Supraland Six Inches Under Walkthrough, Review, and Wiki

This Supraland Six Inches Under walkthrough will guide you through the aspects of the game and provide detailed instructions on how to complete the game, Supraland Six Inches Under.

by Janani | Updated May 30, 2023

 Supraland Six Inches Under Walkthrough, Review, and Wiki

Supraland Six Inches Wiki

Supraland Six Inches is a First-Person-Metroidvania game. It was released on 14 January 2022. Supraland Six Inches was developed by Supra Games UG and published by Supra Games UG. The game combines elements from popular titles such as Portal, Zelda, and Metroid.

It offers a unique blend of exploration, challenging puzzles, and intense combat. As a first-person-Metroidvania game, it immerses players in a thrilling adventure set in a world that lies just six inches below Supraland.

Supraland Six Inches Under Walkthrough

Supraland Six Inches Under is an immersive First-Person-Metroidvania game where you navigate a gated world, gradually unlocking access to new areas as you acquire more abilities. It's important to note that prior experience with other Supraland games is not required to enjoy this installment.

  • The gameplay of Supraland Six Inches Under is divided into three main components: exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat, constituting approximately 55%, 40%, and 5% of the experience, respectively. 
  • As you embark on this adventure, expect a playtime ranging from 8 to 20 hours, offering a substantial and engaging journey.
  • One notable aspect of the game is the absence of skill trees, allowing you to focus on utilizing your gathered abilities without the need for additional skill customization. Additionally, you'll encounter numerous humorous gags throughout the game, with two particularly amusing ones.
  • In comparison to the first Supraland game, Six Inches Under introduces a mixture of familiar and new player abilities, offering a fresh gameplay experience.
  • The puzzles along the main path are generally more approachable, while the more challenging puzzles are mostly optional, catering to different player preferences. The combat encounters have been reduced in frequency, and all enemy types have been newly introduced.
  • Furthermore, Six Inches Under boasts a wealth of optional content, providing extended gameplay opportunities accessible after the completion of the main storyline.
  • Unlike its predecessor, the game features predominantly original music compositions, tailored specifically for this immersive experience. While the credits roll earlier than in the first game, players can look forward to significant endgame content that awaits beyond, enhancing the overall longevity and enjoyment of the game.

Supraland Six Inches Guide

"Six Inches Under" was created as a small side project to familiarize new team members with our tools and workflow, serving as a preparation for the sequel to Supraland. 

  • While David Münnich primarily developed the first Supraland game on his own, he played a smaller role in this project. The core team for "Six Inches Under" consisted of six individuals.
  • Each team member took responsibility for designing and constructing one or two regions within the game world, making it a highly experimental endeavor. Originally intended as a DLC for Supraland, the project gradually expanded beyond initial plans and became increasingly ambitious.
  • Consequently, the development process lasted 27 months, significantly longer than the three months initially anticipated. To provide context, Supraland's development took 16 months.
  • Considered as "Supraland 1.5," the game retains many elements from its predecessor while introducing a plethora of new mechanics in an entirely new world.

Supraland Six Inches Under Review

When Supraland: Six Inches Under was initially announced, it was intended to be a short expansion involving the collaboration of the main developer and his new team members. However, as time passed, this expansion grew significantly in size, rivaling the scale of the main game. This expansion's growth is not surprising, as the previous DLC, Supraland's Crash, was also substantial enough to be considered a standalone game. While Crash focused on smaller-scale puzzles, Six Inches Under returns to the roots of the original game, offering captivating gameplay and exceptional design.

In Supraland: Six Inches Under, players take on the role of a blue plumber instead of the Red Prince. This choice allows for playful Mario references. The story begins when the Red Prince embarks on a rocket journey to explore new territories, but disaster strikes as a child's raking destroys the town, causing all the toy inhabitants to fall beneath the surface. They find themselves near Cagetown, a place ruled by a seemingly not-greedy-or-evil Baron, who resides at the top floor while the less fortunate occupy the bottom. The objective is to ascend Cagetown and find a way back to the surface. Similar to Crash, Six Inches Under delivers a humorous and well-written narrative, featuring sharp satire and great jokes.

