Universal Crossword Puzzle for March 27, 2024

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Updated Mar 27, 2024

Universal Crossword Puzzle for March 27, 2024

Universal Crossword

The Universal Crossword is a word game, which is the best entertainment for each individual. By solving this, our way of thinking will be improved and it helps to develop our skills in several ways. This game is like a word grid, in which we should fill the answer, which is related to the given clue in multiple ways. Check our page for the latest puzzles in Universal Crossword puzzles. Let’s have a fun by solving these answers.

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Precious stones 

   GEMS Precious stones are often referred to as "gems." Gems are highly valued minerals that are prized for their beauty, rarity, and durability. They are often used in jewelry and adornments. Gemstones come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and they can include diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and many others.

Resistance units  


Resistance units refer to the unit of measurement for electrical resistance, which is ohms. Electrical resistance is the opposition to the flow of electric current through a conductor. Ohms are named after Georg Simon Ohm, a German physicist who formulated Ohm's law, which describes the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance in an electrical circuit. The symbol for ohms is Ω, and it represents the amount of resistance that restricts the flow of electricity in a circuit.

Take in music?    


 "Take in music?" is considered, absorb or appreciate a particular aspect of music. In this context, "riff" is the answer. A riff is a short, catchy, and repeated musical phrase or motif that forms a fundamental part of a song. It's a memorable sequence of notes or chords often played by guitars, but it can be produced by any instrument. Riffs are integral to many music genres, including rock, blues, jazz, and funk.

Vergara of “Chef”    


 "Vergara of 'Chef'" refers to the actress Sofia Vergara. In the film "Chef," Sofia Vergara portrays the character Inez, who is the ex-wife of the main character, Carl Casper, played by Jon Favreau. Sofia Vergara is a Colombian-American actress, model, and television personality known for her roles in various films and television shows.

“The ___ Housewives of Miami”  


 "The ___ Housewives of Miami" refers to the reality television show "The Real Housewives of Miami." The missing word is "Real." "The Real Housewives" franchise is a popular reality TV series that follows the lives of affluent women in various cities. "The Real Housewives of Miami" specifically focuses on the lives of wealthy women living in Miami, Florida. The franchise is known for its drama, luxury lifestyles, and conflicts among the cast members.

Taj Mahal’s site  


    "Taj Mahal’s site" refers to the city of Agra in India. The Taj Mahal, one of the most famous landmarks in the world, is located in Agra. It is a magnificent white marble mausoleum built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal is renowned for its stunning architecture, intricate marble work, and beautiful gardens, making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a symbol of love and romance.

Adhere (to)


When we think about the word "adhere," it means to stick or hold onto something firmly. Similarly, the word "cling" also carries the same meaning of sticking tightly to something. Therefore, "cling" is a suitable answer for the crossword question "Adhere (to)" because it essentially means the same thing - to stick or hold on tightly.

Spoons, e.g. (In this answer, note the first 3 letters + the last 4)  


"Spoons, e.g. (In this answer, note the first 3 letters + the last 4)", it seems like we're looking for a word that describes an action similar to "spoons" while also following the pattern of the first 3 letters ("CAN") and the last 4 letters ("OODLES") of "CANOODLES."

Not sinking 


 "Not sinking" is asking for a word that means something is staying above the surface of the water. "AFLOAT."

Cutesy lion noise    


 "Cutesy lion noise" a sound commonly associated with lions, but in a playful or endearing manner. "RAWR." This answer mimics the sound of a lion's roar but is often used in a more light-hearted or cartoonish context, such as in children's books or internet memes. So, in short:

Winter hrs. in D.C.  


 Winter hrs. in D.C."  for the time zone abbreviation used in Washington, D.C. during the winter months. is "EST," which stands for Eastern Standard Time.

Man cave appliances (… first letter + the last 6 letters) 


 "Man cave appliances (… first letter + the last 6 letters)" find a term related to appliances commonly found in a man cave, where the first letter of the word is given, and the subsequent six letters make up the rest of the word. So, let's break down the word "BEERFRIDGES" accordingly

___ shed  


"___ shed" where the blank is filled by a word. Now, the word "shed" can be interpreted in multiple ways, such as a place to store things, or to discard something (like skin shedding). However, given the capitalization of "SHE" in  we can infer that the clue is likely referring to the pronoun "she" which is used to refer to a female person or animal.

Freshmen, in three years: Abbr. 


