The Independent's Cryptic Crossword Clues and Answers for 2nd April 2024

Are you looking for The Independent's Cryptic crossword clue solutions? Here, we have given all the crossword answers you need for solving today’s puzzle.

by J Divya

Updated Apr 02, 2024

The Independent's Cryptic Crossword Clues and Answers for 2nd April 2024

Solving The Independent's Cryptic crossword clues can be challenging. You will get a sense of achievement by solving a tough clue. If you need any help, check our guide to find the answers to today’s puzzle

A&E collecting personal data for software company


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  • This clue suggests a scenario where a department (A&E) is gathering personal information for a certain entity, which happens to be a software company. A&E commonly stands for Accident and Emergency, a department found in hospitals.
  • However, in this context, it's used metaphorically to represent a department responsible for collecting personal data. The answer is ADOBE, which is a well-known software company that develops various applications, including Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
  • This suggests that Adobe might be involved in collecting personal data, perhaps for user accounts or analytics purposes.

Right Holy Joe inspiring base with energy


  • Right Holy Joe is likely hinting at a person or entity with religious or moral authority. Inspiring base with energy could suggest that this authority figure is motivating or empowering a particular group or foundation.
  • The answer is PRIVILEGE, which fits the context. It denotes a special right, advantage, or immunity granted to a particular person or group. The clue might suggest how certain religious or moral authorities can inspire or reinforce societal privileges.

Refuses to acknowledge record Liam's re-issued


  • Refuses to acknowledge implies denying or disavowing something. Record Liam's re-issued suggests that we're looking for a term related to not acknowledging the re-issuance of a record or a claim.
  • The answer is DISCLAIMS, which means to deny or renounce any claim or connection to something.
  • The mention of Liam could be a reference to Liam Gallagher, a musician known for his involvement with the band Oasis, possibly hinting at the music industry and record labels' practices of disclaiming responsibility for re-issued records.

After month in retreat, a glimpse of Ronnie Wood


  • After month in retreat suggests that we need to rearrange the letters of month and place them after another word that means in retreat.
  • A glimpse of Ronnie Wood could refer to catching sight of a part of Ronnie Wood, who is a famous musician known for his involvement with The Rolling Stones.
  • The answer is CEDAR, a type of wood commonly used for its durability and aromatic properties. The clue might play on the imagery of a retreat in the forest, where one might catch a glimpse of cedar trees.

German master in German school - it's where you'd expect to see one


  • This clue seems straightforward, directing us to identify a fish often associated with Germany. German master in German school suggests that the answer relates to both Germany and education.
  • The answer is HERRING, a type of fish commonly found in German cuisine and often associated with traditional German dishes such as Bismarck herring.
  • The clue plays on the double meaning of German school as both a place of education and a term for a group of fish. It's where one would expect to find herring.

Mysterious appearance of old saint lured pilgrims here?


  • This clue hints at a place of pilgrimage associated with a mysterious appearance of an old saint. Mysterious appearance of old saint suggests a supernatural or religious event.
  • Lured pilgrims here implies that this event attracted pilgrims to a particular location. The answer is LOURDES, a town in France known for its religious significance due to the reported Marian apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes to a young girl named Bernadette Soubirous in 1858.
  • The clue highlights the allure of Lourdes as a pilgrimage site due to its association with the miraculous appearances.

Played march to end but missed odd bits


  • Played march to end suggests the action of performing a musical piece until its conclusion. But missed odd bits implies that certain parts of the performance were omitted or excluded.
  • The answer is ACTED, which means to perform a role or play a part, often in a theatrical context.
  • The clue plays on the dual meanings of played as both performing music and acting in a theatrical sense, while also incorporating the idea of missing certain parts or bits of the performance.

Not enjoying A Study in Scarlet?


Not enjoying suggests the opposite of pleasure, and A Study in Scarlet refers to a novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle featuring Sherlock Holmes. The answer is RED, which is the color featured prominently in the title of the novel. The clue cleverly disguises the straightforward answer by incorporating elements of the novel's title and the color associated with it.

Set adrift between America and Australia?


