Times Quick Cryptic 2538 Answers Today November 30, 2023

If you are stuck on today's Times Quick Cryptic 2538Puzzle, we are here to help you to solve today's Times Quick Cryptic 2538crossword puzzle.

by Sivasankari

Updated Nov 30, 2023

Times Quick Cryptic 2538 Answers Today November 30, 2023

Times Quick Cryptic 2538 Answers Today November 30, 2023



A barge touring London’s outskirts? It won’t stop until morning all-nighter
A shopper, perhaps, giving things away     TELLTALE
After first of month, one’s going to factory     MILL
Assent to reform most reasonable     SANEST
Being elected again is way to secure fresh tenure     RETURNED
Bloomer turning up in corduroys I admit     DAISY
Cases to be cracked over breakfast?     EGGSHELLS
Condition to run in     NICK
Direction, as employed in Spielberg film     EAST
Envoy say coming in after hours     LEGATE
Extended November in one’s youth in area of NY     Long Island
Fair Jordan, initially US tennis’s number one     JUST
Great eponymous hero keeping pistols near    


Interrogated endlessly: that’s grating     GRILLE
Large porter maybe brought up for airline     El Al
Nothing fitted round a collar     NAIL
NZ bird pinching top from sewing case     TUI
Pick the centre out of a cold, brown sweet?     CHOICE
Ruin a Parisian party     UNDO
Schedule article on sex for broadcast     AGENDA
Signal to go eco: not difficult!     green light
Super Indian making comeback, regularly getting bye     ADIEU
The Samurai strangely far from professional     AMATEURISH
Times of bewilderment, we hear     DAYS
Volatile, I excel with bat, somehow     EXCITABLE
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"Times Quick Cryptic" is a daily crossword puzzle featured in "The Times" newspaper. It's known for its cryptic and challenging clues, which often require wordplay, anagrams, and clever thinking to solve. The goal is to fill the crossword grid with words that fit both across and down based on the provided clues. It's a popular puzzle for those who enjoy word games and brain teasers.

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Times Quick Cryptic 2538 Answers Today November 30, 2023 - FAQ

1. What is Times Quick Cryptic?

Times Quick Cryptic" puzzles are notoriously challenging, requiring wordplay, anagrams, and lateral thinking, making them more difficult than standard crosswords.

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