 Freshmen, in three years: Abbr. in a crossword puzzle indicates that you need to find an abbreviation for what freshmen become after three years. "SRS," which stands for "Seniors." In the typical progression of students through four years of high school or college, freshmen are in their first year, sophomores in their second, juniors in their third, and seniors in their fourth and final year.

It’s opened and closed at a bar  


 It’s opened and closed at a bar in a crossword puzzle  "TAB." In this context, "opened and closed" refers to the first and last letters of the word "TAB." A "tab" at a bar is an open account that customers can run, ordering drinks or food throughout the night, and it's "closed" when they settle the bill.

Beachfront worry  


  "EROSION." Erosion is the gradual wearing away of land by natural forces such as wind, water, and ice. Beachfront erosion specifically refers to the loss of sand and land from the beach due to factors like waves, currents, and storms. It's a significant concern for coastal communities and property owners, as erosion can lead to the loss of valuable land, damage to infrastructure, and even threats to habitats and ecosystems. Therefore, "EROSION" fits well as "Beachfront worry" in the crossword puzzle.

Like a lob’s path  


 Like a lob’s path which is a type of shot in various sports like tennis, basketball, or volleyball."ARCED." When something is "arced," it means it follows a curved or arched path. In the context of a lob shot, players often aim to hit the ball in such a way that it travels in a high, looping arc over their opponent's head, aiming to land it in the desired location on the court or field. Therefore, "ARCED" accurately describes the path of a lob shot, making it the correct answer for the crossword clue.

Greek T’s    


Greek T’s in a crossword puzzle  Greek alphabet, specifically referring to the letter "T." to this clue is "TAUS." In the Greek alphabet, the letter "tau" is equivalent to the letter "T" in the English alphabet. Pluralizing "tau" gives us "taus," which refers to multiple instances of the letter "tau." Therefore, "TAUS" is the correct answer for the crossword clue "Greek T’s."

“And that’s an understatement” (… first 2 letters + the last 3) 


 The crossword clue "And that’s an understatement" Taking the first two letters and the last three of "TOSAYTHELEAST", we get "TOAST". Now, interpreting this in the context of the clue, "And that’s an understatement," we can understand that "TOAST" is indeed an understatement.

“Gloria” Oscar nominee Rowlands  


Gloria" Oscar nominee Rowlands actress who was nominated for an Oscar for her role in the movie "Gloria."

Memorial ___ Kettering  


 "Memorial ___ Kettering" refers to a renowned cancer treatment center located in New York City, known as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. In this case, the missing word is "SLOAN." This center is internationally recognized for its contributions to cancer research, treatment, and patient care. Therefore,

Performing like Common or Logic  


Common and Logic are both well-known rappers, known for their skillful performances in the genre of hip-hop music. Therefore, when the clue mentions "Performing like Common or Logic," a style of performance associated with these artists. that fits this description is "RAPPING," as both Common and Logic are renowned for their rapping skills.

Mar. follower  


 "Mar. follower" refers to the month that comes after March. "Mar." is an abbreviation commonly used to represent the month of March. Therefore, the word that follows March in the calendar is "APR," which is the abbreviation for April. Hence, to the crossword clue is "APR."

___ culpa  


   ___ culpa is a Latin phrase that translates to "my fault" or "my own fault" in English. In this phrase, the missing word is "MEA," which is the Latin word for "my" or "mine." When used in English, "___ culpa" is typically used to express an acknowledgment of one's own mistake or fault. Therefore, "MEA," completing the phrase "___ culpa" to convey the meaning of taking responsibility for one's actions.



 When someone exclaims "Bingo!" it often indicates a moment of sudden realization or discovery, often accompanied by a sense of excitement or triumph. Similarly, "AHA" is an interjection commonly used to express sudden realization or understanding. It's often uttered when someone grasps a concept, solves a problem, or makes a connection.

Hashtag for a picture showing a perfect relationship (… first 2 letters + the last 3) 


   Hashtag for a picture showing a perfect relationship (... first 2 letters + the last 3) commonly used on social media platforms, typically Instagram, to describe a picture representing an ideal or perfect relationship. By taking the first two letters of the phrase "COUPLEGOALS" and the last three letters, we get "COALS," which is often used as an abbreviation for "GOALS" in the context of hashtags.



 Automaton mechanical or artificially intelligent entity that can perform tasks automatically, often associated with the term "BOT," short for "robot" or "robotic automaton." So, to the crossword clue "Automaton" is "BOT." This is because "BOT" is a common term used to describe automated entities, such as chatbots or internet bots.

