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Top 5 Strongest Blocks in Minecraft

Get the top 5 toughest blocks in Minecraft! From obsidian to bedrock, these strong materials keep your builds safe and study.

by Rubaditsha

Updated Mar 25, 2024

Top 5 Strongest Blocks in Minecraft

Top 5 Strongest Blocks in Minecraft

The top 5 strongest blocks in Minecraft are essential for building super tough structures. Obsidian is the toughest, practically indestructible. Then there is bedrock, which is the strongest block in the game. Deepslate bricks are super strong and great for building fortresses.

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Next, there is crying obsidian, which looks cool and can resist explosions. Lastly, there is cobblestone, easy to find and tougher than wood. These blocks offer players the best protection against all sorts of dangers in the game, making their creations nearly invincible.

1. Obsidian

One unique kind of block in the game is called Obsidian. Its glowy texture, which causes purple drips to form, gives it a unique appearance and makes it appear very powerful compared to normal obsidian. With it, you can construct interesting structures. Obsidian is a very strong substance.

It is even more durable than materials made of diamonds. The only materials that are harder are bedrock and end frame-blocks, which are unbreakable. It takes a long time to mine obsidian, even with the greatest tools. It is the strongest building block available in the game.

2. Crying Obsidian

Crying Obsidian is an alternate kind of Obsidian block. It can significantly change the appearance of your structures and is equally strong. It appears shiny and releases purple droplets when placed on a surface. Big explosions can be handled by this block because of its extreme strength. However, the process of uncovering it is somewhat laborious. Though it is not exactly the toughest block, it is one of the hardest in the game.

3. Deepslate Bri

Deepslate bricks are a new block that was included in the Caves and Cliffs update for the game. Regular deepslate blocks may be crafted to create these. Because of their unique texture, deepslate bricks are perfect for construction projects like forts and castles. In addition, they are much stronger than the majority of other blocks. You are unable to mine them any more quickly, even if you own a beacon. Thus, they are difficult to break yet excellent for creating.

4. Block of Copper

In the game's Caves and Cliffs update, they added a cool new material called copper. It is strong and great for building stuff. When you turn copper into big blocks, they do something neat, they change color slowly. That is because copper reacts with the air and turns green after a few days. So, if you make something with copper blocks, it might look different over time.

5. Cobblestone

One of the simplest strong blocks in the game to get is cobblestone. All you need to do is mine simple stone blocks that you come across in the real world. They may not have the same look as timber, but they are strong. Compared with standard stone blocks or bricks, cobblestone is more durable. This being said cobblestone is a great choice if you need something strong.

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