Universal Crossword Puzzle for Today March April 3, 2024

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Updated Apr 03, 2024

Universal Crossword Puzzle for Today March April 3, 2024

Universal Crossword

The Universal Crossword Puzzle is the best way to entertain yourself. You can play it with friends and families in newspaper or online. It gives you fun as well as knowledge. By these types of crossword puzzles, you can learn new things and new words which improve your critical thinking abilities. The clues are usually given as short phrases or as hints. It is a challenging and fun way to improve yourself.  Check out this page for the latest Universal Crossword Puzzle and Have Fun!

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Scottish musician, maybe


In the realm of Scottish culture, a prominent figure often associated with traditional music is the PIPER. These skilled musicians are known for their mastery of the bagpipes, which hold a significant place in Scottish heritage and events like weddings and military ceremonies.

Loops in on an email


Within the digital sphere, when considering the dynamics of email communication, one term that frequently emerges is CCS. This abbreviation refers to the Carbon Copy, a feature allowing additional recipients to be included in an email without directly being the primary addressee.

British nobles


British society carries a rich tapestry of history, with titles and ranks symbolizing various forms of prestige and authority. Among these are the LORDS, individuals holding esteemed positions within the British nobility, often with inherited titles and roles in governance or aristocratic circles.

Company that made Breakout


In the annals of gaming history, certain companies have left an indelible mark with their groundbreaking contributions. One such entity is ATARI, renowned for pioneering the arcade and home gaming industry with iconic titles like Breakout, which revolutionized the gaming landscape in the 1970s.

Key near Ctrl


When navigating the digital realm, users often encounter a set of keys crucial for executing commands and shortcuts. Among these is ALT, positioned strategically near the Ctrl key on standard computer keyboards. This key serves various functions, including enabling alternative inputs and executing commands within software applications.

“Star Trek” lieutenant


Star Trek lieutenant UHURA: In the iconic science fiction series Star Trek, Lieutenant Uhura is a pivotal character responsible for communications aboard the starship Enterprise.

Channel with a Capitol Hill HQ


Channel with a Capitol Hill HQ CSPAN: C-SPAN is a renowned television network based in Washington D.C., with its headquarters situated near Capitol Hill, providing comprehensive coverage of governmental proceedings.

Not near


Not near FAR: The term far denotes a significant distance or remoteness, contrasting with the concept of being near or close in proximity to something else.

2023 prize for Anne L’Huillier


2023 prize for Anne L’Huillier NOBEL: Anne L’Huillier was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2023, recognized for her groundbreaking contributions in a particular field, exemplifying excellence and innovation.

Lowest digit?


Lowest digit? TOE: In numerical terms, the lowest digit is often represented by the number zero, symbolizing the absence of quantity or value in a given place value position.

“___ Gravity” (“Wicked” song)


In the hit musical Wicked, one of the standout songs is Defying Gravity, which showcases the protagonist's determination to break free from societal constraints and pursue her dreams despite adversity.



Hon is a term of endearment often used to address someone with affection or respect, such as a shortened form of honey or honeybee, reflecting a warm and familiar tone in personal relationships.

Ride the waves


When enthusiasts seek excitement and exhilaration, they often head to the coast to surf the waves, harnessing the power of the ocean to ride and glide along its surging waters.

Animated pig whose name sounds like a seasoning


In the world of children's entertainment, Peppa is a beloved animated pig character whose name resembles that of a popular seasoning, adding a playful twist to her identity and evoking a sense of familiarity and fun for young audiences.

Turquoise and topaz


In the realm of precious stones, gems like turquoise and topaz captivate with their vibrant hues and inherent beauty, symbolizing elegance and refinement in jewelry and adornments.

Smart TV brand


Smart TV brand hints at a specific company known for manufacturing televisions with advanced features. In this context, RCA fits the bill perfectly as it's a well-known brand associated with electronic appliances, including Smart TVs.

Thin openings


Thin openings suggests a description of narrow gaps or slits. The answer SLITS accurately portrays this idea, indicating small, elongated apertures or cuts that are commonly found in various objects or structures.

