The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answer Guide (April 02, 2024)

The clues from today’s The Irish Independent Cryptic crossword can be hard to crack. So we have provided all the answers for the puzzle to help you.

by Ramya R

Updated Apr 02, 2024

The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answer Guide (April 02, 2024)

Clues of The Irish Independent Cryptic are designed to be challenging. While encountering a tough clue in the crossword, it's okay to get help from others. You can get assistance from your friends or family to solve the clues. You can also find the answers for the crosswords on our site.

Not the full amount, we hear

Answer: SOME

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"Not the full amount, we hear," the answer is "SOME." This wordplay relies on the homophone of "sum" (which means full amount) and "some" (meaning a portion). So, the clue hints at a word that sounds like "sum" but means the opposite, which is "some."

Civic officer to give a hint to the employees


"Civic officer to give a hint to the employees" hints at the answer "TIPSTAFF." A "tipstaff" can refer to a civic officer, like a bailiff or a sheriff's officer, who gives hints or tips to employees regarding their duties or tasks.

Predatory gull returns to these birds

Answer: AUKS

"Predatory gull returns to these birds" clues the answer "AUKS." This is a cryptic clue where "predatory gull" refers to a bird of prey, and when it returns to "these birds," it suggests a type of bird that could be preyed upon. "Auks" fit the bill as they are seabirds and potential prey for predatory gulls.

Edging for material that may be pleated


"Edging for material that may be pleated" leads to the answer "SKIRTING." "Edging" suggests the border or margin of something, and "material that may be pleated" implies fabric used for making skirts. Therefore, "skirting" fits the description as it is often used as an edging material for skirts and can be pleated.

Baulked when Diana's given the job


"Baulked when Diana's given the job" cryptically hints at the word "DISAPPOINTED." The clue suggests an emotional reaction ("baulked") when someone named Diana is assigned a task ("given the job"). "Disappointed" fits this context as it describes a feeling of dissatisfaction or letdown in response to an unfulfilled expectation, linking back to the clue's sense of frustration or disappointment.

Metal washer

Answer: COPPER

In the realm of hardware, this small, circular object is often utilized to distribute the load of a threaded fastener. Commonly made from various metals, this particular type is known for its reddish-orange hue and excellent conductivity, making it an ideal choice for electrical applications. Hence, the answer is "COPPER."

Is Dave to do a consultant's job?

Answer: ADVISE

Delving into the realm of career roles, this question prompts contemplation on Dave's potential involvement in providing professional advice rather than engaging in a traditional employment arrangement. The term for such a position is commonly known as a "consultant," thus leading to the answer "ADVISE."

They can't be trusted when holding hands


This cryptic statement alludes to a group of individuals whose trustworthiness is questionable, especially when engaged in the act of holding hands. The term used to describe such individuals who engage in deceptive practices, particularly in games involving cards, is "CARDSHARPERS."

Revolutionary tunics for the old British fighters


Exploring historical attire associated with military conflicts, the question refers to a distinctive garment worn by soldiers during a specific era of British history. These garments were notable for their vibrant hue, symbolizing the allegiance of the wearers to a particular faction. The term encapsulating these revolutionary tunics is "REDCOATS."

Source of fuel not possessed by you

Answer: MINE

Shifting focus to resources and ownership, the question prompts reflection on the origin of a particular type of fuel. The answer lies in identifying a source that is distinct from personal possession, indicating an external location from which fuel is extracted. Thus, the apt response is "MINE."

Is it used for printing the floor covering?


Linotype machines were historically used in printing, including for newspapers and magazines. While not directly for printing floor coverings, linotype machines revolutionized the printing industry by allowing for faster typesetting, which could indirectly impact the production of materials like linoleum, a common floor covering.

Raise the back part

Answer: REAR

The term "rear" can refer to lifting or raising the back part of something, like a chair or a vehicle. In this context, "raise the back part" succinctly describes the action of elevating or lifting.

Citrus fruit and fish with port


"Shaddock" is a type of citrus fruit, similar to grapefruit, and also a type of fish. The inclusion of "with port" suggests a wordplay hinting at the citrus fruit aspect, as shaddock is commonly associated with grapefruit, which is often used in port cocktails or dishes.

Resolves the dispute, as the actor does behind the scenes


"Making up" typically refers to resolving a dispute or disagreement, often done behind the scenes or privately. Just as actors may reconcile differences offstage, "makes up" encapsulates the action of resolving conflicts in various contexts.

Often containing blue liquid changed to pink

Answer: INKPOT

An inkpot is a container used for holding ink, often depicted as containing blue liquid. The hint of it changing to pink suggests a transition, perhaps symbolizing the ink's use in writing or illustrating, where blue ink might be corrected or replaced with pink.

Those who sing when they come to court


In legal settings, there are individuals known for their melodic voices, often referred to as serenaders. These are people who find solace or perhaps strategy in expressing themselves through song, even amidst the solemnity of a courtroom.

Able to produce a shock when currently charged

Answer: ALIVE

"Alive" suggests a state of being animated or living, but in the context of being charged, it takes on a different meaning. Here, it refers to something capable of generating an electric shock, a characteristic often associated with living organisms.

Fruit made from fungus in garden shed, initially

Answer: FAGS

"Fags" is a colloquial term for cigarettes, which are indeed made from dried leaves, a type of plant product, akin to fruits, and often stored in garden sheds.

Disperses when banquet's on display


Banquets are occasions of abundance and presentation, where food is spread out for guests. The term "spreads out" suggests the action of dispersing, mirroring the act of laying out a feast for all to enjoy.

Chaps solemnly assert it's what they assume

Answer: MENS

"Mens" here is likely a shortened form of "mens rea," a legal term referring to the mental state or intention behind a criminal act. Chaps, or men, may assert their understanding or assumption of their mental state as they navigate legal matters with solemnity and gravity.

Go into detail - about various times, that is


"Go into detail" prompts thorough exploration, emphasizing depth over superficiality. "About various times" directs focus to diverse historical periods. "That is" reinforces the emphasis on exploring different temporal contexts. Answer: ITEMISE - systematically listing and detailing historical periods for comprehensive examination.

Silenced by being incarcerated

Answer: SHUTUP

The word "silenced" suggests the need to be quiet or to shut up. When someone is "incarcerated," they are often confined or shut up in a prison cell. So, the answer is SHUTUP.

Forest providing a bit of haphazard entertainment

Answer: ARDEN

"Haphazard entertainment" hints at something random or chaotic, which fits the description of an anagram. "Forest" is an anagram of "Forest," rearranged in a haphazard manner, giving us the answer ARDEN.

Inland sea to which the French artist returns

Answer: ARAL

"French artist" refers to the painter Claude Monet, who famously painted landscapes. The "inland sea" refers to the Aral Sea, and when "returns" is applied to the word "Aral," it becomes "Lara," which is "Aral" spelled backward. So, the answer is ARAL.

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