The Independent's Mini Crossword Clue Answers for April 02, 2024

Do you face any difficulty with solving The Independent's Mini crossword clues for 2nd April 2024? You can discover the answers for the puzzle here.

by Keerthika

Updated Apr 02, 2024

The Independent's Mini Crossword Clue Answers for April 02, 2024

Beyond entertainment, crosswords are a powerful tool for learning. Solving them will enrich the vocabulary of the solvers by exposing them to new words. Recalling information for cracking a clue is an excellent mental workout, which will improve the memory.

Now, let’s check the answers for today’s The Independent's Mini Crossword.

Morning ____(4)

Answer: BREW

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"Morning ____" suggests a word related to something typically consumed in the morning. The word "BREW" fits as it refers to the process of making coffee or tea, which are commonly consumed beverages in the morning

Petting zoo animal(5)

Answer: LLAMA

A "petting zoo" often features gentle and friendly animals that visitors can interact with. "LLAMA" is a suitable answer as llamas are domesticated animals known for their calm demeanor and are commonly found in petting zoos.

Lobster habitat(6)

Answer: SEABED

Lobsters are crustaceans that inhabit the ocean floor. The "SEABED" refers to the bottom of the sea or ocean, which serves as the habitat for various marine creatures, including lobsters.

Pointed tooth(6)

Answer: CANINE

A "pointed tooth" typically refers to one of the sharp, pointed teeth found in the mouths of certain animals. The word "CANINE" accurately describes this type of tooth, as it is characteristic of dogs and other carnivorous mammals

Posed a question(5)

Answer: ASKED

"Posed a question" indicates the action of asking or presenting a question to someone. The word "ASKED" represents this action, describing the act of inquiring about something or seeking information from others through questioning

Bungle, with "up"(4)

Answer: MESS

"Bungle" means to carry out something clumsily or incompetently. Adding "up" to the clue suggests a phrasal verb indicating the action of making a mess or causing disorder. Therefore, "MESS" fits perfectly, representing the outcome of bungling something

Nonlethal ammo(6)

Answer: BLANKS

"Nonlethal ammo" refers to ammunition that does not contain projectiles and is used for training or ceremonial purposes. "BLANKS" are cartridges loaded with gunpowder but without a bullet, often used in firearms for simulation or theatrical purposes

Possible result of an animal bite(6)

Answer: RABIES

An "animal bite" can potentially transmit diseases such as rabies, which is a viral infection that affects the nervous system of mammals. "RABIES" accurately represents this potential consequence of being bitten by an infected animal.

Make revisions to(5)

Answer: EMENDS

"Make revisions to" suggests the action of correcting or improving something, typically by making alterations or amendments. The word "EMENDS" fits this description as it denotes the act of making revisions or corrections to written material.

1973 Supreme Court decision name(4)

Answer: WEAD

This clue appears to be incorrect or incomplete, as there is no known Supreme Court decision named "WEAD." It is possible that this is a typographical error or an unfamiliar term.

Renter's paper(5)

Answer: LEASE

A "renter's paper" refers to a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of a rental agreement between a landlord and a tenant. A "LEASE" is a specific type of rental agreement that grants the tenant the right to occupy the property for a specified period in exchange for rent.

Con game(4)

Answer: SCAM

A "con game" is a fraudulent scheme or deception carried out for financial gain. The word "SCAM" accurately describes this type of dishonest activity, representing a scheme designed to trick or defraud unsuspecting individuals

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