Structurally, Six Inches Under follows a similar pattern to the original game. While the main campaign is slightly smaller, the abundance of optional content compensates for this, resulting in a comparable overall experience. Completing the main story takes around nine hours, assuming considerable exploration. Even then, players will have only discovered approximately 40% of the game's chests and secrets. It took approximately twelve hours to reach the halfway point. The game revolves around scaling Cagetown, which consists of three floors, each leading to new areas.

Multiple main areas are accessible via pipes from a location within Cagetown, offering a variety of puzzles, combat sections, and hidden secrets. As players acquire new equipment and abilities, they can ascend higher and explore previously inaccessible locations. Six Inches Under retains the addictive nature of the original game, with its Metroid-like focus on scouring areas for coins, and chests, and solving challenging puzzles.

While Six Inches Under doesn't deviate significantly from the main game, it doesn't diminish the overall experience. The game introduces new locations, puzzles, and features, enhancing the gameplay while still maintaining the essence of the original. Combat encounters are improved and less frequent, allowing players to focus more on exploration and puzzle-solving. The main weapon, a pickaxe, replaces the sword and blaster from the original game. The pickaxe's different tiers enable players to break through various materials and deal more damage. Additionally, a Tesla Coil gun replaces the blaster, offering electric shots that stun or harm enemies.

Supraland Six Inches Under PS4

The combat in Six Inches Under presents more challenges, but it never overstays its welcome. Minor issues include defeated enemies leaving obstructive clouds and difficulty judging the distance of incoming fireballs. Nevertheless, the puzzles remain exceptional, albeit slightly less difficult than the original game's mandatory ones. The game world is rich with puzzles and collectibles, making exploration an absolute delight. Supraland: Six Inches Under stands out among 3D games in this genre, rivaling the excellence of the Metroid Prime series. The secrets are particularly inventive, rewarding players for utilizing their abilities creatively.

Supraland: Six Inches Under may not reinvent the wheel, but it continues the legacy of an already outstanding game. If players enjoyed the original game, purchasing this expansion is a logical choice. While the story concludes a bit sooner than expected, there are post-game areas with additional puzzles, providing substantial content. This franchise consistently delivers high-quality and enjoyable experiences.

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Supraland Six Inches Under Walkthrough - FAQ

1. What is Supraland Six Inches and when was it released?  

Supraland Six Inches is a First-Person-Metroidvania game developed and published by Supra Games UG. It was released on January 14, 2022.

2. What can players expect from Supraland Six Inches in terms of gameplay and genre?  

Supraland Six Inches combines elements from popular games like Portal, Zelda, and Metroid. It offers a unique blend of exploration, challenging puzzles, and intense combat. It falls under the First-Person-Metroidvania genre.

3. How does Supraland Six Inches Under differ from the first Supraland game?  

Supraland Six Inches Under introduces a mixture of familiar and new player abilities, providing a fresh gameplay experience. The puzzles along the main path are generally more approachable, while the combat encounters have been reduced in frequency. It also offers a wealth of optional content accessible after completing the main storyline.

4. How long does it take to complete Supraland Six Inches Under?       

Completing the main story of Supraland Six Inches Under takes around nine hours, assuming considerable exploration. However, even after completing the main story, there is still a significant amount of optional content, chests, and secrets to discover, extending the playtime.

5. Is Supraland: Six Inches Under worth playing if you enjoyed the original game?

Yes, if you enjoyed the original Supraland game, purchasing Supraland: Six Inches Under is a logical choice. It continues the legacy of the original game and offers new locations, puzzles, and features while maintaining the essence of the original. The game consistently delivers high-quality and enjoyable experiences, providing substantial content for players to enjoy.

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