Universal Crossword Puzzle for Today April 1 , 2024

Did you find your answer for Today’s Universal Crossword Puzzle? Know the solution in this article with a simple explanation.

by Sangeetha M

Updated Apr 01, 2024

Universal Crossword Puzzle for Today April 1 , 2024

Universal Crossword

Universal Crossword is a game, where people can learn so many things and develop skills full of entertainment. It’s a way of enjoyment that everyone should experience. Usually. The goal is to find the answer and fill it into the grid. It seems easy , but sometimes it's quite difficult to solve by guessing the hints which are given in the clue. Find the possible and best answers with clear clue explanations and Have Fun! Visit our page for the day to day Universal Crossword Puzzles here and Enjoy! 

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Radio switch

Answer: AMFM

Radio switch "AMFM" refers to the two primary bands used for broadcasting radio signals: AM (Amplitude Modulation) and FM (Frequency Modulation).

Mosque leaders

Answer: IMAMS

Mosque leaders "Imams" are religious leaders in Islam who lead prayers, deliver sermons, and provide spiritual guidance to their community. 

Stag, for a doe

Answer: MATE

Stag, for a doe: In the context of mating, a "mate" refers to a partner or spouse, so a stag (male deer) would be a mate for a doe (female deer). 

Trim (down)

Answer: PARE

To "pare" means to trim or reduce something, especially by cutting away the excess or unwanted parts. 

Suburban alternative?

Answer: TAHOE

"Suburban" likely refers to the Chevrolet Suburban, a popular model of SUV. An alternative to a Suburban could be a "Tahoe," which is another model of SUV produced by Chevrolet. 

"Community" role for Danny

Answer: ABED

"Community" role for Danny: In the TV show "Community," Danny Pudi portrays the character Abed Nadir.

Purple Beanie Baby's royal namesake, familiarly (Note this answer's last 2 letters + ...)


Purple Beanie Baby's royal namesake, familiarly The royal namesake for the Purple Beanie Baby is "Princess Diana." Familiarly, she is often referred to as "Princess Di."

Mitchell of folk (... this answer's first 3)

Answer: JONI

Mitchell of folk Joni Mitchell is a Canadian singer-songwriter known for her contributions to folk music. 

Excelled, in Gen Z slang

Answer: ATE

Excelled, in Gen Z slang: In Gen Z slang, "ate" is used to describe someone who excelled or performed exceptionally well at something. It's often used humorously or ironically. 

Med. plan option

Answer: HMO

Med. plan option: "HMO" stands for Health Maintenance Organization, which is a type of managed care health insurance plan that provides healthcare services through a network of doctors, hospitals, and other providers.


Answer: SNOUTS

Muzzles "Snouts" refer to the projecting nose and mouth of an animal, especially a mammal, like a pig.

Drummer Starr

Answer: RINGO

Ringo Starr is a well-known musician who gained fame as the drummer for the Beatles. 

Red Wings' org.

Answer: NHL

Red Wings' org The "NHL" stands for the National Hockey League, which is the professional ice hockey league in North America. The Detroit Red Wings are one of the teams in this league. 

Prefix with -pedic

Answer: ORTHO

 The prefix "ortho-" means straight or correct. When combined with "-pedic," it forms the term "orthopedic," which relates to the branch of medicine dealing with the correction of deformities of bones or muscles. 

Give funding to

Answer: ENDOW

 To "endow" means to provide a source of income or support for an institution or cause, typically by donating a large sum of money or property the answer is ENDOW.

Sized up

Answer: EYED

Sized up To "eye" something means to look at or examine it carefully, often to assess its size, quality, or suitability.

AOL rival

Answer: MSN

AOL rival: "MSN" stands for Microsoft Network, which is an online service provider and internet portal. It was a competitor to AOL (America Online) during the early days of the internet. 

Speech therapy target, maybe (Last 2 letters + ...)

Answer: LISP

A "lisp" is a speech disorder characterized by difficulty in pronouncing the sounds of "s" and "z." 

Chilling look (... first 3)


An "icy stare" refers to a cold or menacing gaze that can make someone feel uncomfortable or intimidated. 

Too hasty

Answer: RASH

When someone acts without careful consideration or thought, they are being "rash." 

Doctors and lawyers take one

Answer: OATH

Both doctors and lawyers take an "oath" as part of their professional commitment to uphold ethical standards and fulfill their duties responsibly. 

Scolding for someone shouting (Last 4 letters + ...)


Scolding for someone shouting: A scolding for someone shouting might be "Don't yell!" 

Is behind on bills (... first 2)

Answer: OWES

Is behind on bills: If someone is behind on paying their bills, they "owe" money to creditors or service providers. 

