Universal Crossword Puzzle for Today March 30, 2024

Getting trouble to solve Today's Universal Crossword Puzzles? Yeah! Let’s sort out the answer in possible ways and Enjoy!

by Shoba

Updated Mar 30, 2024

Universal Crossword Puzzle for Today March 30, 2024

The Universal Crossword Puzzles is a best way to enjoy with friends and families by solving the interesting puzzles answers. These puzzles will develop our vocabulary skills and gain knowledge by guessing and thinking the possible answer in numerous ways and methods. Check out our page for the day to day Universal Crossword Puzzles and Have Fun !

Very close pals, for short

Solution: BFFS 

BFF stands for "best friends forever," and adding an "S" makes it plural, indicating multiple close friendships.

Until now

Solution: YET 

"Yet" is used to indicate a point in time, often emphasizing that something has not happened up to that point.

Terse farewell

Solution: BYE 

"Bye" is a short, informal way of saying goodbye, often used in casual settings.

Piece of folklore

Solution: TALE 

A "tale" is a story, often passed down through generations, that may include elements of folklore.

Pursued romantically

Solution: WOOED 

To "woo" someone is to seek their affection or romantic interest, often through gestures, gifts, or actions.

Fishing line holder

Solution: REEL 

A "reel" is a device used to hold and release fishing line, often attached to a fishing rod.

Fruit often used in gin

Solution: SLOE 

Sloe berries are small, dark fruits commonly used to flavor gin, especially in the making of sloe gin.

Gut feeling

Solution: HUNCH 

A "hunch" is an intuitive feeling or suspicion about something, often without any logical reasoning.

The "A" in A.D.

Solution: ANNO 

In the abbreviation "A.D.," "anno" is the Latin word for "year," indicating the year in the Christian calendar.

"I see"


This is a playful or sarcastic way of saying "I understand" or "Now I get it," often used when something becomes clear or is revealed.

Change the direction of

Solution: REROUTE 

To "reroute" is to change the course or direction of something, often used in the context of changing travel or transportation routes.

Person who has appeared in the most Marvel movies

Solution: STANLEE 

Stan Lee, the legendary comic book writer, editor, and publisher, made cameo appearances in numerous Marvel movies, making him the person who appeared in the most Marvel movies.

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Resistance unit

Solution: OHM 

The ohm is the unit of electrical resistance, measuring how much a material or device resists the flow of electrical current.

Alternative to medium or hot

Solution: MILD 

"Mild" is an alternative to "medium" or "hot" when describing the spiciness or intensity of food, especially in terms of flavors like mild, medium, or hot salsa.

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IV - I

Solution: III 

This is a Roman numeral puzzle. "IV" represents the Roman numeral for 4, and "I" represents the Roman numeral for 1. Subtracting 1 from 4 (IV - I) gives you 3, represented by the Roman numeral "III."

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Wild pig

Solution: BOAR 

A "boar" is a wild pig, often characterized by its tusks and rough, bristly hair.

Took a plane

Solution: FLEW 

To "fly" is to travel in an aircraft, such as a plane, by controlling its flight through the air.

Elective eye surgery

Solution: LASIK 

LASIK is a type of elective eye surgery used to correct vision problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, by reshaping the cornea.

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Research on a political rival, for short

Solution: OPPO

Oppo" is a slang term often used to refer to opposition research, which involves gathering information on a political rival, typically to use it against them in a campaign or debate.

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Type of campaign in which 36-Across might be used

Solution: SMEAR 

"Smear" refers to a type of negative campaign tactic in which false or misleading information is spread about a political opponent, often using information gathered through opposition research 

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Solution: COCA 

This refers to "Coca-Cola," a popular carbonated soft drink.

On edge

Solution: TESTY 

"Testy" means irritable or easily annoyed, often feeling tense or on edge.

Caesar's "And you?!"

Solution: ETTU 

"Et tu, Brute?" is a Latin phrase meaning "And you, Brutus?" It is famously attributed to Julius Caesar in William Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar," expressing surprise and betrayal.

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Check over

Solution: SCAN 

To "scan" something is to examine or look over it quickly, often to find specific information.

___ Talk

Solution: TED 

This likely refers to "TED Talks," which are influential speeches and presentations given at TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conferences.

Folder full of your emails

Solution: SENT 

"Sent" refers to the folder in an email program where copies of sent emails are stored.

Suffix with "end" but not "begin"

Solution: ING 

The suffix "-ing" is added to verbs to form the present participle or gerund form, indicating ongoing action. It can be added to the end of words, but not to the beginning.

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Nice touch?

Solution: LOVETAP 

A "love tap" is a gentle or affectionate touch, often used figuratively to describe a kind or thoughtful gesture.

Nonphysical mining material

Solution: RAWDATA 

"Raw data" refers to unprocessed or unanalyzed data, often used in the context of data mining or analysis.

"If everything were perfect ..."


This phrase is often used to introduce a statement about a hypothetical situation that contrasts with reality, suggesting that things are not perfect in the current situation.

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Certain evergreen

Solution: PINE

Pine trees are a type of evergreen tree, known for their long, needle-like leaves that remain green throughout the year.

Heart chambers

Solution: ATRIA 

The atria are the upper chambers of the heart that receive blood from the veins and pump it into the ventricles.

Future MBA's subject

Solution: ECON 

"Econ" is a common abbreviation for economics, a subject often studied by future MBA (Master of Business Administration) students.

"The Story" or "Story of My Life"

Solution: SONG 

"The Story" and "Story of My Life" are both examples of songs, which are musical compositions typically consisting of lyrics and melody.

