In the Batman franchise, particularly in "The Dark Knight" series, the city where much of the action takes place is called "GOTHAM." It's a fictional city known for its crime-ridden streets and iconic skyline.

Like many red-eyed rats

Answer: ALBINO

Albino refers to organisms, including rats, that lack pigmentation in their skin, hair, and eyes. Albino rats specifically are known for their distinctive red eyes due to the absence of pigmentation. So, "ALBINO" is the term that describes rats with red eyes due to a lack of pigmentation.

Locale in Tony Hawk video games


In the Tony Hawk video game series, players skate in various locations, including "SKATEPARKs," which are specially designed areas for skateboarding. These parks feature ramps, rails, and other obstacles for players to perform tricks and maneuvers.

Detest completely

Answer: HATE

The phrase "Detest completely" means to utterly loathe or have a strong aversion to something or someone. "HATE" is the appropriate word that reflects this intense feeling of dislike or aversion towards something or someone.

Malia Obama’s sister

Answer: SASHA

The question refers to the sister of Malia Obama, who is the daughter of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. Malia's sister is "SASHA," whose full name is Natasha Obama.

“Hasta luego!”

Answer: ADIOS

The phrase "Hasta luego!" is Spanish for "See you later!" It's a common farewell phrase used to say goodbye. A similar expression in English is "ADIOS," which means "goodbye" or "farewell."

Course that typically follows trig

Answer: CALC

The question refers to a course that is typically taken after completing trigonometry. In most educational systems, the course that follows trigonometry is calculus, often abbreviated as "CALC."


Answer: SMOOCH

The term "Kiss" refers to an act of affection involving touching one's lips to another person or object. A slang term for a kiss, especially one that's affectionate or romantic, is "SMOOCH." So, "SMOOCH" is the appropriate word for a kiss in this context.


Answer: AREAS

The term "Zones" refers to specific areas or regions, often delineated for particular purposes or characteristics. Another word for regions or sections is "AREAS." So, "AREAS" is the appropriate term for zones or specific regions.

One might hold a solution


The phrase "One might hold a solution" suggests something that contains a liquid solution, often used in scientific experiments or analyses. A "TEST TUBE" is a common laboratory equipment used to hold small amounts of liquid for testing or analysis, making it the appropriate answer.



To "placate" means to make someone less angry or hostile by satisfying their demands or requests. A synonym for this is "APPEASED." So, "APPEASED" is the correct word that means being placated or made less angry.

“The Wonder Years” narrator Cheadle

Answer: DON

In the TV show "The Wonder Years," the narrator is voiced by actor Don Cheadle. Therefore, "DON" is the appropriate answer to the clue referring to Cheadle's role as the narrator in the show.

Dogs often have four

Answer: PAWS

Dogs typically have four "PAWS," which are their feet or foot-like appendages. This clue is straightforward, referring to a common feature of dogs, their four paws. So, "PAWS" is the appropriate answer.

Military trainee

Answer: CADET

A "CADET" is a term commonly used to refer to a military trainee, especially in military academies or training programs. Cadets undergo training to become officers in the armed forces.

“Throne room,” in Britain

Answer: LOO

In British slang, a "LOO" is a term used to refer to a toilet or restroom. The clue humorously suggests that "thrones" in Britain are not only found in grand palaces but also in the more mundane context of a bathroom

Bit of sunshine

Answer: RAY

A "RAY" refers to a narrow beam of light emitted by the sun or another luminous source. It's a common term to describe sunlight, and it fits the description of being a "bit" of sunshine.

Noteworthy period

Answer: ERA

An "ERA" is a period of time characterized by particular events, developments, or cultural influences. It's often used to denote significant periods in history, such as the Renaissance Era or the Industrial Era.

Workplace protection agcy.

Answer: OSHA

"OSHA" stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which is a federal agency in the United States responsible for ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for employees. They set and enforce standards aimed at preventing workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

Can’t live without

Answer: NEED

The term "Can’t live without" suggests something that is essential for survival or crucial for one's well-being. "NEED" fits this description perfectly as it denotes something that is indispensable or required.