Friend friend

Answer: OFA

Friend friend: In informal language or dialect, especially in African American Vernacular English (AAVE), "ofa" is sometimes used as a term of endearment meaning "friend" or "buddy."

Not there

Answer: GONE

Not there When something is not present or no longer in its expected location, it is described as "gone." 


Answer: INANE

When something lacks sense or is absurdly silly, it can be described as "inane." 

"Ask, if you dare"

Answer: TRYME

"Ask, if you dare" This phrase is an invitation or challenge for someone to attempt something, suggesting they should try if they have the courage, the answer is TRYME.

Key also called Option

Answer: ALT

On computer keyboards, the "Alt" key (short for "Alternate") is a modifier key that allows users to input alternative characters or access special functions when pressed in combination with other keys.

Airs out

Answer: VENTS4

Airs out To "vent" means to allow air or another gas to escape or circulate freely, often to remove stale or unwanted odors. 

They help raise the grade!

Answer: TUTORS

"Tutors" are individuals who provide academic assistance and guidance to students to help them improve their understanding and performance in a particular subject or skill. 

Abbr. after an old date

Answer: BCE

Abbr. after an old date: "BCE" stands for "Before Common Era," an alternative designation for years before the commonly used Christian calendar era. It is used in historical and archaeological contexts as a secular equivalent to "BC" (Before Christ).

Small criticism

Answer: NIT

A "nit" is a minor or trivial complaint or criticism, often focused on small details that are not significant in the broader context. 

Where the Taj Mahal is (Last 3 letters + ...)

Answer: AGRA

Where the Taj Mahal is The Taj Mahal, one of the most famous landmarks in India, is located in the city of Agra. 

"Take that!" (... first 3)


"Take that!" The phrase "In your face!" is often exclaimed triumphantly after achieving success or victory over someone, implying superiority or defiance. 

Time spent in line

Answer: WAIT

Time spent in line When you wait in line, you spend "wait" time, which refers to the duration spent waiting for your turn or for something to happen. 

They're over 12 but under 20

Answer: TEENS

They're over 12 but under 20: Individuals who are between the ages of 13 and 19 are commonly referred to as "teens" or teenagers. 

"A likely story!"

Answer: IBET

"A likely story!": The expression "I bet!" is often used sarcastically to express disbelief or skepticism about something someone has said, implying that their explanation is not credible. 

European ski destination

Answer: ALPS

European ski destination The Alps mountain range, located in Europe, is a popular destination for skiing and other winter sports due to its expansive slopes and picturesque scenery. Therefore the is ALPS.

Partner of "dreams"

Answer: HOPES

"Hopes" are often closely associated with dreams, as they represent aspirations or desires for future outcomes. 

Places to dream

Answer: BEDS

Places to dream: "Beds" are where people sleep and often dream during the night, making them locations where dreams occur.



Garb: "Apparel" refers to clothing or attire worn by individuals, encompassing various garments such as shirts, pants, dresses, and more. 

Drink often served with an olive


Drink often served with an olive: A "martini" is a popular cocktail typically made with gin or vodka and vermouth, often garnished with an olive or a twist of lemon peel. 

Products of some children's imaginations


Products of some children's imaginations Children often imagine and create imaginary companions or "friends" through their imagination, representing characters or individuals they interact with in their minds. 

All U.S. presidents thus far

Answer: MEN

All U.S. presidents thus far The individuals who have held the office of President of the United States are all "men," as no woman has held the position as of yet.

Couple, in a tabloid

Answer: ITEM

Couple, in a tabloid In tabloid newspapers or magazines, a "couple" refers to a romantic pair or relationship, often the subject of gossip or speculation. 

Type of jar

Answer: MASON

A "Mason jar" is a type of glass jar commonly used in home canning and preserving food. It is named after John Landis Mason, who invented and patented the design in 1858. 

Checkup sounds

Answer: AHS

 During a medical checkup or examination, patients often make sounds like "ahs" when asked to say "ah" for the doctor to examine their throat or tonsils. 

Internet mediator, for short

Answer: MOD

A "mod" is short for "moderator," a person who monitors and regulates online forums, discussion boards, or communities to ensure that users follow the rules and maintain civil discourse. 

Tres + tres

Answer: SEIS

Tres + tres: In Spanish, "tres" means three. Adding another "tres" results in the sum of six, which is "seis" in Spanish. 

College declaration

Answer: MAJOR

College declaration: A "major" is a student's chosen field of study or specialization in college or university, representing the primary subject area in which they intend to focus their academic pursuits. 

Biographical blog section


 In a blog, the "about me" section typically provides information about the author, their background, interests, and other personal details. 

