The Irish Independent Simple Crossword Clue Answer Updated (March 30, 2024)

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by J Divya

Updated Mar 30, 2024

The Irish Independent Simple Crossword Clue Answer Updated (March 30, 2024)

The clues in The Irish Independent Simple crossword are becoming more difficult. Sometimes they seem easy, but other times they are quite tough to solve. Today's clue is particularly difficult, but it can be solved easily with our guide. So, start solving the puzzle with your skills and get the answers below.

Fishing boat (7)

The Solution is DRIFTER

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A "drifter" is a type of fishing boat that doesn't use an anchor and instead lets itself drift with the current, often used for bottom fishing or trolling. The clue describes the function and method of operation of the boat.

Appropriate (6)

The Solution is LIKELY

"Likely" means probable or expected to happen. Something "appropriate" is suitable or fitting for a particular situation, making it likely to be chosen. The clue connects the idea of something being fitting with the idea of it being probable.

Invested sum (7)

The Solution is CAPITAL

"Capital" can refer to a sum of money invested in a business or project. The clue clarifies the specific type of "sum" being referred to.

Frail (6)

The Solution is MORTAL

"Mortal" means subject to death, and therefore weak or frail compared to immortal beings. The clue uses the concept of mortality to imply a state of physical weakness.

Satisfy (6)

The Solution is ARRIDE

This clue is a bit of a wordplay. "Arrive" means to reach a destination. In some cases, arriving at one's destination can be satisfying, especially if it fulfills a need or desire. The clue connects the idea of reaching a goal with the feeling of satisfaction.

Legacy (8)

The Solution is HEIRLOOM

An "heirloom" is a valuable object that is passed down through generations within a family. It represents a legacy passed from one person to another. The clue describes the function and significance of the object.

Leech (8)

The Solution is BARNACLE

While both leeches and barnacles are parasitic creatures, a "leech" sucks blood, while a "barnacle" attaches itself to a solid object (like a rock or a ship's hull) and filters food from the water. The clue might be a bit of a misdirection, but the answer still fits the theme of a parasitic organism.

Spade (6)

The Solution is BOGART

Humphrey Bogart was a famous American actor known for playing tough-guy roles, and a "spade" can be a slang term for a shovel (a tool) or a playing card (the ace of spades). The answer might be a reference to Bogart's persona or the tools/objects associated with his characters.

Dormant (6)

The Solution is SECRET

"Dormant" means inactive or in a state of suspended animation. A "secret" is something kept hidden or concealed. The clue connects the idea of something being inactive with the idea of it being hidden.

Victory (7)

The Solution is WINNING

"Victory" and "winning" are essentially synonyms, both referring to the act of succeeding in a contest or competition. The answer emphasizes the ongoing process of achieving victory.

Exigency (6)

The Solution is CRISIS

"Exigency" is a situation requiring immediate action or attention. A "crisis" is a crucial or difficult moment that requires immediate action. The clue emphasizes the urgency and seriousness of the situation.

Colonist (7)

The Solution is RESIDER

"Colonist" refers to someone who settles in a new colony. "Resident" is a more general term for someone who lives in a particular place. The clue might be looking for a broader term that encompasses the concept of living in a new place, not necessarily as part of a formal colony.

Erect (7)

The Solution is STANDUP

"Erect" means upright or in a vertical position. "Standup" can refer to the act of standing upright, but it can also be a specific type of comedy performance where the comedian performs solo on stage, which aligns with the idea of being upright and delivering something.

Comply (7)

The Solution is OBSERVE

"Comply" means to act in accordance with a rule, order, or request. "Observe" means to follow a rule or instruction, but it also carries the connotation of watching or noticing something. The clue might be looking for a broader term that encompasses both following a rule and paying attention.

Rue (6)

The Solution is GRIEVE

"Rue" is a less common verb that means to feel or express regret or sorrow. "Grieve" is a more common term for feeling intense sorrow, especially over a loss. The answer captures the emotional state of deep sadness associated with regret.

Emerge again (8)

The Solution is REAPPEAR

This clue is straightforward. "Emerge" means to come out of something or become visible after being hidden. "Reappear" emphasizes the act of coming back into view after having disappeared previously.

Steward (6)

The Solution is BUTLER

A "steward" is a person who manages a household or an estate. A "butler" is a specific type of steward who is the head male servant in a large household, responsible for managing the other servants and overseeing the running of the house. The answer narrows down the broader concept of a steward to a specific role within a household.

Pass (6)

The Solution is RAVINE

This clue is a bit metaphorical. "Pass" can mean to go or move by something. A "ravine" is a deep, narrow valley, and you might "pass" through a ravine by traversing it. The answer uses the idea of movement to describe a geographical feature.

Dessert (5,3)

The Solution is APPLE PIE

"Apple pie" is a classic dessert made with apples, pastry crust, and often spices. The clue specifies the type of dessert.

Varied (7)

The Solution is CROSSED

"Crossed" can mean marked with lines or strokes that intersect. It also implies diversity or variation, as in "crossed interests." The answer emphasizes the idea of things being different or not uniform.

Hate (7)

The Solution is TORMENT

"Hate" is a strong feeling of dislike or aversion. "Torment" means to inflict severe mental or physical suffering. The answer emphasizes the intensity and ongoing nature of the negative feeling.

Price (6)

The Solution is ASSESS

"Price" is the amount of money something is worth. "Assess" means to evaluate the value or significance of something. The clue connects the concept of price with the act of determining that value.

Begone (6)

The Solution is GET OUT

"Begone" is an old-fashioned way of saying "go away." "Get out" is a more common and direct way to tell someone to leave. Both answers convey the same message of departure.

Make certain (6)

The Solution is SECURE

"Make certain" means to ensure something is definite or reliable. "Secure" means to make safe or firm. The answer emphasizes the act of taking steps to ensure something is safe and reliable.

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