TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023 Winners, TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023 

Discover the winners of the 2023 TikTok Awards Malaysia, celebrating content creators from various backgrounds and their impactful contributions, held at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre.

by Harini

Updated Aug 29, 2023

TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023 Winners, TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023 

Tiktok Awards Malaysia 2023 Winners

The winners of the 2023 TikTok Awards Malaysia have been announced, recognizing individuals from various backgrounds who have achieved success as content creators on the platform. From former MMA fighters to cargo workers, these individuals have made a significant impact and garnered recognition through their creative contributions on TikTok.

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Authored by Melissa Suraya Ismail on August 28, 2023.

TikTok Malaysia recently concluded its month-long award competition with the grand event, TikTok Awards Malaysia. This inaugural annual award show, held at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) in Kuala Lumpur on August 27, brought together Malaysian content creators to celebrate those who have made a substantial mark on TikTok throughout the year.

In addition to the categories determined by judges, the public has also been actively engaged in the voting process to select their favorite creators in the People's Choice categories.

Here is the list of winners along with some background information about them. You might not be familiar with their names and stories, so let's take a closer look at who they are.

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People’s Choice Categories Winners

Creator Of The Year


Khairulaming requires no introduction. Hailing from Kota Bharu and aged 29, Khairulaming has shaken up the Malaysian food industry ever since he entered the realm of content creation in 2016.

Initially starting with simple recipe videos using budget-friendly ingredients, he has now established multiple factories for his Sambal Nyet empire. Beyond that, he has been a vocal advocate for education, business, and digital media. He has garnered an impressive 53.8 million likes on TikTok to date.

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Khairulaming faced off against @bossjames_oe, @lawyergandhi, @auntiepurple248, @sallywhoo, and @ceddyornot in this category.

Popular Creator Of The Year


Ryan Bakery, or Muhammad Ryan Fahmi Bin Bakery, aged 28 and hailing from Perak, is a prominent figure. His relatable and humorous parody videos, reminiscent of the '90s childhood era, have struck a chord with Malaysians.

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Commencing his video creations in 2021 after being impacted by the pandemic-related job loss in the cargo industry, Ryan Bakery has now amassed an impressive 139 million likes on TikTok.

Ryan Bakery went up against @drbengee, @alexhkf, @sofyank96, @gigicheoh, and @itsjovynn in the awards show.

Rising Star Of The Year


Noor Ikhmal Haqim Noor Azhar, commonly known as Ikhmal Nour, is not only a singer but also a content creator. Renowned for his amusing take on daily topics, as well as his distinctive green wig – a feature he donned at the award show – Ikhmal began his content journey in 2020. His TikTok account has since garnered over 89.6 million likes.

Ikhmal emerged as the winner over competitors like @yuki_dance_, @chefdaveveganjourney, @gastonpong, @penceritatv, and @zarul.hafiz.

Popular Animation Account Of The Year

@upinipinofficial @lescopaque

Upin and Ipin, the five-year-old Malaysian animated twins, have captivated the hearts of Malaysian children by showcasing their mischievous escapades in the kampung (village) setting. Airing on television since 2007, they have become the longest-running Malaysian animated series, now in its 16th year of production.

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Their TikTok account was established in 2020 and has garnered around 209 million likes.

Other nominees included @yimotapir, @boboiboy, @official_didiandfriends, @papapipi, and @officialejenali.

Live Creator Of The Year


Tiger Labu has earned recognition for his distinctive narration style in exploring haunted places across Malaysia. A former MMA fighter, Tiger Labu transitioned to TikTok in 2022. His immersive videos have garnered 3.7 million likes.

The category also featured nominees like @garyislit_, @quehaidar, @hafizalonggs, @ervan818, and @wafiy_aan.

TikTok Shop Creator Of The Year


Mohammad Anas Zahrin has made a name for himself as a beauty and fashion entrepreneur. With a fashion line named Ashh&Annas and a popular cosmetic brand named ANAS Cosmetic, he has leveraged TikTok to engage with his audience through giveaways and discounts. His account currently boasts over 65.4 million likes.

Anaszahrin competed against creators like @tangsiewsiang, @vicky.littlewolf, @dapur_mahir, @watermummy_oe, and @dearcarynn.

Celebrity Creator Of The Year


Aeril Zafrel, also known as Suhairil Sunari, has made his mark as an actor, director, and producer. Often featuring his wife, Wawa Zainal, who is also an actress and model, in his videos, Aeril has garnered over 32.7 million likes on TikTok.

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Aeril's contenders in this category included @dollaofficial, @annajobling, @zizanrazak869, @jannanickofficial, and @sitinordiana84.

Judge’s Pick Categories Winners

Best of Beauty & Fashion


Shahira Azlan has become well-known for her before-and-after makeup transformations, beauty care tutorials, and vlogs about her life. She is also the founder of a beauty brand called SHERR. Her TikTok account has accumulated 70 million likes.

Other nominees in this category included @thenictionary, @miaazahar, @osza.best, @eimasafuan, @sfeashraa, @nelysa_norazlan, @rozyanaroslan2, @hanzartmakeup, and @hidayahgan.

Best of Entertainment


Eiqa Maleq has gained recognition for her reviews of movies and dramas, particularly Korean dramas. After leaving her job in the realty field during the pandemic, she started creating video reviews of food and movies. TikTok provided her with a platform to expand her interest in the entertainment industry, leading to 9.3 million likes on her account.