Chi-Town hub


Chi-Town is a colloquial reference to Chicago, a major city in Illinois, USA. The word hub implies a central location or a place of activity. Therefore, ORD is a fitting answer, representing Chicago O'Hare International Airport, one of the busiest aviation hubs in the world, with the IATA code ORD.

Aleppo’s nation


Aleppo is a prominent city in the country of Syria, making SYRIA the correct answer. The clue effectively prompts the solver to identify the country associated with Aleppo, thereby arriving at the solution.

Time of your life?


Time of your life? suggests a reference to a period in one's existence. The answer AGE aligns with this interpretation, as age represents different stages and experiences throughout life. This clue cleverly plays on the concept of time and personal milestones, leading to the solution AGE.

Newspapers and such


In the realm of mass communication, where information flows abundantly, one of the most prominent forms is the MEDIA. Newspapers, television, and online platforms all fall under this broad category, serving to inform, educate, and entertain audiences worldwide.

Valentine symbol


When it comes to expressing love and affection, few symbols carry as much weight and sentiment as the HEART. Universally recognized as a representation of love, the heart symbolizes emotions ranging from passion to compassion, making it a quintessential emblem of romance.

Drink that might contain boba


For enthusiasts of unique and flavorful beverages, few concoctions rival the experience of sipping on TEA containing boba. Originating from Taiwan, this drink combines the refreshing taste of tea with the chewy texture of tapioca pearls, creating a delightful fusion beloved by many.



In the tapestry of everyday life, amidst the routines and mundane tasks, lies the beauty of the USUAL. Often overlooked, the ordinary moments serve as the backdrop against which extraordinary memories are made, reminding us to cherish the simple joys of existence.

“Cats” actor McKellen


In the world of stage and screen, few actors command as much respect and admiration as IAN McKellen. Known for his versatility and talent, McKellen's performances, including his memorable portrayal in Cats, have captivated audiences and earned him accolades throughout his illustrious career.

Process that produces daughter cells


The process that produces daughter cells through cell division is known as mitosis. During mitosis, a single cell divides into two identical daughter cells, each containing the same number of chromosomes as the parent cell.



A ___-magnon refers to a type of elementary excitation in a magnetic system. In crossword puzzles, the answer CRO often refers to chromosome, which aligns with the theme of biological terms.

2D geometry calculation


When solving a 2D geometry calculation, such as finding the area of a shape, you typically measure the space enclosed within its boundaries. The answer to this clue is AREA, which represents the numerical value obtained from such calculations.

Basic belief


A basic belief, often fundamental to an individual's principles or values, is termed a tenet. In this context, TENET serves as the answer, representing a core belief held by someone or a group.

Terrier type


Terrier type breeds encompass a variety of dog breeds, each with its own distinctive characteristics. One such breed is the Skye Terrier, known for its long, flowing coat and loyalty to its owner.

Actress Salonga


Actress Salonga, known for her captivating performances on stage and screen, is often identified by her first name, Lea. With a diverse repertoire spanning theater, film, and music, Lea Salonga has garnered acclaim and recognition worldwide for her talent and versatility.

“Green” prefix


In environmental discussions, the prefix eco is commonly used to denote concepts related to ecology, sustainability, and environmental consciousness. Whether it's eco-friendly products, eco-tourism initiatives, or eco-conscious living practices, the prefix eco emphasizes a commitment to preserving and protecting the planet.



The exclamation Ooh la la! expresses admiration or delight, often in response to something elegant, stylish, or impressive. Whether referring to a luxurious item, a sophisticated event, or a glamorous appearance, ooh la la conveys a sense of excitement and appreciation for all things fancy and chic.

“Thanks, amiga!”


Exchanging gratitude transcends language barriers, as seen in the Spanish word gracias, meaning thanks. Whether expressing appreciation for a kind gesture, a thoughtful gift, or simply a friendly interaction, saying gracias acknowledges the warmth and generosity of the person receiving thanks.

“There! Standing by the swimming pool, on one foot … Wait, is that a ___?”


There! Standing by the swimming pool, on one foot … Wait, is that a ___? the answer is PLASTICFLAMINGO. This playful clue hints at the whimsical sight of a plastic flamingo standing by a swimming pool, adding a touch of humor to the crossword puzzle experience.



