Tim Wakefield Death and Obituary, Who Was Tim Wakefield? What Happened to Tim Wakefield? How Did Tim Wakefield Die?

Tim Wakefield, the former Boston Red Sox pitcher who played a pivotal role in the 2004 World Series victory, has sadly passed away at the age of 57 due to brain cancer.

by Sangamithra | Updated Oct 03, 2023

Tim Wakefield Death and Obituary, Who Was Tim Wakefield? What Happened to Tim Wakefield? How Did Tim Wakefield Die?

Tim Wakefield's Death and Obituary 

Tim Wakefield, a former baseball player for the Boston Red Sox, has passed away at the age of 57. He died from brain cancer at his home in Massachusetts. Tim was famous for his special way of throwing the baseball called a knuckleball. In 2004, he played a very important role in helping the Red Sox win their first championship in 86 years. He was a beloved figure in the baseball world and was known not just for his playing skills but also for his kindness and charity work.

Even though he had a tough moment in a baseball game in 2003, he made a comeback in 2004 by helping his team win the World Series. After he retired from playing baseball, he worked as an analyst on TV for Red Sox games, and he was honored by being inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame. Tim Wakefield's life and career inspired many, and he will be remembered for his contributions to the sport and his community.

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Who Was Tim Wakefield? 

Tim Wakefield was a famous baseball player from America. He played for a long time in Major League Baseball (MLB), which is a big baseball league. He started with the Pittsburgh Pirates, but most people remember him for his 17 years with the Boston Red Sox. He played with the Red Sox from 1995 until he retired in 2012. When he retired, he was the oldest player in the big leagues.

Wakefield won 200 games during his career, and he's ranked third in the Red Sox's history for the most wins, behind only Cy Young and Roger Clemens. He also pitched the second-most wins at Fenway Park and had the most innings pitched by any Red Sox pitcher. He was really good and even got to be an All-Star in 2009 and won a special award called the Roberto Clemente Award in 2010. Tim Wakefield was a great baseball player who played for many years and did many impressive things during his career.


Tim Wakefield


August 2, 1966


Melbourne, Florida


57 years old


Pitcher (Knuckleball)

Career Teams

Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates

Career Span

1992 - 2011

Notable Achievements

World Series Champion (2004), Roberto Clemente Award (2010)


Known for his knuckleball pitch, contributions to charity, and community work


Became a TV analyst for Red Sox games, inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame


Tim Wakefield's Early Life

Tim Wakefield was born in Melbourne, Florida. He went to Eau Gallie High School and later attended the Florida Institute of Technology. At college, he played baseball for the Florida Tech Panthers. They thought he was really good, and he even got an award for being the most valuable player on the team when he played as a first baseman during his sophomore and junior years.

He was pretty amazing in college baseball. Wakefield hit 22 home runs in one season, which was a big record for the Panthers. He also set a record for the most home runs in the team's history with 40. The college was so proud of him that they even retired his uniform number, No. 3, in 2006 to honor his achievements. So, even before he became a famous MLB player, Tim Wakefield was already a baseball star in college.

Tim Wakefield Career

Tim Wakefield had a remarkable career in baseball. He started as a first baseman when the Pittsburgh Pirates picked him in the 1988 MLB draft. However, a scout suggested he switch to pitching because he wouldn't progress much as a position player. So, he began developing his famous knuckleball, determined to succeed. In 1992, Wakefield made his MLB debut with the Pirates and made a significant impact, earning the National League Rookie Pitcher of the Year award.

He played a key role in the playoffs, even though the Pirates didn't win the World Series. The following year, he became the Opening Day starter but faced struggles and was sent down to the minors. In 1995, the Boston Red Sox signed Wakefield after the Pirates released him. He thrived with the Red Sox, becoming a dependable starter. He played a crucial part in helping the Red Sox win the American League East in 1995.

His success continued over the next few years, and he was even named the Sporting News American League Comeback Player of the Year in 1995. In 2004, Wakefield played a significant role in helping the Red Sox win the World Series after an 86-year drought. He was a versatile pitcher, moving between starting and relief roles.

His career was marked by milestones, including reaching 2,000 strikeouts and setting records for innings pitched by a Red Sox pitcher. Wakefield retired in 2012, leaving a lasting legacy with the Boston Red Sox as one of their all-time greats.

Tim Wakefield Age

Tim Wakefield was 57 years old at the time of his passing. He was born on August 2, 1966, in Melbourne, Florida. Throughout his life, Wakefield made a significant impact in the world of baseball, particularly as a knuckleball pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.

Despite the challenges of his unique pitching style, he had a long and successful career, earning the respect and admiration of fans and fellow athletes. His legacy extends beyond the baseball field, as he was known for his charitable work and his warm spirit, making him a beloved figure in both the sports community and beyond.

Tim Wakefield's Net Worth

Tim Wakefield’s estimated net worth was about $20 million. He got this money from playing baseball, and he earned around $67 million during his career. Most of that money came from when he played for the Boston Red Sox.

So, he made a good amount of money from his time as a baseball player, and it added up to a big net worth for him.


Tim Wakefield

Net Worth

$20 million

Source of Income

Professional Baseball Player

What Happened to Tim Wakefield? 

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield has passed away at 57 after a recent brain cancer diagnosis. With a nearly 29-year tenure in the Red Sox organization, he was celebrated for his knuckleball and tireless charity work. Wakefield's passing has deeply saddened many. He was more than a baseball player; he was a kind-hearted and generous individual who supported cancer patients through the Red Sox Foundation.

His legacy extends beyond sports, and his teammates and fans are mourning his loss. Tim Wakefield's impact on the community and the baseball world will be remembered fondly, leaving a void in the hearts of many.

How Did Tim Death Wakefield Die?

Tim Wakefield passed away due to brain cancer. He had been diagnosed with this illness, and despite undergoing surgery after doctors discovered the cancer when he wasn't feeling well, he unfortunately lost his battle with the disease. His death was a result of complications related to brain cancer.

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Tim Wakefield Death and Obituary - FAQs

1. What was Tim Wakefield's cause of death?

Tim Wakefield passed away due to brain cancer.

2. How old was Tim Wakefield when he died?

Tim Wakefield was 57 years old at the time of his passing.

3. What was Tim Wakefield's career in baseball?

Tim Wakefield had a long and successful career as a knuckleball pitcher, primarily with the Boston Red Sox.

4. What was Tim Wakefield's estimated net worth?

Tim Wakefield's estimated net worth was approximately $20 million, mostly earned from his baseball career.

5. What did Tim Wakefield do after retiring from baseball?

After retiring, Tim Wakefield worked as a TV analyst for Red Sox games and was inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame.

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