The Ultimatum France where are they now? Who are they?

Are you curious to knowthe couples of The Ultimatum Francewhere are they now? thenfollow the page and get complete details of thecouples ofThe Ultimatum France.

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Updated Mar 31, 2023

The Ultimatum France where are they now? Who are they?

The Ultimatum France 

A reality TV show called The Ultimatum: France is based on the series "The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On." The Ultimatum is a self-described sociological experiment that seeks to determine the proportion of engaged couples who receive ultimatums. Six engaged couples are featured on the show. Eight weeks are given to each couple to determine whether they want to get married or remain single forever. Then, the couples will be split up and move in with their new companions for three weeks after selecting them from the rest of the group.

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The Ultimatum France Season 1 Where are they now?

The list of couples who are all appeared in The Ultimatum France Season 1

S.No Couples
1    Lindsay and Scott
2 Romane and Theo Borghino
3 Sophianne and Lina
4 Benjamin and Alena
5 Catherine and Richy Williams
6 Andre Fouquet and Sarah Andrea 
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The Ultimatum France Season 1 Where are they now?

The Ultimatum: France on Netflix may cause you to reconsider your beliefs if you've ever believed that marriage is the end objective of a relationship. The concept of marriage and relationships is put to the test in a manner that has never been done before by this French reality show. The show's first season presented viewers with some interesting couples, whose stories were nothing short of fascinating. Of course, people are interested in knowing what their favorite couples are doing these days. Let's investigate it together, then.

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Lindsay and Scott

We begin with Scott Scotty and Lindsay, the couple split up on Ultimatum Day, but it appears that they reconciled a month later when Lindsay agreed to accept her boyfriend's excuses and advances. The couple hasn't provided any relationship updates since their appearance on the show. Lindsay is a nurse who is actively living her life to the fullest. Scott, a sports coach, is stationed in Liege, Belgium, in the interim. The fact that Scott is truly from Belgium and that his family resides in the same city as he may be known to viewers of the show. He recently made an appearance on "It's Just TV" with Lina.

Romane and Theo 

Romane and Theo Borghino did not get engaged and left the program together, in contrast to most couples on the show. Romane reportedly resides in the French city of Aix-en-Provence. She is still pursuing her education but has expressed her excitement for her Netflix debut in an open manner.

“I wanted to thank you for following the program and especially for the incredible amount of messages of support and love that I have received since the start of the broadcast. I’ve made some mistakes and I don’t blame those who could have a pejorative opinion of me but don’t forget that we remain imperfect humans and that’s what makes the beauty and the uniqueness of each person,” Romance shares the post on Instagram

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The same as Romane, Theo is a dietician and sports coach who lives and works in Aix-en-Provence. Individuals who are interested can access his training through a variety of programs on Theo's website. On his social media accounts, the sports coach frequently posts fitness-related content in addition to advertising his reality TV appearance.

Sophianne and Lina

The couple Sophianne and Lina, who are arguably the season's most entertaining couple. The couple was excited to see what life had in store for them after a journey filled with ups and downs that ultimately resulted in their engagement. The couple appears to be still committed to getting married as of this writing, despite the fact that they haven't provided any updates. On December 23, 2022, Sophianne actually published his single "Nothing More." Lina and Sophianne appear to be traveling back and forth frequently between the USA and France, much like the couple revealed in their Netflix series. Lina appears to have changed her mind about staying in the United States.

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Benjamin and Alena

Alena was determined to marry her partner, Benjamin Leroy Wurmlinger when she first appeared on the program. She changed her mind, saying she loved her boyfriend very much and was prepared to wait for him during the ceremony to select their test partners. In response, Benjamin clarified that he had not ruled out getting married. But before making such a significant step, he needed to establish his financial and professional standing. Following their stint on the show, the couple launched "Les Amoureuses Bar a Vins" in collaboration. The happy couple is currently residing in the French capital and appears to be having a good time.

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Catherine and Richy

Catherine and Richy Williams wasted little time after getting married on "The Ultimatum: France." In actuality, the couple wed two months after being engaged. The ceremony was absolutely stunning, and some parts were included in the Netflix episode. While Catherine is a restaurant manager in the hospitality sector, Richy appears to be a commercial agent. They both seem to have enjoyed their time on the program and have excitedly spread the word about it on social media. Now settled in Paris, France, the happy couple appears to be experiencing marital happiness. During their experience on the reality series, they have also received a lot of positive public attention.

Andre Fouquet and Sarah Andrea 

It appears that Sarah Andrea and Andre Fouquet are still going strong after a double proposal. The pair chose to take things slowly and postpone getting married for almost a year after becoming engaged. They had planned to live together and consider their future together during this period. Sarah is currently employed by Ford Motors in Paris, France as a Beautician, while Andre is a Sales Adviser for the company. Located in the French capital, Sarah and Andre appear to get along well with Théo and Lina, the subjects of their individual tests, as well as numerous other cast members.

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The Ultimatum France where are they now - FAQs

1. Who got married in The Ultimatum France?

After getting engaged, Catherine and Richy Williams got married within two months in The Ultimatum France.


2. How many Episodes are there in The Ultimatum France?

There are ten episodes in The Ultimatum France: The Split, The Choice, New Bed, New Partner, The First Debrief, Soul-Searching, The Reunion, Back to Reality, The Last Chance, Ultimatum Day, and Two Months Later.

3. When was the first episode of The Ultimatum France released?

On January 6, 2023, The Ultimatum France was released on Netflix.

4. Where is The Ultimatum France inspired?

A reality TV show called The Ultimatum: France is based on the show"The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On".

5. How many couples are there in The Ultimatum France?

There are six engaged couples in The Ultimatum France.

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