Times Quick Cryptic 2545 Answers Today December 11, 2023

If you are stuck on today's Times Quick Cryptic 2545 Puzzle, we are here to help you to solve today's Times Quick Cryptic 2545 crossword puzzle.

by Abisha

Updated Dec 11, 2023

Times Quick Cryptic 2545 Answers Today December 11, 2023

Times Quick Cryptic 2545 Answers Today December 11, 2023

Clues Answers
A jolly woman in invasion force ARMADA
At home, nurse is mean INTEND
Banter OK when you are young? BADINAGE
Cut off from place a colleague is holding AMPUTATE
Frequently visits relatives after hours HAUNTS
Garden where partners had a fall EDEN
Guess the car I’m in ESTIMATE
Knowing about daughter selling apps ADWARE
Latin mass (not the last) arranged, one thought to bring good fortune TALISMAN
Man, a British isle STAFFA
Nervous of conflict with unknown WARY
One abandoning girlfriend in truck DUMPER
One card bearing any number of spots ACNE
Place to sleep I’ll put in punt BILLET
Principal figure in novel wanting woman’s love HERO
Republican welcomed by dissident group in part FRACTION
Run to get home, tricky for most of us English mother tongue
Stick from tree GUM
Take a risk in drama of burning intensity? play with fire
That man had position in club associated with driving range HIMALAYA
Unable to feel end of arm, roll over clutching it NUMB
Vigorous check in very small housing PUNCHY
Whip the Spanish horse LASH
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"Times Quick Cryptic" is a daily crossword puzzle featured in "The Times" newspaper. It's known for its cryptic and challenging clues, which often require wordplay, anagrams, and clever thinking to solve. The goal is to fill the crossword grid with words that fit both across and down based on the provided clues. It's a popular puzzle for those who enjoy word games and brain teasers.

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Times Quick Cryptic 2545 Answers Today December 11, 2023

1. What is Times Quick Cryptic?

Times Quick Cryptic" puzzles are notoriously challenging, requiring wordplay, anagrams, and lateral thinking, making them more difficult than standard crosswords.

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