  • Set adrift implies being cast away or without direction. Between America and Australia suggests a location in the ocean, far from land. The answer is ATSEA, which means being in a state of uncertainty or confusion, especially in a maritime context.
  • The clue plays on the double meaning of between America and Australia as both a geographical location and a state of being lost at sea.

Extract of malt is an essential for some infusions


  • Extract of malt suggests an ingredient commonly used in brewing beer. Essential for some infusions hints at another type of beverage made by steeping herbs or plants in hot water.
  • The answer is TISANES, which refers to herbal infusions or teas made by steeping various herbs, spices, or flowers in hot water. The clue cleverly connects the brewing process of beer with the steeping process of herbal teas.

Does partner with this many eggs jump about wildly?


Does partner with this many eggs suggests a female deer (doe) and the number of eggs it might have, which is zero. Jump about wildly implies a behavior associated with agility and movement. The answer is ROEBUCK, which refers to a male deer (buck) of the roe deer species. The clue cleverly combines the concept of a female deer with the agility of a male deer to lead to the answer.

Scribes gathered they might be the last


  • Scribes gathered suggests a group of people coming together, possibly for a specific purpose. They might be the last implies an activity or event that occurs at the end of something.
  • The answer is RITES, which refers to ceremonial acts or practices performed in a religious or cultural context. The clue suggests that these ceremonial practices might be the final ones performed in a series of events or rituals.

Song about gold wagon puzzling South American native?


  • Song about gold wagon suggests a phrase or term that sounds like the answer. Puzzling South American native hints at the origin of the tree.
  • The answer is ARAUCARIA, which is a genus of trees native to South America. The clue plays song about gold wagon leading to the phonetic similarity of Araucaria. The inclusion of South American native further confirms the answer's connection to the region.

Judge cycling to obscure Australian location


Judge cycling suggests rearranging or cycling the letters of the word Judge. Obscure Australian location indicates that we're looking for a less well-known place in Australia. The answer is FREMANTLE, which is a port city in Western Australia, known for its maritime history and as the location of the Fremantle Prison. The clue cleverly combines the idea of cycling letters with the location of Fremantle.

Attentive porter possibly has right time 


Attentive porter possibly suggests a characteristic of someone in a certain occupation. Has right time implies possessing the correct timing. The answer is ALERT, which means being watchful or attentive. The clue cleverly combines the idea of a porter being attentive with the concept of having the right timing to be alert.

Character about to hit road


Character about suggests a letter or symbol placed around another. Hit road implies going out or traveling. The answer is CARD, which can refer to a playing card or identification card. The clue suggests that a letter (character) is placed around the word road to form the answer CARD.

Knot cut when hands change spar


Knot cut suggests removing or separating part of a word associated with tying. Hands change spar implies rearranging letters related to a part of a ship. The answer is BOWSPRIT, which is a spar extending forward from the bow of a ship. The clue suggests removing the word knot (a type of tie) from bowsprit to form the answer.

Reportedly dispose of monk here?


  • Reportedly dispose of suggests a homophonic clue, where the pronunciation of a word sounds like another word. Monk here hints at a place where a monk might reside.
  • The answer is CELL, which can refer to a small room, often associated with confinement, such as a monk's living quarters or a prison cell. The clue plays on the sound similarity between dispose and de-spy to lead to the answer CELL.

Jumper's odds double


Jumper's odds double suggests a characteristic of an animal known for jumping, with the word odds hinting at an even-toed ungulate. The answer is SPRINGER, which refers to a type of spaniel breed known for its ability to spring or jump, particularly while hunting. The clue cleverly combines the idea of jumping with the breed name springer.

Vehicle passes Tesla occasionally


Vehicle passes Tesla suggests that something moves past or beyond the well-known electric car brand Tesla. Occasionally implies taking alternate letters from the phrase passes Tesla. The answer is DIESEL, which is a type of fuel used in internal combustion engines. The clue suggests taking every other letter from the phrase passes Tesla to form the answer DIESEL.

