The 25 Most Challenging and Hardest Video Games of All Time

Discover about top 25 all-time hardest games to beat unless to learn the pattern and become good at it, let’s see what are the games.

by S Bargavi

Updated Mar 29, 2024

The 25 Most Challenging and Hardest Video Games of All Time

The 25 Most Challenging and Hardest Video Games of All Time

Video games are fun to play and make us relax, but some games make us lose our patience while we play them. It's because at some point in time, the level becomes unbearable, or we are unable to fight with some boss, it even raises our blood pressure sometimes. When we play these we will outrage to the point that we break the controllers or scold the developers for making this level so hard that it is almost impossible to win. In these games, some games are made for us to rip apart our hair. Games olden days are harder but nowadays, it’s easy to beat as it gives tutorials in some games they even give the option to skip that level. But the old games don't have that option if you want to move to the next level then you need to clear the current level. 

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As the game industry is growing and the players are increasing the company mainly focuses on giving the best experience and not having hard games like before. In modern games, we have the option to choose which mode we have to play like easy, hard, or advanced as such. In this article we will see the games that have a pattern that is not easy to understand the game will have your blood pressure go up as you will face defeat numerous times, and the challenge will be testing your patience. The games listed below are hard that you are never able to finish you may take a long time to finish them. 

Dark souls 

Dark Souls is a challenging game as it tests the player's patience and skills using numerous ways. One of the reasons that this game is hard is the boss the player faces. If the player wants to defeat the boss they need to understand the attack pattern and the weakness of the opponent. Other than this game is difficult to play because the game’s cruel mechanism, like the checkpoint the player will spawn after they die, is less, and the resources needed for the player to heal themselves are less. Mainly the player must be careful if they need to survive with limited resources they need to manage their resources carefully and the actions they plan need to be strategic if they want to make progress in the game.

In addition to this in this game to catch the players off guard there are many traps in the pathways the player mostly uses, confusing levels of designs in pathways that are hidden, traps, and environmental risks. If you want to explore these places then you need to be aware of the environment and move carefully to avoid danger. In general, the Dark Souls game is difficult because of its mix of strong enemies, challenging mechanisms and designs that lead the player to risk, and the player's need to learn game patterns quickly in a short time. This game is a type of game that rewards the player but expects a pro gamer.  

Demon souls 

Demon Souls is known as one of the hardest games as it challenges players with continuous attacks from enemies, complex design of levels, and punishment given in the game. The player needs accurate timings in attack or even doing simple tasks makes it difficult for even experienced players.

It’s not like the games of today it does give hints or instructions to the players to play the game, it forces the players to learn from their mistakes. This game focuses on strong and rough boss battles which make the players study the boss and plan strategy according to it to play. This is one of the most rewarding and challenging games


This game Bloodborne is declared as the hardest game based on several factors. First and foremost, in this game whi, le playing players need to follow accurate timing and strategy to win that’s how this game's mechanics are built. When you face the unbeatable boss nemesis in the game then you're to make sure that you don't run out of health and stamina while you engage in the fast fast-paced fight. In this, game if a player makes a mistake or loses battles then they are punished for that it is undeniable you need to go through punishment.

It's a type of game where the player needs to know what their mistakes are and make sure that they don’t repeat the same mistake and abide by the strategies. The game's complex designs and trap-like environment make the game more difficult to play. In this game, you travel through maze-like streets, dark and lonely dungeons can be confusing to the player and even at every turn player needs to be aware of any uncertain danger. Additionally, the bosses in the game are shady with high-level difficulty making the player too good at complex attack patterns which helps the players to win against that boss.

Bloodborne leaves the player to play the game without explanation or minimum explanation that is inadequate to understand the situation which makes the game harder. Overall if the player completes these challenges he will be awarded generously, which gives the player a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. 


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice game is one of the hardest games because of the challenge players face with the strong enemy and complex battle. This game requires accurate timing and strategic moves to make progress. In general, l it's a game with continuous difficulty and unforgiving gameplay makes it hard but rewarding. 


Cuphead is one of the most challenging games because of the boss battles and levels the players go through. If the player wants to move forward and progress in the games then they need to have quick reflexes, accurate timing, and thinking strategically. The players need to understand and learn each boss's unique attack patterns and abide by them if they want to defeat the boss. In this game, there is no setting like a difficult one so all players who play this game go through the same level of challenge. It’s a most challenging and demanding game even though the hand-drawn art shows it like a simple game and remains Nostalgic. 

The game is frustrating because at some levels or at the time of battle with the boss it’s not very easy to beat you may need to try many times. Overall this part of the challenge is the one thing that makes the player this game as it gives them a sense of accomplishment by finally defeating the enemies.   

Super Meat Boy 

Super Meat Boy game is challenging for players to play as it is fast-paced gameplay with accurate controlling. The main focus of this game is that each of the levels is filled with many hurdles, traps, and nemesis which require swift reflexes and accurate time to move through.  In this game when players progress they will face more difficulty in the game, which always tests the player's ability and patience.  This game is very difficult as when the player is playing this game if they make a tiny mistake that will result in instant death and need to start the game again from the start of the level.