Musician Brickell  


Musician Brickell likely refers to a musician whose last name is Brickell. One famous musician who fits this description is Edie Brickell. So, to the crossword clue "Musician Brickell" is likely "EDIE" which is the first name of the musician Edie Brickell.

Chip dips


Chip dips food that is commonly used as a dip for chips. In this case, is "SALSAS." Salsa is a popular type of dip made from tomatoes, onions, peppers, and various spices. It is often served with tortilla chips or other types of chips. So, "SALSAS" fits the description of a variety of chip dips.

Some brisket pieces … or what each theme answer has?  


Some brisket pieces … or what each theme answer has? brisket, specifically referring to a certain part or characteristic of brisket that each theme answer in the crossword has in common. "BURNTENDS." Burnt ends are flavorful and tender pieces of meat that come from the point end of a smoked brisket. They are prized for their intense flavor and slightly crispy texture.

Start with a clean ___ 


 "Start with a clean ___" is a word that completes the phrase "Start with a clean [blank]." The word "SLATE" fits this clue because when you start with a clean slate, you are starting anew or starting fresh without any previous mistakes or obligations.

Dating from  


Dating from" is a phrase or term that indicates the starting point or origin of something. In this case, "ASOF" is a common abbreviation used to indicate a specific point in time from which something is dated.
Prefix with “dynamic”  


"Prefix with 'dynamic'" prefix that can be added to the word "dynamic" to form a new word. In this case, the prefix "AERO-" can be added to "dynamic" to form the word "AERODYNAMIC."

Frequent flyers’ points  


  "Frequent flyers' points" commonly associated with the reward system used by airlines to track and award points to passengers who frequently fly with them. In this case, "MILES."

Hanukkah coins


 "Hanukkah coins" term referring to the traditional coins given as gifts or used in games during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. In this case, "GELT."

Country where Boun Khoun Khao is celebrated  


"Country where Boun Khoun Khao is celebrated" name of a country where a festival called "Boun Khoun Khao" is observed. In this case, is "LAOS."

Salty expanses  


Salty expanses"  In this case, is "SEAS." Seas are vast expanses of saltwater that are smaller than oceans but larger than lakes. They are typically connected to oceans and can be found all over the world. Examples of seas include the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean Sea, and the Arabian Sea.

Athlete such as Nelly Korda or Lydia Ko  


"Athlete such as Nelly Korda or Lydia Ko" implies  is a term that describes the profession or activity of individuals like Nelly Korda and Lydia Ko. Both Nelly Korda and Lydia Ko are well-known professional golfers who compete in various golf tournaments around the world.

Uses tax software 


"Uses tax software" term describing the action taken by individuals when they electronically submit their tax returns using specialized software. In this case, is "EFILES."



"Inconsequential" with "MINOR" that the word "MINOR" fits the description of being inconsequential. In this context, "minor" refers to something of lesser importance or significance. It could be used to describe a minor detail in a larger context or an issue that is not considered significant. So, when solving the crossword puzzle, you would look for a word that means "inconsequential" or "of lesser importance," which would lead you to "MINOR" as the correct answer.

Noted union in Hollywood  


"Noted union in Hollywood" is likely looking for the name of a prominent labor union within the entertainment industry, particularly in Hollywood. is "SAGAFTRA," which stands for Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Enemy of an elf  


"Enemy of an elf" creature or being that is typically portrayed as antagonistic towards elves in various fantasy settings. to this clue is "ORC."

Listened to 


"listened to." The word "heard" fits this description perfectly. When someone listens to something, they are actively processing sounds with their ears, which can be described as "heard." Therefore, "heard" is the appropriate answer to the crossword clue "Listened to."



The term "cope" means to manage or deal with something successfully, especially when facing a difficult situation. Similarly, the word "manage" also conveys the idea of handling or dealing with something, often implying effective control or direction.

More like the tortoise    


More like the tortoise" is indicating that is a word or phrase that means "slower." In this case, "the tortoise" likely refers to the famous story of "The Tortoise and the Hare," where the tortoise is known for its slow and steady pace compared to the hare, which represents speed.



"Gnarly!" and "RAD" are both terms commonly associated with surfer culture and are often used to express excitement or approval

Latin pop star Enrique  


"Latin pop star Enrique" is asking for the name of a well-known Latin pop artist. to this clue is "IGLESIAS," referring to Enrique Iglesias, who is a popular singer known for his Latin pop hits. Iglesias has achieved international fame with songs like "Bailando," "Hero," and "Duele el Corazón."