Put off dance then argue for reparation


Put off dance suggests discouraging someone from dancing. Argue for reparation implies advocating for compensation or repair. The answer is DISCOURAGE, which means to dissuade or deter someone from doing something. The clue cleverly combines the ideas of discouraging action and seeking reparation.

LED's dead, eh? Change it


LED's dead, eh? suggests rearranging or changing letters. Change it implies altering something. The answer is HEADED, which can mean to have taken a particular direction or to have been in charge of something. The clue hints at changing the word LED (which becomes DEAD, EH) to form the answer HEADED.

Day goes on forever for one in a rut?


  • Day goes on forever suggests the term deer spelled backward, which would be reed. One in a rut hints at a common phrase about deer being in a rut during mating season.
  • The answer is DEER, which refers to the animal that is often associated with being in a rut during mating season. The clue cleverly combines the concept of a never-ending day with the behavior of deer during mating season.

Flemish earthenware drinks bottle


  • Flemish earthenware suggests a material associated with pottery or ceramics. Drinks bottle implies consuming or taking in a liquid. The answer is HEART, which is a vital organ responsible for pumping blood throughout the body.
  • The clue hints at the heart as something that figuratively drinks in or consumes blood. The mention of Flemish earthenware may serve as misdirection, leading the solver to think of a vessel for liquids rather than a body part.

An Asian: one's described by that


An Asian suggests a person from a certain region. One's described by that implies that the answer describes someone from that region. The answer is INDONESIAN, which refers to someone from the Southeast Asian archipelago of Indonesia. The clue directly leads to the nationality being described.

Bad shot of actor Tom maybe ending up on top


  • Bad shot of actor Tom maybe suggests a poor or undesirable shot in golf, referred to as a shank. Ending up on top implies that the last part of the word is placed at the beginning.
  • The answer is SHANK, which means to hit a golf ball with the part of the club connecting to the shaft. The clue cleverly combines the idea of a golf shot with the name Tom and the placement of the last letter at the beginning.

The dim and distant past?


The dim and distant past suggests an era characterized by lack of enlightenment or knowledge. The answer is DARK AGES, which refers to the early medieval period in European history, marked by cultural stagnation, decline of learning, and lack of progress. The clue plays on the concept of darkness and obscurity associated with this historical period.

Small bolt one's installed for a collector


Small bolt suggests a type of fastener or screw. One's installed for a collector hints at the behavior of a certain animal that collects nuts. The answer is SQUIRREL, which is known for collecting and storing nuts for future use. The clue cleverly combines the idea of a small bolt with the behavior of a squirrel.

Forecaster's keeping dry in the sun?


  • Forecaster's keeping dry suggests a characteristic of a weather forecaster, often associated with predicting precipitation. In the sun implies that the answer is a breed of dog known for its hunting abilities.
  • The answer is SETTER, which refers to a type of hunting dog bred for finding game birds by scent and indicating their location by setting or freezing in place. The clue cleverly combines the idea of predicting dry weather with the breed of dog.

Begins as hooker in depleted scrums


Begins suggests the start of something. Hooker in depleted scrums implies a position in rugby where the player initiates play by hooking the ball. The answer is STARTS, which means to begin or commence an action. The clue directly leads to the concept of initiating or commencing an action.

Vessel's crew initially removed from another ...


Vessel's crew initially removed suggests removing the initial letters of a phrase. From another implies that the remaining letters form the answer. The answer is RAFT, which refers to a flat-bottomed boat made of planks or logs. The clue suggests removing the initial letters of Vessel's crew (VC) to form the answer RAFT.

… to then cover boat’s prow in varnish?


Cover boat’s prow in varnish implies applying a protective layer to the front of a boat. The answer is COAT, which means to apply a layer of varnish, paint, or other protective substance to a surface. The clue directly leads to the concept of applying a protective layer.

Soldiers are regularly taking DNA test


Soldiers are regularly suggests taking every other letter from the word soldiers. Taking DNA test implies identifying a genetic code. The answer is ANTS, which refers to small insects known for their organized social structure, including the presence of soldier ants. The clue suggests taking the regular letters from soldiers to form the answer ANTS.

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