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Nominees in this category also included @adamizzy, @aimonnn_, @azmirakmar, @hadamproject, @lordtofucat, @mistashaque, @moseswck, @shahril_en_pecinta_muvee, and @sonicwebs.

Best of Gaming


Sultan Riq has stood out by creating inspiring videos about the gaming and tech industry. Alongside popular games like PUBG, he offers live reviews of Mobile Legends. He emphasizes the importance of managing time for essential aspects such as family, school, and work while gaming.

Other contenders in this category were @yonnytiktok_, @mandayat,

Tiktok Awards Malaysia 2023 

TikTok Malaysia wrapped up their festivities with the highlight event of the season – TikTok Awards Malaysia. This spectacular one-night affair marked the inception of an annual tradition that promises to endure for years to come.

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The grand stage for this celebration was none other than the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) in Kuala Lumpur. On the evening of August 27, the heart of the city resonated with excitement as the award show brought forth a captivating convergence of Malaysia's small-screen creators onto a grand platform. Here, these creators, who have left an indelible mark on TikTok throughout the year, found themselves in the spotlight they so deservedly earned.

Beyond the meticulously curated judge-selected categories, an additional layer of enthusiasm was added by the public's fervent engagement in the selection process. Over the preceding weeks, enthusiasts and admirers had the chance to cast their votes for their preferred creators in the People's Choice categories.

Now, it's time to unveil the luminaries who emerged victorious and take a closer look at their journey. These individuals, who might still be unfamiliar to some, deserve our attention as we delve into their stories and endeavors. So, let's embark on a journey of discovery and acquaint ourselves more intimately with these remarkable content creators.

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Tiktok Awards Malaysia 2023 Nominees

If you're an avid TikTok user, get ready to be thrilled about the upcoming TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023!

Collaborating with TV3 and sponsored by HONOR 90 5G, foodpanda, and F&N Dairies, this event will mark the debut of the TikTok Awards in Malaysia.

This inaugural event, now set to become an annual tradition, stands as the pinnacle of TikTok's yearly calendar. Its primary purpose? To applaud the accomplishments of Malaysian creators who have left a significant imprint on the platform with their innovative, motivating, and educational narratives and talents.

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Beyond honoring and acknowledging these exceptional creators, the awards ceremony will also provide them with a platform to gain enhanced visibility, both within the TikTok community and beyond its borders.

The nominees for the People's Choice awards in each category have been recently unveiled, and you have the opportunity to cast your vote for your favorite creators on TikTok from August 15 to 26.

Take a look at the comprehensive list of nominees below:

Creator Of The Year

  • khairulaming
  • bossjames_oe
  • lawyergandhi
  • auntiepurple248
  • sallywhoo
  • ceddyornot

Rising Star of The Year

  • gastonpong
  • ikhmaln0ur
  • penceritatv
  • zarul.hafiz
  • chefdaveveganjourney
  • yuki_dance

Popular Creator of the Year

  • drbengee
  • alexhkf
  • sofyank96
  • ryanbakery
  • gigicheoh
  • itsjovynn

Celebrity of The Year

  • aerilzafrel8
  • jannanickofficial
  • dollaofficial
  • sitinordiana84
  • annajobling
  • zizanrazak869

Popular Animation Account of The Year

  • yimotapir
  • upinipin.official
  • boboiboy
  • officialejenali
  • papapipi
  • official_didiandfriends

LIVE creator of the year

  • garyislit_
  • quehaidar
  • hafizalonggs
  • wafiy_aan
  • tigerlabu
  • ervan818

TikTok Shop Creator of the Year

  • anaszahrin
  • tangsiewsiang
  • vicky.littlewolf
  • dapur_mahir
  • watermummy_oe
  • dearcarynn

About Tik Tok

TikTok, known as Douyin in mainland China, stands as a short-form video hosting platform under the ownership of ByteDance. Within its domain, users share a diverse array of videos, spanning from brief 3-second snippets to more extended 10-minute compositions.

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Since their respective introductions, TikTok and Douyin have achieved widespread global acclaim. By October 2020, TikTok had amassed over 2 billion mobile downloads across the world. The year 2020 saw TikTok ranked as the third-fastest growing brand, trailing only Zoom and Peacock, according to Morning Consult.

Furthermore, in the realm of website popularity, Cloudflare bestowed TikTok with the esteemed distinction of being the most visited site in 2021, surpassing even the likes of Google.

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Tiktok Awards Malaysia 2023 Winners: FAQs

1. Who were the winners of the 2023 TikTok Awards Malaysia?

The 2023 TikTok Awards Malaysia winners were individuals from diverse backgrounds who excelled as content creators on the platform, gaining recognition for their impactful contributions.

2. When and where was the TikTok Awards Malaysia held?

The TikTok Awards Malaysia took place on August 27, 2023, at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) in Kuala Lumpur.

3. How were the winners selected?  

The winners were selected through a combination of judge-selected categories and People's Choice categories, where the public had the opportunity to vote for their favorite creators

4. .Who won the Creator Of The Year award?

The Creator Of The Year award was won by @khairulaming, a 29-year-old content creator from Kota Bharu who has made a significant impact in the Malaysian food industry.


5. What is the significance of the TikTok Awards Malaysia?  

The TikTok Awards Malaysia is an annual event aimed at celebrating the achievements of Malaysian creators who have left a remarkable influence on TikTok through their creative and educational content. It also provides a platform for increased visibility for these creators.

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