The Sun Mini Crossword Clues and Answers for 27th March 2024

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by Abisha

Updated Mar 27, 2024

The Sun Mini Crossword Clues and Answers for 27th March 2024

Sometimes solving a crossword can be hard. If you find yourself stuck with a tough clue, there is no need to panic. You can easily solve them with the help of our guide. We regularly update the solutions to the crosswords on our site. Here you can find the answers for today’s The Sun Mini crossword.

Towards the rear of a boat

The Possible Answer is ASTERN

The stern of a boat refers to the rear or back portion.

Coyness, lack of vanity

The Possible Answer is MODESTY

Modesty refers to a lack of vanity or boastfulness, often associated with coyness or humility.

Change for the better

The Possible Answer is UPTURN

An upturn refers to an improvement or positive change in a situation or condition.

Moderately hot

The Possible Answer is WARM

Warm refers to a moderate level of heat, neither cold nor hot.

Under, inferior to

The Possible Answer is BENEATH

Beneath indicates a position that is under or below something else, and it can also imply inferiority in certain contexts.

Clump, cluster

The Possible Answer is KNOT

A knot can refer to a clump or cluster of things, such as a knot of hair or a knot in wood.

Work, usually musical

The Possible Answer is OPUS

An opus is a musical composition or work, often used to refer to a composer's significant or principal work.


The Possible Answer is YANK

To yank means to pull something abruptly or forcefully, often with a quick, sharp movement.

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