The Independent's Cryptic Clue and Answer for April 4, 2024 is Here

If you are having trouble finding answers to today’s clues, don't worry. Scroll down for answers and explanations

by J Divya

Updated Apr 04, 2024

The Independent's Cryptic Clue and Answer for April 4, 2024 is Here

Do you enjoy The Independent's Cryptic Crossword? Here's today's clue for you. Many love this crossword because it helps improve skills. Take your time and give the clues a try. If you need help, we are here. Solving these clues always brings satisfaction.

Duck stayed local around muddy green


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This clue requires us to decipher a phrase that describes a color. The phrase suggests that a type of bird ("Duck") "stayed" or remained close to a term representing local or nearby ("local"), all situated around a word suggesting a muddy or earthy hue ("muddy green"). Putting it all together, we get the color "OLIVE DRAB."

Request charity houses popular person

Answer: BEING

In this clue, we're asked to form a word that means a request or appeal ("Request") by combining a word meaning "charity" ("charity") with a term for residences ("houses"), and finally, adding a word that represents a well-liked or famous individual ("popular person"). The word formed from these components is "BEING."

Putting the fear into flying

Answer: AWING

This clue asks us to find a term that represents instilling fear or apprehension into the act of flying. The phrase implies that something is causing intimidation or dread in relation to flight. The term fitting this description is "AWING," which suggests being in a state of awe or fear, possibly due to the daunting aspect of flying.

Recognised California by prison on island


Here, we're asked to identify a term that describes something recognized or accepted ("Recognised") in California, represented by the abbreviation "CA," combined with a term for a correctional facility ("prison") positioned on a piece of land surrounded by water ("island"). The word formed from these components is "CANONICAL."

Case of lady in Rome confused with Roman goddess


This clue requires us to find a name that resembles a "Roman goddess" and can be created by combining the letters found in "Rome" and "lady," which are the "case" or outer letters of the words, in addition to rearranging them. The answer to this cryptic clue is "MARILYN MONROE," as it incorporates both the concept of a Roman goddess and the elements "lady" and "Rome."

Soprano on debut is charming


In this clue, the term "Soprano on debut" suggests that we need to find a word related to a soprano singer's first performance. Additionally, the word "charming" implies that the answer should mean captivating or enchanting. The word that satisfies both conditions is "ENTRANCES," which can mean to captivate or mesmerize, particularly when referring to a debut performance by a soprano.

System of rules and suchlike hosts welcome

Answer: ETHIC

Here, we're asked to find a term that represents a "system of rules" and includes a word meaning "welcome." The word "hosts" indicates that the term for the system of rules includes or "hosts" the word "welcome." The answer that fits these criteria is "ETHIC," which is a system of moral principles, and includes the word "hi" (a casual greeting or welcome).

Specialised hospital, friendly nurses

Answer: NICHE

This clue suggests finding a term that refers to a specialized type of hospital, which is indicated by the term "specialized hospital." Additionally, the phrase "friendly nurses" implies that the answer should contain the word for nurses. The word that meets these conditions is "NICHE," which refers to a specialized area or field, and includes the word "nurse" within it.

Shout thanks, getting more gold


This clue suggests finding a word meaning "getting more gold" that is formed from the words "shout" and "thanks." The word formed from these components is "YELLOWING," which can mean to become more golden in color.

Try the unpromising fish from old Home Secretary's lake?


In this clue, "old Home Secretary's lake" is a reference to the word "straws." To "try the unpromising fish from old Home Secretary's lake" is an idiom meaning to pursue something unlikely to succeed. The phrase "catch at straws" fits this meaning.

Green is so fresh coming out


This clue suggests finding a word meaning "coming out" that is related to the color green and indicates freshness. The word formed from these components is "EGRESSION," which can mean the action of emerging or coming out, often used in a technical or formal context.

The Terminator for most is the best Arnie film

Answer: TWINS

This clue plays with the idea that "The Terminator" is a well-known Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnie) film, but for most people, the best film might not be "The Terminator." The answer that fits this interpretation is "TWINS," which is another Arnold Schwarzenegger film that some might consider his best.

Those kids without ID suggesting ages

Answer: YONKS

"Those kids" refers to young people. "Without ID" implies that they lack identification. "Suggesting ages" hints at indicating or representing ages. "YONKS" is a colloquial term meaning a long time, often used informally to refer to ages or an extended period.

Pub in Brussels charges for Iraqi's water


Pub in Brussels" specifies a location. "Charges for Iraqi's water" suggests a river associated with Iraq. The Euphrates River is one of the major rivers in Southwest Asia, flowing through Iraq. The word "charges" in the context of water alludes to a river, and the Euphrates fits the description.

Approve of Irish descendant of Mrs Corleone?

Answer: OKAY

"Irish descendant" refers to someone with Irish heritage. "Mrs. Corleone" indicates a relation to the fictional character from "The Godfather," who is of Italian descent. The word "approve" can be abbreviated to "OK," and "AY" is a common suffix in Irish surnames. Combining "OK" with "AY" gives us "OKAY," which could be seen as an approval or acceptance.