"You ___ goose!"

Solution: SILLY 

The phrase "You silly goose!" is an expression used to playfully scold someone for doing something silly or foolish.

Common wedding garment

Solution: SUIT 

A suit is a common garment worn by grooms and other male attendees at weddings, typically consisting of a jacket and trousers made from the same fabric.

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Bother repeatedly

Solution: NAG 

To nag is to repeatedly and annoyingly remind or fault someone for something, often in a persistent or petty manner.

Poodle variety

Solution: TOY 

Toy poodles are a variety of poodle breed, known for their small size and playful demeanor.

Late-night host Meyers

Solution: SETH 

Seth Meyers is a comedian, writer, and television host known for hosting the late-night talk show "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

K-pop superstars

Solution: BTS 

BTS is a popular South Korean boy band and global music sensation known for their music, choreography, and influence in the K-pop industry.

Unrealistic belief

Solution: FALSEHOPE 

False hope refers to a belief or expectation that is not based on reality or is unlikely to be fulfilled.

Clue boards, essentially

Solution: FLOORMAPS 

Floor maps can be considered as boards that provide clues or information about the layout or features of a particular area or building.

Deal with

Solution: SEETO

To "see to" something is to attend to or deal with it, often implying taking care of a task or responsibility.

"I wouldn't know"

Solution: YOUTELLME 

"You tell me" is a phrase used to indicate that the speaker does not have the information and is asking the listener to provide it.

Ages and ages

Solution: EONS 

Eons refer to extremely long periods of time, often used informally to indicate a very long time.

Pharm. workers

Solution: TECHS 

Pharmacy technicians, often abbreviated as "techs," are workers in a pharmacy who assist pharmacists in dispensing medication and other related tasks.

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Solution: BRAINIACS 

Brainiacs is a term used to describe highly intelligent or intellectual individuals, often implying a high level of intelligence or academic achievement.

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1983 film in which Mandy Patinkin played Avigdor

Solution: YENTL 

"Yentl" is a 1983 film directed by and starring Barbra Streisand, in which Mandy Patinkin played the character Avigdor.

Start of a choosing rhyme

Solution: EENIE 

"Eenie, meenie, miney, moe" is the start of a choosing rhyme used to select a person or item from a group, often in a random or playful manner.


Solution: WHATIFS 

"What ifs" refer to hypothetical scenarios or possibilities, often used in discussions or contemplations about alternative outcomes or situations.

Indian loincloth

Solution: DHOTI 

A dhoti is a traditional Indian garment, typically worn as a loincloth by men.

Be defeated

Solution: LOSE 

To "lose" is to be defeated or to fail to win in a competition, game, or battle.

Wordlessly sing

Solution: HUM 

To "hum" is to produce musical tones with closed lips, often without singing any words.

Sob loudly

Solution: WAIL 

To "wail" is to cry out loudly and mournfully, often indicating intense sorrow or pain.

A Roomba is one

Solution: ROBOT 

A Roomba is a type of robotic vacuum cleaner, making it an example of a robot.


Solution: DEETS 

"Deets" is a slang term for details, often used informally to refer to specific information or facts.

Last one in, to a child

Solution: ROTTENEGG 

"Last one in, rotten egg!" is a phrase often used by children to encourage others to join them in an activity, implying that the last person to join is likened to a rotten egg.

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Plant in approximately 250 Monet paintings


Water lilies are a type of aquatic plant that was a recurring theme in the paintings of French artist Claude Monet, appearing in approximately 250 of his works. 

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Missing one could cause an awkward situation

Solution: SOCIALCUE 

A "social cue" is a verbal or non-verbal hint or signal used in social interactions to convey information or guide behavior. Missing a social cue could lead to misunderstandings or awkward situations.

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"That's impossible"

Solution: ICANTDOIT  

"I can't do it" is a phrase used to express that something is impossible or too difficult to accomplish.

Roo's mom

Solution: KANGA 

Kanga is a character from A.A. Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh stories, who is the mother of Roo.

Make a quick escape

Solution: RUNAWAY 

To "run away" is to leave a place quickly, often to escape from a situation or avoid something.

Mythical hairy creature

Solution: YETI 

The Yeti, also known as the "Abominable Snowman," is a mythical ape-like creature said to inhabit the Himalayan mountains.

Fathers, to tots

Solution: DADAS 

"Dada" is a common word for father in many languages, often one of the first words spoken by infants.

Only even prime number

Solution: TWO 

Two is the only even prime number, as all other even numbers are divisible by 2 and thus not prime.

"My ___ are sealed"

Solution: LIPS 

The phrase "My lips are sealed" is a common expression used to indicate that one will not reveal a secret or confidential information.

Layered vegetable

Solution: ONION 

An onion is a vegetable with layers of skin and flesh, often used in cooking for its pungent flavor.

"Wheel of Fortune" co-host White

Solution: VANNA 

Vanna White is the co-host of the game show "Wheel of Fortune," known for turning letters on the puzzle board.

___ four

Solution: PETIT

Petit is a French word meaning small or little, often used in the term "petit four," which refers to a small, bite-sized appetizer or dessert.

It becomes another name when bookended by "C" and "S"

Solution: ARLO  

When "ARLO" is bookended by "C" and "S," it becomes the name "CARLOS."

Highest, in a sequence

Solution: NTH 

In a sequence, the term "Nth" is used to refer to the highest or unspecified term, often indicating any term in the sequence beyond a certain point.

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