Place next to a point

Answer: TENTHS

In numerical terms, "tenths" are the digits immediately to the right of the decimal point in a decimal number, representing one-tenth of a whole unit. 

Thomas who had a bright idea

Answer: EDISON

 Thomas Edison was an American inventor and businessman known for developing many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the long-lasting, practical electric light bulb. 

Puppy (snack for a human, or meal for a dog)

Answer: CHOW

 "Chow" can refer to either a type of food, especially hearty or solid fare, often associated with military rations or Chinese cuisine, or it can be used informally to refer to a meal for a dog.

Slyly signal to

Answer: NODAT

 To "nod at" someone is to make a subtle or sly gesture with one's head, indicating agreement, acknowledgement, or understanding. 

Move to the big leagues, say

Answer: GOPRO

"Go pro" is a phrase that means to transition from amateur or recreational status to professional status, often in sports but also applicable to other fields or endeavors. 


Answer: HEY

 "Hey" is a friendly and informal greeting used to attract someone's attention or initiate conversation. 

Cleaning brand

Answer: LYSOL

"Lysol" is a well-known brand of cleaning and disinfectant products, including sprays, wipes, and cleaners, used to kill germs and bacteria on surfaces. 

Bibliography abbr.

Answer: ETAL

In bibliographies or reference lists, "et al." is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "et alia" meaning "and others." It is used to indicate that there are additional authors beyond those listed. 

Analogy words

Answer: ISTO

In analogies, "is to" is a common phrase used to establish the relationship between two pairs of terms. For example, if "cat" is to "meow," then "dog" is to "bark."


Answer: CHYNA

"Chyna" likely refers to the American model and entrepreneur, Blac Chyna, whose real name is Angela Renée White. She is known for her appearances in reality television and her relationships with members of the Kardashian family.

Cotes du

Answer: RHONE

"Rhone" refers to the Rhône wine region in France, known for producing a variety of wines, including reds, whites, and rosés, from grape varieties such as Syrah, Grenache, and Viognier. 


Answer: ANGER

"Anger" is a strong feeling of displeasure or hostility towards someone or something, often accompanied by a desire for revenge or retaliation.

Outing from San Francisco to Big Sur, maybe


Outing from San Francisco to Big Sur, maybe: A "day trip" refers to a short excursion or outing that takes place within a single day, often from one location to another nearby destination and back. 

Slippery fish

Answer: EEL

An "eel" is a long, slender fish with a snake-like body that is known for its slippery texture and ability to wiggle out of a person's grasp. 

1996 Spice Girls hit espousing girl power


1996 Spice Girls hit espousing girl power: "Wannabe" is a hit song by the British girl group Spice Girls, released in 1996. The song's lyrics promote female empowerment and friendship, encouraging women to assert themselves and pursue their goals. 



 To be "enticed" means to be strongly attracted or tempted by something, often because it appears appealing or desirable. Therefore the is ENTICED.

Sonnet endings


Sonnet endings In traditional sonnet forms such as the Italian or Petrarchan sonnet, the poem typically consists of an octave followed by a sestet, which are the two main divisions of the poem.

Canadian capital

Answer: OTTAWA

The capital city of Canada is "Ottawa," which is located in the province of Ontario. 


Answer: FRUGAL

Being "frugal" means being careful and economical with money or resources, avoiding waste and unnecessary expenses. 

Indie folk's Bon -

Answer: IVER

"Bon Iver" is an American indie folk band founded by singer-songwriter Justin Vernon. The band is known for its introspective lyrics and atmospheric soundscapes. 

Protective ditches

Answer: MOATS

"Moats" are deep, wide trenches or channels of water surrounding a castle, fortress, or building, serving as a defensive barrier against attacks by preventing direct access to the structure's walls. 

Steak cut named for a letter

Answer: TBONE

A "T-bone" steak is a cut of beef named for the T-shaped bone that runs through the center, separating the larger portion of strip steak from the smaller portion of tenderloin or filet mignon. 

Red lightsaber wielder

Answer: SITH

In the Star Wars universe, a "Sith" is a practitioner of the dark side of the Force, often depicted wielding red lightsabers as symbols of their affiliation with evil and aggression. 


Answer: CUSS

To "cuss" means to use profane, vulgar, or offensive language, often in moments of frustration, anger, or emphasis. 

New beginning?

Answer: NEO

 The prefix "neo-" means "new" or "recent," suggesting something modern or innovative. 


Answer: YEP

"Uh-huh": "Yep" is an informal and colloquial way of affirming or agreeing with something, similar to saying "yes" or "yeah." 

Little lie

Answer: FIB

A "fib" is a minor or harmless untruth or falsehood, often told to avoid hurting someone's feelings or to avoid trouble.

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