Very silly taking degree in illogical language


Very silly" implies something foolish or nonsensical. "Taking degree in illogical language" suggests studying a language that operates based on idioms and expressions rather than strict logic. "IDIOMATIC" refers to language usage that is natural to native speakers, often consisting of idioms and phrases that may not have literal translations.

What's good in garden, making end of lawn right?

Answer: EDGER

"What's good in the garden" suggests something beneficial or useful for gardening. "Making end of lawn right" hints at a tool used to tidy up the edges of a lawn. An "EDGER" is a gardening tool specifically designed to trim the grass along the edges of a lawn, making them neat and tidy.

Playing field seconds from new free school redeveloped

Answer: REC

"Playing field" implies an area for sports or recreation. "Seconds from new free school" suggests removing the letters "s" (seconds) from "new free school," leaving "new free cool." Rearranging these letters ("redeveloped") gives "REC," which is an abbreviation for recreation, often used for a playing field.

Dessert granny's put in bread roll and set fire to


"Dessert" implies a sweet course usually eaten after a meal. "Granny's put in bread roll" suggests putting something inside a bread roll. "Set fire to" hints at splitting something apart. A "BANANA SPLIT" is a dessert consisting of a banana split lengthwise and topped with ice cream and various toppings

Bishop with Spaniard's encouragement runs over highwayman


"Bishop with Spaniard's encouragement" suggests combining the letters "B" (bishop) with "OLE" (a Spanish interjection expressing encouragement). "Runs over" indicates that these letters are placed on top of or "running over" another word. "Highwayman" refers to a robber. A "BANDOLERO" is a type of highwayman, particularly associated with Spanish-speaking countries.

Dose of vitamin C arrives for the driver

Answer: IN-CAR

"Dose of vitamin C" refers to the abbreviation for ascorbic acid, which is vitamin C. "Arrives for the driver" suggests the word "in" followed by a term associated with driving. "IN-CAR" refers to something related to or used inside a car, such as an in-car entertainment system or in-car navigation.

Nick in clover? Failing did Clegg a service, ultimately


"Nick in clover" implies being in a fortunate situation. "Failing did Clegg a service, ultimately" suggests removing the last letter from "Clegg" (ultimately) and rearranging the remaining letters. "GILDED CAGE" refers to a situation where someone appears to be in luxury but is actually constrained or restricted.

Unlikely success getting back from Innsbruck in girl's three-wheeler


"Unlikely success" suggests an unexpected stroke of luck. "Getting back from Innsbruck" hints at reversing or going in the opposite direction from Innsbruck. "Girl's three-wheeler" implies a type of vehicle often associated with children. "LUCKY STRIKE" could refer to a fortunate turn of events, and it's also a brand of cigarettes, often depicted with a lucky theme.

Each prison chaotic yet obsessed by rules


"Each prison chaotic" suggests disorder or chaos in every prison. "Obsessed by rules" implies a strong focus or fixation on regulations. "PERNICKETY" means being excessively concerned with minor details or rules, which fits the description of being obsessed with rules despite the chaotic environment.

Came across husband in stays sporting jewels


Came across husband" suggests encountering or finding one's spouse. "In stays sporting jewels" hints at a type of clothing or accessory adorned with gemstones. "AMETHYSTS" refers to a type of purple gemstone often used in jewelry, fitting the description of jewels.

Spooner's cut was painful, self-inflicted discomfort


"Spooner's cut" refers to a wordplay involving a "spoonerism," where letters or sounds are swapped in a phrase. "Painful, self-inflicted discomfort" suggests a form of penance or self-punishment. "HAIR-SHIRT" historically refers to a garment made of coarse haircloth worn next to the skin as a form of penance, often causing discomfort

City where highwayman is powerless

Answer: TURIN

"City where highwayman is powerless" suggests a location where a robber or highwayman would have no authority or influence. "TURIN" is a city in Italy known for its historical significance and cultural heritage. The wordplay here might involve "turning," implying that the highwayman's power is turned away or nullified.

Daisy's teacher taking marks off

Answer: ASTER

"Daisy's teacher" suggests a wordplay involving the name Daisy. "Taking marks off" implies removing letters or symbols from a word. "ASTER" is a type of flower, and removing the first letter ("marks off") from "master" (Daisy's teacher) gives us "ASTER."

Goddess with multiple lives

Answer: ISIS

"Goddess" suggests a deity from mythology. "With multiple lives" hints at a characteristic often associated with cats. "ISIS" is an ancient Egyptian goddess commonly depicted with the head of a cat, and cats were believed to have multiple lives in ancient folklore.

Smart new patents etc

Answer: NIP

"Smart" implies cleverness or intelligence. "New patents etc." suggests looking for a word that starts with "N" (new) and is associated with patents or innovative ideas. "NIP" can mean a small cut or pinch, but it can also be used informally to describe a clever or sharp action or remark.

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