“Just sold the last one!”


 "Just sold the last one!" indicates a situation where the last item of a product has been sold, implying that there is no more stock available.  "FRESHOUT" fits this clue because it means that the inventory has been exhausted or depleted, indicating that there are no more items remaining to be sold.



 "Affixes FASTENS" attach something quickly or securely, and it consists of affixes, which are elements added to a base word to change its meaning.

Some temporary coverings  


"Some temporary coverings SCABS"  temporary coverings and consists of the letters "SCABS"



"Ish" often approximation or a word that is similar to the intended one. In this case, "ORSO" could be interpreted as an approximation of the word "Orso."

Singer-songwriter Chapman  


 "Singer-songwriter Chapman" likely refers to the musician Tracy Chapman. Tracy Chapman is a well-known singer-songwriter known for her hits such as "Fast Car" and "Give Me One Reason." She rose to prominence in the late 1980s and early 1990s with her soulful voice and socially conscious lyrics.



"Su-u-ure" with the letters "IBET" that means "Sure" or expresses certainty, with the letters "I," "B," "E," and "T" interspersed in between

Fanboy over, say  


 "Fanboy over, say" with the letters "STAN" is a word that means to excessively admire or support someone or something, with "STAN" embedded within it.



"Now!" with the letters "ASAP" implies that is an acronym or abbreviation representing urgency or immediacy.

Universal MLB positions since 2022  


 "Universal MLB positions since 2022" with the letters "DHS" abbreviation or term used to describe a baseball position that has become universal or common in Major League Baseball (MLB) since 2022, with the letters "DHS" representing the position.

Place to sip a hot drink  


"Place to sip a hot drink" is a location where one might typically enjoy a hot beverage, with the letters "TEAHOUSE" spelling out

Doing the rounds, like a guard  


"Doing the rounds, like a guard" is a phrase describing the activity of a guard who is actively patrolling an area, with the letters "ONPATROL" forming the solution.

Airline with a hub at Ben Gurion  


"Airline with a hub at Ben Gurion" is the name of an airline that operates flights with a hub located at Ben Gurion Airport, with the letters "ELAL" spelling out the solution.

Bounds along 


"Bounds along" is a verb describing the action of moving with long, bounding strides, with the letters "LOPES" forming the solution.

Sensations from awesome songs  


"Sensations from awesome songs" is a term describing the pleasurable experience of listening to great music, with the letters "EARGASMS" forming the solution.

Mixed assortment  


"Mixed assortment" is a term describing a collection of various items or things gathered together in a random or haphazard manner, with the letters "GRABBAG" forming the solution.

Actor whose name sounds like a drink 


 "Actor whose name sounds like a drink" is the name of an actor whose name phonetically resembles the name of a beverage, with the letters "ICET" forming the solution.

Option on a certain game show  


"Option on a certain game show" is a choice or decision that can be made during a specific game show, with the letters "NODEAL" forming the solution.

___ pig (hairy pet)


   "___ pig (hairy pet)" implies that is a type of pig that is often kept as a pet and has a specific characteristic, which is being hairy. The word "guinea" fills in the blank, leading to "Guinea pig."

Indian spice mix


 "Indian spice mix" with 6 letters is likely referring to a common spice blend used in Indian cuisine. is "MASALA."



"Gladdens" is asking for a word that means to make happy or to bring joy. Similarly, "ELATES" means to make someone ecstatic or extremely happy. Both clues are essentially asking for synonyms of happiness or joy. 



"Buffoons" with people who behave in a foolish or ridiculous manner. is "ASSES."

Hall of Fame pitcher Martinez


"Hall of Fame pitcher Martinez" and "PEDRO," the clue is likely referring to the famous baseball pitcher Pedro Martinez. Pedro Martinez is indeed a Hall of Fame pitcher who played in Major League Baseball.

Skateboarding trick


"Skateboarding trick" refers to a fundamental maneuver in skateboarding known as the "Ollie."

Digital art piece: Abbr.


"Digital art piece: Abbr." indicates that we're looking for a term abbreviated to describe a digital artwork. In recent years, a popular term in the digital art world is "NFT."

Message from a shipwreck  


"Message from a shipwreck" distress signal often used in emergencies at sea. to this clue is "SOS."

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