The Independent's Concise Crossword Clue Cracked (April 1, 2024)

Are you here to know the answer to today’s crossword? Scroll down and check the clues and solutions.

by Keerthika

Updated Apr 01, 2024

The Independent's Concise Crossword Clue Cracked (April 1, 2024)

In today’s crossword, you use clues to find the answers. The Independent's Concise Crossword has been a favorite for years and it's a fun way to spend time. To solve it, you have to use your vocabulary and problem solving skills. So, shall we start? Come on.

Ignoble (4)

Answer: POOR

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In this clue, "Ignoble" serves as the definition, indicating that we're looking for a word that means something along the lines of dishonorable or base. "POOR" fits this description as it can mean lacking in quality, value, or dignity

Performed (a task) (3)

Answer: DID

Here, "Performed (a task)" serves as the definition. The word "DID" is the past tense of the verb "do," which fits the clue perfectly, indicating the completion of an action or task.

Foremost (7)


In this clue, "Foremost" indicates the primary or most important position. "CAPITAL" fits this description, as it can refer to a city that serves as the seat of government or to wealth in the form of money or assets

Month (5)

Answer: ENERO

This clue suggests a month, and "ENERO" is the Spanish word for January. The answer fits the length provided and corresponds to the clue's requirement.

Japanese food (5)

Answer: SUSHI

Here, the clue directs us to a type of Japanese cuisine. "SUSHI" is a well-known Japanese dish consisting of vinegared rice combined with various ingredients such as seafood, vegetables, and occasionally tropical fruits.

Inform (7)

Answer: BREAK IN

The clue suggests an action related to providing information. "BREAK IN" can mean to interrupt a conversation or activity with new information, fitting the clue's requirement for conveying information.

False optimism (Informal) (3,2,3,3)


The clue indicates a phrase used to describe unrealistic or overly optimistic expectations. "PIE IN THE SKY" is a colloquial expression referring to something that is improbable or fanciful, aligning with the clue's definition of false optimism

Adept (7)


This clue implies someone who is skilled or proficient at something. "HOTSHOT" is a term often used to describe someone who is exceptionally skilled or talented, fitting the definition provided in the clue.

Be of use (5)

Answer: AVAIL

The clue suggests a word meaning to be useful or beneficial. "AVAIL" fits this description, meaning to be of advantage or benefit in a given situation

Cry of approval (5)

Answer: CHEER

Here, the clue indicates a vocal expression of approval or encouragement. "CHEER" is a word used to describe such vocal expressions of support or approval, fitting the context of the clue.

Foot pedal (7)


This clue suggests a device operated by foot pressure. A "TREADLE" is a type of foot pedal commonly found on sewing machines or other machinery, where pressure with the foot activates the mechanism.

Regret (3)

Answer: CRY

The clue suggests a word meaning to express sorrow or remorse. "CRY" fits this description, as it can refer to both the action of shedding tears and expressing regret or sorrow verbally.

Cannabis (slang) (4)

Answer: WEED

Here, the clue indicates a slang term for cannabis, a psychoactive drug derived from the Cannabis plant. "WEED" is a common slang term for cannabis, fitting the context of the clue.

Type of road (6)

Answer: AVENUE

This clue suggests a particular type of road or thoroughfare. "AVENUE" fits this description, referring to a wide street, typically lined with trees or buildings on either side.

Plant ovules (5)

Answer: SEEDS

The clue implies a term related to the reproductive parts of plants. "SEEDS" are plant ovules containing the embryo of a new plant, which fits the context of the clue.

Type of crane (7)


Here, the clue suggests a specific type of crane, a machine used for lifting and moving heavy objects. "DERRICK" refers to a type of crane characterized by a movable boom with a hoisting apparatus attached.

Sweet, of sound (6)

Answer: DULCET

The clue suggests a word that describes a pleasant or sweet sound. "DULCET" fits this description perfectly, as it means sweet, soothing, or melodious when referring to sound.

Swimsuit (6)

Answer: TRUNKS

Here, the clue indicates an item of clothing worn for swimming. "TRUNKS" refers to a type of swimsuit, typically worn by men, that covers the lower part of the body, including the hips and thighs.

Piece of armour (11)


This clue suggests a specific piece of protective gear worn in battle or combat. "BREASTPLATE" is a type of armor designed to protect the chest and torso, often made of metal or other strong materials.

Stringed instrument (4)

Answer: PRAU

The clue indicates a musical instrument that produces sound by vibrating strings stretched between fixed points. However, "PRAU" doesn't match the common stringed instruments such as guitar, violin, or harp. It seems there might be an error in the clue or answer, as "PRAU" is not a recognized stringed instrument. It's possible that there's a mistake in the crossword.

Copy (7)


The clue suggests a word that means to produce a duplicate or reproduction of something. "IMPRINT" fits this description as it can mean to create a copy of text or images by pressing or stamping onto a surface.

Christian festival (6)

Answer: ADVENT

Here, the clue indicates a Christian festival that marks the beginning of the liturgical year and the preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. "ADVENT" is the name of this four-week period leading up to Christmas, observed by many Christian denominations.

Weather map line (6)

Answer: ISOBAR

This clue suggests a term related to meteorology and weather mapping. "ISOBAR" refers to a line on a weather map connecting points of equal atmospheric pressure, helping to visualize and understand pressure patterns and weather systems.

Venerate (6)

Answer: PRAISE

The clue implies a word meaning to show deep respect or admiration for someone or something. "PRAISE" fits this description as it means to express approval or admiration for the qualities or achievements of someone or something.

Jester (4)

Answer: CARD

Here, the clue suggests a type of entertainer known for their humor and antics. "CARD" can refer to a joker or witty person, often seen as a playful or amusing individual.

Cowboy show (5)

Answer: RODEO

The clue "Cowboy show (5)" suggests that we're looking for a term related to a type of event or spectacle commonly associated with cowboys. A "RODEO" fits this description perfectly. A rodeo is an event where cowboys and cowgirls compete in various riding and roping contests, showcasing their skills in horsemanship, cattle handling, and other traditional cowboy activities. Therefore, "RODEO" is the appropriate answer, aligning with the clue's description of a cowboy show.

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