Swiggy Payment Not Working, How to Fix Swiggy Payment Not Working?

Encountering Swiggy payment issues? Explore possible solutions for payment failures, including addressing insufficient funds, verifying accurate addresses, and resolving technical glitches for a seamless ordering experience.

by Indraprakash | Updated Nov 18, 2023

Swiggy Payment Not Working, How to Fix Swiggy Payment Not Working?


Swiggy is an Indian company that started in 2014, and it's all about getting your favorite food to your doorstep. Based in Bangalore, it has grown to serve over 500 cities across India. The folks who came up with this idea are Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Reddy, and Rahul Jaimini.

Sriharsha Majety is the CEO, leading the team in making sure people can enjoy their meals hassle-free. Swiggy isn't just about food, though; they also deliver groceries through Instamart and offer a quick package delivery service called Swiggy Genie. With 6,000 employees as of 2023, Swiggy has become a big player in the online food ordering and delivery scene, competing with other companies like Zomato.

Swiggy Payment Not Working

Swiggy users are facing issues with the payment gateway as reported on November 17, 2023. Several customers have noted the inability to complete transactions even after successfully placing orders. Swiggy, in response to the concerns, acknowledged the problem, citing a "technical downtime" affecting payments.

The company assured users that they are actively working to resolve the issue and anticipate a quick restoration of services. Users took to social media platforms, such as Twitter, to express their frustration, with one individual highlighting the failure of payments despite having an updated app.

Another user shared a screen recording depicting difficulties using Swiggy Money for payments. Queries about payment outages and transaction failures flooded social media, reflecting the impact on users attempting to satisfy their hunger through the platform. As Swiggy addresses the technical glitch, customers eagerly await the swift resolution of the payment gateway issue to resume seamless transactions.

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Causes of Swiggy Payment Not Working?

Ordering food from Swiggy is a convenient way to satisfy hunger, but sometimes users encounter issues with the payment process even before reaching the payment page. Several factors could contribute to the failure of placing an order on Swiggy.

Insufficient Funds:

One common reason for payment failure is insufficient funds in the chosen payment method, whether it be a linked card or UPI account. Ensuring that your payment source has adequate funds can resolve this issue.

Address or Location Issues:

Inaccuracies or discrepancies in the delivery address entered during the ordering process might lead to order failures. It's essential to double-check and provide a precise delivery location to avoid complications.

Restaurant or Menu Unavailability:

If the selected restaurant or specific menu items are temporarily unavailable for delivery, Swiggy may encounter difficulties processing the order. Checking the restaurant's operational status can help determine if this is the issue.

Order Size Limitations:

Orders exceeding the maximum allowed size or value set by the restaurant or Swiggy's delivery service might result in transaction failures. Users should be mindful of the order limitations imposed by the platform.

Technical Glitches:

Occasionally, technical issues with the Swiggy app or website can interfere with the ordering process. Users may experience disruptions, and in such cases, it's advisable to wait for Swiggy to resolve the technical glitch.

Account Restrictions:

If there are any restrictions or issues associated with your Swiggy account, such as overdue payments or account suspension, it could lead to payment failures. Resolving account-related issues with Swiggy support may be necessary.

While these are some potential causes, it's important to note that specific situations may vary. If users continue to face problems with Swiggy payment, reaching out to Swiggy's customer support for personalized assistance is recommended.

How to Fix Swiggy Payment Not Working?

Swiggy recently faced technical issues with its payment gateway, leaving users unable to complete transactions despite successfully placing orders. The good news is that Swiggy has successfully resolved this problem. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you fix the Swiggy payment not working issue.

Step 1: Acknowledge the Issue:

If you faced payment problems on Swiggy, the first step is to acknowledge that there was a technical downtime issue. Swiggy communicated this to users, assuring them that the problem was recognized and actively being addressed.

Step 2: Stay Informed:

Keep an eye on Swiggy's official communication channels, such as their Twitter account or app notifications. Swiggy promptly updates users on the status of technical issues and informs them when the problem is resolved. In this case, Swiggy confirmed that the payment gateway issue had been successfully resolved.

Step 3: Refresh the App:

After Swiggy announces the resolution, it's advisable to refresh the app on your device. This helps ensure that you have the latest updates and that the changes made to fix the issue are applied to your app.

Step 4: Check Payment Functionality:

Once you've refreshed the app, proceed to check the payment functionality. Attempt to place an order and complete the payment process using your preferred method, whether it be UPI or cards. The successful resolution of the technical glitch should now allow for smooth transactions.

Step 5: Contact Support if Issues Persist:

If, after following the above steps, you still encounter payment problems, it's recommended to reach out to Swiggy's customer support. They can provide personalized assistance and address any lingering issues you may be facing.

By following these step-by-step guidelines, users can navigate and resolve the Swiggy payment not working issue efficiently, ensuring a seamless food ordering experience.

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Swiggy Payment Not Working - FAQs

1. Why is my Swiggy payment not working?

Possible reasons include insufficient funds, address inaccuracies, or technical glitches.

2. How can I fix Swiggy payment failures?

Ensure sufficient funds, double-check your delivery address, and wait for Swiggy to resolve any technical issues.

3. What if my order exceeds the restaurant's limit on Swiggy?

Orders surpassing maximum size or value set by the restaurant may lead to payment failures.

4. Can account issues cause Swiggy payment problems?

Yes, unresolved account restrictions or overdue payments may contribute to payment failures.

5. How do I contact Swiggy for personalized assistance with payment issues?

Reach out to Swiggy's customer support for help in resolving specific payment-related concerns.

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