When constructing or renovating a house, one key architectural feature to consider is the overhang, also known as the eave. The eave extends beyond the exterior walls and provides protection from the elements, such as rain or sunlight, while also adding aesthetic appeal to the building's facade.

Influencer’s sway


In today's digital age, influencers hold significant power and influence over their followers' opinions and behaviors, commonly referred to as clout. Their ability to sway consumer decisions and shape trends makes them sought-after partners for brands looking to reach specific target audiences and capitalize on their online presence.

Hairstyle you might pick


The afro hairstyle, characterized by its voluminous and naturally curly or tightly coiled texture, is a popular choice for individuals embracing their natural hair. With its cultural significance and versatility, the afro represents pride, identity, and personal style, making it a timeless and iconic hairdo for many.

Kremlin veto


The Kremlin, synonymous with the Russian government and its decision-making authority, often wields its power through a veto, famously expressed with the word nyet. This term, meaning no in Russian, signifies the Kremlin's refusal or rejection of proposals, policies, or actions that do not align with its interests or agenda.

“Don’t like it? Tough!”


In colloquial language, when faced with opposition or criticism, individuals may defiantly respond with sue me, indicating their indifference to others' opinions or consequences. This phrase reflects a dismissive attitude, suggesting that the speaker is unapologetic and unwilling to conform to external pressures or expectations.

Library transaction


When you borrow a book from a library, you engage in a LOAN transaction where you temporarily take possession of the book in exchange for returning it within a specified period.

Pinkie promises, say


A PACT is often made between friends, symbolized by a pinkie promise, signifying a solemn agreement or vow, typically involving trust and loyalty.

“We’re winning this season!”


The enthusiastic declaration ITSOURYEAR reflects the collective optimism and determination of a team or group believing that the current season holds great promise for their success.

“There! Sitting on the craft table, with the crisply folded wings … Wait, is that a ___?”


This sentence leads to the answer PAPERCRANE, as it describes a scene where an origami bird, specifically a crane, is spotted on a craft table, prompting the question of its identity.

Chapter of history


An ERA denotes a distinct period or chapter in history characterized by particular cultural, social, or political traits, often delineated by significant events or transitions.

Thick peel


Thick peel corresponds to the word RIND. This term typically refers to the tough outer layer of certain fruits or vegetables. It's commonly associated with citrus fruits like oranges or lemons, where it serves as a protective barrier around the juicy flesh inside.

Espresso drink


Espresso drink leads us to CAFFELATTE. This beverage is a popular coffee option, consisting of espresso mixed with steamed milk. The term originates from Italian, with caffe meaning coffee and latte referring to milk, highlighting its creamy texture and rich flavor.

“There! Arcing through the sky, with the round, red figure … Wait, is that a ___?”


As hunters or enthusiasts gather for a round of skeet shooting, they often release CLAYPIGEON targets into the air. These small, round disks mimic the flight patterns of birds, challenging marksmen with their unpredictable trajectories.

“Magic Mike” performance


Magic Mike performance leads us to STRIPTEASE. This term describes a performance in which a dancer gradually removes clothing in a seductive manner, often associated with entertainment venues like strip clubs. Magic Mike is a film franchise known for its portrayal of male strippers, making this clue a playful nod to the world of adult entertainment.

Breathing organ


Breathing organ corresponds to LUNG. This vital organ plays a central role in the respiratory system, facilitating the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. Its spongy texture and intricate network of airways make it essential for sustaining life through the process of breathing.

Cry of surprised delight


Cry of surprised delight is often expressed with OHO. When someone is pleasantly surprised, they might utter this exclamation. It captures a moment of sudden joy or realization.

“There! Floating on the sudsy water, with the orange beak … Wait, is that a ___?”


There! Floating on the sudsy water, with the orange beak … Wait, is that a ___? suggests the answer RUBBERDUCK. This wordplay hints at a common bathtub toy that fits the description.

Log of a time out?


Log of a time out? hints at the answer DREAMDIARY. It suggests a personal journal where one records their dreams during periods of rest, like timeouts from daily life.

Department with quotas


Department with quotas points to SALES. In many organizations, the sales department sets quotas for its employees, aiming to achieve certain targets in terms of revenue or units sold.