Even though this game is very difficult to play it gets appreciation for its tight control, responsive gameplay, the best design, and rewards for overcoming the challenges which make the players think that the effort they put in is wortAlsolso tough games give the best gameplay for the players. 


Celeste is considered one of the hardest games because it challenges players with tough levels that require accurate timing and skillful moves. The game's levels are designed to test players' reflexes and problem-solving abilities, often featuring complex hurdles and hazards that demand quick thinking and precise execution.

Additionally, Celeste's difficulty curve gradually increases as players progress through the game, presenting progressively harder challenges that can be frustrating yet rewarding to overcome. Overall, Celeste's reputation as one of the hardest games stems from its demanding gameplay mechanics and the satisfaction that comes from mastering its tough obstacles.                                                  


Noah is a difficult game because it needs players to think a lot and plan a lot. If players want to make progress then they need to solve the puzzles and challenges, even if some of them are risky. This game doesn’t give tutorials, or hints to play the game players need to find by themselves what to do.

This game has different difficulty levels if the player progresses the difficulties increase, so they need to study and get better. There are lots of rules and many things players need to remember. Even though all of these players like the game as it is a big puzzle game, if they find something it gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Ninja Garden Black 

Ninja Garden Black is one of the hardest games because it challenges players with tough enemies and unforgiving gameplay. The game requires precise timing and skillful execution to overcome its difficult levels and bosses. With limited resources and health, players must strategize and adapt quickly to survive.

The game's intense combat and relentless enemies make every encounter a test of skill and patience. Even experienced gamers find Ninja Garden Black to be an unbeatable challenge, earning it a reputation as one of the toughest games ever made.

I want to Be The Boshy

I want to be the Boshy Is extremely difficult for various reasons. This game is a tribute to the previous version I Wanna Be The Guy. First is that game features are complex and challenging with various hurdles, traps, and enemies which require accurate timing and coordination to progress.

In addition to that, the game often goes on with uncertain and fast-paced gameplay mechanisms, like fast-moving platforms and missiles or bullets in times of the player needs a quick reflex. Plus the boss battles are cruel for the high-level difficulty level, focusing on complex patterns of attacking and needing players to memorize and execute that exact strategy to defeat him. In general, the blend of challenging level designs, fast-paced gameplay, and hard boss battles are the reason the game is so hard. 

I Wanna Be the Guy

I Wanna Be the Guy is considered one of the hardest games because it's full of challenging obstacles and surprises that can catch players off guard. The game is designed to be frustratingly difficult, with traps and enemies placed in unexpected places. Additionally, the game doesn't provide clear instructions or guidance, leaving players to figure out the solution on their own through trial and error. The levels are designed to be difficult, requiring accurate timing and coordination to progress. Overall, the combination of relentless difficulty, unexpected obstacles, and lack of guidance makes this is one of the toughest games out there.

Ghosts n Goblins 

There are a few reasons too why the Ghost and Goblins game is the hardest game to play. The first reason is that the games always spawn enemies at any place and time unexpectedly, and they move very quickly. For that, you have only two you have to be ready to fight back quickly, or you need to avoid it quickly. In this game, there are many spikes and pits everywhere that will kill at one hit which makes this game full of tricky hurdles in the levels. In addition to this, the player needs to be careful when they take hits because if you take two hits then you lose your life, no checkpoints are available for the players to respawn.

So it is the issue that if you make a mistake and lose a life then you need to restart all over again. All these make the game difficult but to make it more challenging they gave a time limit for each level, the players need to complete the levels in the time they have given. So it makes it players stressful as they can't long time to finish the level. All of these challenges make this game the most infuriating game that tests the skills and patience of the player. 


Battletoads is considered one of the toughest games because it's filled with challenging levels and tricky obstacles. Players face relentless enemies, tricky jumps, and complex puzzles that require precise timing and skill to overcome. The game is known for its unforgiving difficulty, often requiring players to memorize patterns and execute moves perfectly to progress.

Additionally, the game's limited lives continue to make it even more challenging, as players must navigate through each level without making too many mistakes. Overall, Battletoads is renowned for its intense difficulty and remains a top choice for gamers seeking a hardcore gaming experience.

Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 

Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 are considered among the hardest games because of their challenging levels and tough bosses. The games require precise timing and quick reflexes to navigate through various obstacles and defeat enemies. Players must carefully plan their moves and learn enemy patterns to progress, as even a single mistake can result in losing a life.

Additionally, the lack of modern gaming conveniences like checkpoints and health regeneration adds to the difficulty. Overall, Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 provide a tough and rewarding experience for players who enjoy a challenge.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is considered one of the hardest games because it challenges players with tough enemies, complex levels, and limited resources. Players control Isaac, a helpless child who must navigate through dark dungeons filled with dangerous monsters and traps. The game's random level generation means each play-through is unique, keeping players on their toes. Additionally, permanent death means one mistake can end the game, adding to the difficulty. With its punishing gameplay and unpredictable challenges, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has earned its reputation as one of the top hardest games to beat.

