Starfield Where to Find Aluminum? Uses for Aluminum in Starfield

Aluminum in Starfield on various planets, including Tau, Ceti, Eridani, Narion, and Guniibuu. Aluminum is used for crafting and building in the game, such as creating weapons, spacesuit upgrades, and crafting stations for research and outpost development.

by Naveenkumar | Updated Sep 16, 2023

Starfield Where to Find Aluminum? Uses for Aluminum in Starfield

Starfield Where to Find Aluminum?

In Starfield, Aluminum (Al) is an important material used for crafting various items and unlocking features. You can find it on a whopping 373 different planets, so you won't have to go out of your way too often to collect it.

Some systems with abundant Aluminum include Tau, Ceti, Eridani, Narion, and Guniibuu. To make gathering Aluminum even easier, you can visit vendors like Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis.

Purchase all the Aluminum they have, then take a rest for 2 days. When you return, they will be restocked, allowing you to buy more. This method ensures a steady supply of Aluminum with minimal effort.

Uses for Aluminum in Starfield

Aluminum is a highly versatile material in Starfield, essential for various crafting endeavors. It plays a crucial role in Outpost Development projects, allowing you to create vital structures like Solar Arrays and Extractors for resources like Iron and Helium-3. Moreover, Aluminum enables the construction of essential crafting stations at your outposts, including Workbenches, a Research Lab, and a Pharmaceutical Lab.

Once these crafting stations are set up, the Research Lab becomes a hub for exploring numerous projects. These projects encompass weapon modifications, backpack enhancements, fortifications for your outpost's defenses, medical advancements, and more. Notably, Aluminum is a key component for crafting an important item at the Spacesuit Workbench – the Extra Capacity upgrade. This upgrade enhances your spacesuit's capabilities, proving invaluable in your interstellar adventures.

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Starfield Game Info

"Starfield" is a thrilling action role-playing game crafted by Bethesda Game Studios and brought to gamers by Bethesda Softworks. This cosmic adventure was unveiled to the world during Bethesda's captivating E3 presentation in 2018. Setting a new milestone for Bethesda, "Starfield" jets players into an entirely fresh intellectual realm, marking the studio's first original creation in a quarter-century. The eagerly anticipated game hit the gaming universe with a cosmic blast, becoming available for Windows and Xbox Series X/S on the exciting date of September 6, 2023.

Critics have showered "Starfield" with a wave of positivity, lauding its expansive open-world, captivating space-themed environment, and entrancing soundtrack. However, the storyline has proved to be a topic of contention, eliciting mixed opinions among reviewers.

Starfield Gameplay

"Starfield" is an action-packed RPG with a seamless first-person and third-person perspective. Set in a vast Milky Way galaxy, players explore over 1,000 planets, moons, and space stations. The landscapes are a blend of procedural generation and handcrafted content, influenced by each planet's star and atmosphere. The game boasts New Atlantis, Bethesda's largest fictional city, for players to explore.

Encounters with diverse NPCs offer opportunities to build a crew, each with unique abilities. Players customize their protagonist, gaining skills through challenges. Weapons, equipment, and jetpacks enhance combat and exploration. Resource management is key, with scanning planets for crafting materials. Establishing outposts and managing spaceships are pivotal to gameplay. Ship customization and combat add depth to the galactic adventure.

Starfield Overview




Bethesda Game Studios, id Software


Bethesda Softworks


Todd Howard


Emil Pagliarulo


Istvan Pely, Matt Carofano


Inon Zur


Creation Engine 2


Windows, Xbox Series X/S


September 6, 2023


Action role-playing



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Starfield Where to Find Aluminum?-FAQs

1. Where can I find Aluminum in Starfield?    

Aluminum can be found on a total of 373 different planets in Starfield. Some systems known for having abundant Aluminum include Tau, Ceti, Eridani, Narion, and Guniibuu.

2. What is the importance of Aluminum in Starfield?    

Aluminum is crucial for crafting various items and unlocking features in the game. It is used for creating weapons, spacesuit upgrades, and essential structures for outpost development.

3. Are there specific vendors where I can buy Aluminum in Starfield?    

Yes, you can visit vendors like Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis to purchase Aluminum. After buying all they have, rest for 2 days to allow them to restock, making it easier to obtain.

4. What are some key projects that require Aluminum in Starfield?    

Aluminum is essential for Outpost Development projects, including constructing Solar Arrays and Extractors for resources like Iron and Helium-3. It is also used to build crafting stations like Workbenches, Research labs, and Pharmaceutical labs.

5. What role does Aluminum play in Research Lab projects in Starfield?    

In the Research Lab, Aluminum is used to explore various projects such as weapon modifications, backpack enhancements, outpost defense fortifications, medical advancements, and more. Additionally, Aluminum is a crucial component for crafting the Extra Capacity upgrade at the Spacesuit Workbench, enhancing your spacesuit's capabilities.

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