Short musical releases, for short


Short musical releases, for short leads to the answer EPS. This hints at extended plays (EPs), which are shorter than full-length albums and often contain a small number of tracks.

Lil ___ X


Lil ___ X hints at a rapper known for his hit song Old Town Road and his distinctive style, with the missing word being Nas, referring to Nasir Jones, known professionally as NAS.

County event with pig races


County event with pig races points to a traditional gathering often associated with agricultural showcases and fun activities, commonly held in rural areas, and the answer is fair, as in a county fair.

Comes and ___


Comes and ___ suggests a phrase reflecting the cyclical nature of life or actions, with the answer being goes, illustrating the continuous process of arrivals and departures.

Branch of Islam


Branch of Islam directs attention to one of the major divisions within the Islamic faith, with the answer being Shia, representing a distinct religious sect with its own traditions and beliefs.

$20 bill dispenser


$20 bill dispenser alludes to a machine commonly found in various locations where cash withdrawals can be made, with the answer being ATM, an abbreviation for Automated Teller Machine.

Greek M’s


Greek M's hints at the Greek letter mu, often represented as M in the English alphabet. The answer is MUS, which is the plural form of mu. In Greek, mu corresponds to the English letter M, and here it's pluralized to fit the crossword clue.

Sunburn soother


Sunburn soother suggests a solution that is commonly used to alleviate the discomfort of sunburns. The answer is ALOE, referring to the aloe vera plant, which is well-known for its soothing properties when applied to sunburned skin.

Writing with a slant?


Writing with a slant? indicates a style of writing where the letters are inclined. The answer is ITALICS, which refers to the typographical style characterized by letters that are slanted to the right, often used for emphasis or to denote titles, names, or foreign words in written text.



Repeat implies an action of doing something again or in succession. The answer is ITERATE, which means to repeat a process or action multiple times. In this context, the word aligns with the idea of repeating or iterating.

Ready to go


Ready to go suggests being fully prepared or in a state of readiness. The answer is ALLSET, indicating that everything is in order and ready for action or departure. It conveys the idea of being fully equipped or prepared to proceed with a task or activity.

___ butterfly


In the realm of social insects, the ___ butterfly stands out for its vibrant colors and graceful flight, often seen fluttering amidst blooming flowers, symbolizing social interactions within nature.



In the culinary world, the term devour signifies a ravenous appetite, reflecting the primal act of consumption and enjoyment of food, demonstrating how essential eating is to our existence.

Video taker, for short


A common abbreviation in the tech world, CAM refers to a video taker, whether integrated into smartphones or standalone devices, enabling users to capture moments and memories with ease, showcasing the evolution of digital photography.



When presented with a gift or a surprise, the act of unwrap brings forth anticipation and excitement, unveiling what lies beneath the wrapping, revealing the hidden contents within, highlighting the joy of discovery.

Skin care brand


In the realm of skincare, OLAY is a renowned brand known for its innovative products and effective solutions, catering to diverse skincare needs, embodying the pursuit of beauty and self-care through quality skincare routines.



Possess can often be represented by the word HAVE. This word signifies ownership or control over something. It's a common term used in legal and everyday contexts.

“Know your rights” org.


Know your rights org. could be a clue indicating an organization focused on civil liberties and advocacy. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) fits this description and would be the answer to this crossword clue.

Down in the dumps


Down in the dumps suggests a state of sadness or depression, and GLUM is a word that accurately describes this feeling. In a crossword puzzle, Down in the dumps might be the clue, and GLUM would be the answer.



Deets is a colloquial term for information. In a crossword puzzle, a clue might be something like Informal details, and INFO would be the answer, fitting the available spaces.

Indian city that anagrams to “raga”


Indian city that anagrams to 'raga' could be a crossword clue hinting at a city in India that can be rearranged to spell raga. AGRA is the answer to this clue, as it is an Indian city known for its cultural significance and also fits the anagram criteria.

In a moment


In a moment suggests immediacy or a short period of time. SOON fits perfectly, indicating that the desired action or event will occur shortly.



Enemy denotes someone who opposes or is hostile towards another. FOE is a synonym that aligns with the meaning of the clue, providing the appropriate answer for the crossword.

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