F-Zero GX

F-Zero GX is considered one of the toughest games because it challenges players with fast-paced racing and difficult tracks. The game requires precise timing and quick reflexes to navigate through obstacles and opponents at high speeds. The tracks are designed with sharp turns, narrow pathways, and hazardous obstacles, making it hard to stay on course. Additionally, the AI opponents are highly skilled, making it challenging to secure victories. With its intense gameplay and unforgiving difficulty, F-Zero GX tests players' skills and perseverance, earning its reputation as one of the hardest games to maste                                           

Contra III: The Alien Wars and Contra: Hard Corps

Contra III: The Alien Wars and Contra: Hard Corps are considered some of the toughest games because they require fast reflexes, precise timing, and strategic thinking. Players face relentless waves of enemies, challenging bosses, and deadly obstacles throughout the game.

The levels are designed to test players' skills to the limit, with unforgiving difficulty spikes and limited resources. Additionally, the games feature intense action sequences and complex gameplay mechanics, adding to the challenge. Even experienced gamers often find themselves struggling to progress, making Contra III: The Alien Wars and Contra: Hard Corps some of the most challenging games in the Contra series.

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is considered one of the hardest games because it challenges players with tough decisions, punishing difficulty, and permanent consequences for mistakes. Players must manage a team of heroes as they explore dark dungeons filled with deadly traps and monsters.

The game's stress mechanic adds another layer of difficulty, as heroes can suffer from mental afflictions that affect their performance. Additionally, permadeath means that losing a hero is permanent, adding weight to every decision. The game's unforgiving nature and strategic depth make it a tough challenge even for experienced players.

Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion is considered one of the hardest games because it requires players to master precise control and timing while navigating challenging obstacle courses on a motorcycle. The game features increasingly difficult levels with complex jumps, loops, and obstacles that demand quick reflexes and perfect execution.

 Even small mistakes can lead to crashes and restarts, making progression slow and challenging. Additionally, the game's physics engine adds realism to the motorcycle's movements, requiring players to adjust their strategies accordingly. With its steep learning curve and unforgiving gameplay, Trials Fusion tests players' patience and skill like few other games do.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is considered one of the hardest games because of its challenging gameplay and frustrating mechanics. Players control a man stuck in a cauldron who must climb a mountain using only a hammer. The controls are intentionally difficult, requiring precise movements to progress.

Falling back to the bottom of the mountain is common, leading to feelings of frustration and failure. The game's minimalist design and lack of checkpoints make progress slow and punishing. Its reputation for being incredibly difficult has made it a popular choice for gamers seeking a tough challenge.

The End is Nigh

The End is Nigh is considered one of the hardest games because it challenges players with difficult levels and complex obstacles. The game requires precise timing and coordination to navigate through hazardous environments filled with traps and enemies. Players must strategize and plan their moves carefully to progress, often facing numerous retries and failures along the way.

Additionally, the game features a punishing difficulty curve that ramps up as players advance, providing a constant challenge that tests their skills and determination. Overall, The End is Nigh offers a relentless and unforgiving gameplay experience that appeals to players seeking a tough gaming challenge.   


Spelunky is one of the hardest games because it's a rouge platform with hard challenges and permanent death. The game randomly created the level you play making it unexpected and difficult to memorize. In addition to that game gives limited resources and health making to make every decision carefully. In general, this game is challenging because of its demanding adaptation and good mechanism to progress. 

Enter the Gungeon

"Enter the Gungeon" is considered one of the hardest games because it challenges players with intense bullet-hell gameplay and difficult enemy patterns. Players must navigate through randomized levels filled with traps, enemies, and powerful bosses, requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking to survive.

The game's unforgiving nature means that even experienced players can struggle to progress, leading to frequent deaths and retries. Additionally, the game features permanent death mechanics, meaning that each failed attempt forces players to start over from the beginning, adding to the overall difficulty and sense of challenge.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is considered one of the hardest games because it challenges players with its fast-paced rhythm-based gameplay and intricate levels. The game requires precise timing and coordination to navigate through obstacles and avoid traps. Each level presents new challenges, testing players' reflexes and concentration.

With its unforgiving difficulty and steep learning curve, Geometry Dash can be frustrating for beginners but rewarding for those who master its mechanics. Its popularity also stems from the community-created levels, which offer endless variety and creativity. Overall, Geometry Dash's combination of challenging gameplay and user-generated content makes it one of the top hardest games to beat.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is one of the hardest games because it challenges players with tough levels and tricky obstacles. The game requires precise timing and quick reflexes to overcome various enemies and obstacles. Additionally, the game features challenging boss battles that require strategic thinking to defeat.

The level design is intricate and often includes hidden paths and secrets, making it difficult to navigate. Overall, the combination of challenging gameplay mechanics, tough enemies, and intricate level design makes Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze one of the top hardest games to beat.

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