Part of the knee, for short

Answer: ACL

The knee is a complex joint, and "ACL" stands for the anterior cruciate ligament, which is a key part of the knee's structure. It helps stabilize the knee joint and is crucial for proper movement and function.

All-are-welcome event


An "OPEN HOUSE" is an event where all are welcome to visit and explore a particular place, often a home that is for sale or an educational institution. It's an opportunity for people to come in, look around, and learn more about the place without any restrictions.

Restaurant item that might double as a coloring page


Some restaurants offer "KIDS MENUs" that are specifically designed for children. These menus often feature simplified food options and sometimes include activities like coloring pages to keep kids entertained while they wait for their meal. So, a "KIDS MENU" might indeed double as a coloring page.

Mexican resort city


"ACAPULCO" is a famous resort city located on the Pacific coast of Mexico. It's known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and cliff diving attractions. It's a popular destination for tourists seeking sun, sand, and relaxation.

Relating to the eye

Answer: OPTIC

The term "Relating to the eye" suggests something related to vision or sight. "OPTIC" is the appropriate term to describe anything related to the eye or vision, such as the optic nerve, optic lens, or optic nerve.

Letter before omega

Answer: PSI

In the Greek alphabet, "PSI" is the 23rd letter, and "omega" is the 24th and final letter. Therefore, "PSI" is indeed the letter that comes before "omega."

Projectile in a Three Stooges movie

Answer: PIE

The Three Stooges, known for their slapstick comedy, often used "PIE" as a comedic projectile in their movies. They would famously throw pies at each other, resulting in chaotic and humorous scenes.

Picnic-crashing insect

Answer: ANT

ANTs" are notorious for crashing picnics by infiltrating food supplies and creating disturbances. They are often seen swarming around picnic baskets and food items, making them an unwelcome guest at outdoor gatherings.

Pulled off perfectly

Answer: NAILED

To "NAILED" something means to accomplish it perfectly or flawlessly. It suggests that a task or action was executed with precision and skill, resulting in a successful outcome.

Instrument with a pickguard and headstock

Answer: GUITAR

A "GUITAR" is a musical instrument characterized by a pickguard, which protects the body of the guitar from scratches caused by the use of a pick, and a headstock, which is located at the end of the guitar's neck and holds the tuning pegs for the strings.


Answer: ESCORT

To "ESCORT" someone means to accompany or accompany them, often providing them with guidance, protection, or support during the journey or event.

Bowling venue

Answer: ALLEY

An "ALLEY" is a term commonly used to describe the venue or playing area for bowling. It typically consists of several lanes where players roll bowling balls to knock down pins.

Chowder ingredients

Answer: CLAMS

"CLAMS" are a type of shellfish commonly used as ingredients in chowder, a thick soup or stew typically made with seafood, potatoes, onions, and other vegetables.

Taste or touch

Answer: SENSE

"SENSE" refers to the ability to perceive or feel things through various means, including taste and touch. It encompasses the sensory experiences that humans and animals use to interact with their environment.

Gender-specific possessive

Answer: HERS

"HERS" is a gender-specific possessive pronoun used to indicate that something belongs to or is associated with a female person or object. It is the possessive form of the pronoun "she."

Game played on a 10-acre field

Answer: POLO

"POLO" is a sport played on horseback, where two teams compete to score goals by hitting a small ball into the opposing team's goal using long-handled mallets. It is commonly played on a large field, often around 10 acres in size.

URL starter

Answer: HTTP

HTTP" stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is a protocol used for transmitting data over the internet. It is commonly used at the beginning of a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to indicate the protocol being used to access the resource.

Short cut

Answer: BOB

A "BOB" can refer to a short hairstyle where the hair is cut short, typically around chin-length or shorter. In this context, "BOB" serves as a play on words, suggesting that a "short cut" can also refer to a hairstyle that is cut short.

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