Star Wars Outlaws Official Gameplay Walkthrough

Check out our article to get the Star Wars Outlaws Official Gameplay Walkthrough to dominate the upcoming action-adventure game Star Wars Outlaws by Ubisoft.

by Krishika M

Updated Jun 17, 2023

Star Wars Outlaws Official Gameplay Walkthrough

Star Wars Outlaws Official Walkthrough

1. Introduction:

  • As the game begins, you control Kay Vess and her loyal droid companion, Nix.
  • Your first mission is to strip a fighter for parts.
  • Pyke Foreman orders the stripping process, while other Pyke members express their distrust of Imperial officers.
  • Kay and Nix need to escape the Pykes' base.
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2. Escaping the Pykes:

  • Kay and Nix encounter resistance from Pyke members and hired guns.
  • Engage in combat using Kay's skills and Nix's abilities to overcome enemies.
  • Navigate through the area, utilizing cover to avoid taking damage.
  • Eliminate enemies as you make your way towards the exit and reach your ship.

3. Obtaining the Package:

  • ND-5 contacts Kay, instructing her to bring the package to Jaunta's Hope.
  • Fight your way through the enemies to retrieve the package.
  • Utilize Kay's combat skills and Nix's assistance to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies.
  • Locate and secure the package before proceeding to the rendezvous point.

4. Escaping to Jaunta's Hope:

  • Resistance from Pykes and hired guns intensifies as you attempt to escape.
  • Utilize the ship's defenses and Nix's abilities to fend off attackers.
  • Dodge enemy fire and navigate through the area to reach Jaunta's Hope safely.
  • Overcome any remaining enemies to ensure a secure escape.
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5. Meeting Danka at Jaunta's Hope:

  • Upon arrival at Jaunta's Hope, you meet Danka, a broker who presents a new opportunity.
  • Engage in conversation with Danka and her associates.
  • Choose your dialogue options carefully to gain their trust.
  • Danka offers a job involving illegal contraband, which presents a challenge for Kay.

6. Outrunning the Empire:

  • The Imperial Command announces the presence of a fugitive in Jaunta's Hope.
  • Stealthily navigate through the area to avoid Imperial troopers.
  • Use your combat skills to defeat any enemies that pose a threat.
  • Follow Danka's guidance to find a way out and escape the Empire's pursuit.
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7. Escaping in the Ship:

  • Return to your ship and prepare for takeoff.
  • Deal with any remaining enemies who may attempt to intercept your escape.
  • Engage in a space battle with TIE fighters using your ship's weaponry.
  • Destroy the TIE fighters and protect your escape.
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8. Successful Escape:

  • Activate the ship's hyperdrive and jump into hyperspace.
  • Successfully evade the pursuing Empire and celebrate your escape.
  • ND-5 suggests planning your next destination, offering the freedom to go wherever you choose.
  • The game leaves the future open-ended, allowing for further adventures and challenges.

Remember to adapt your gameplay to your character's strengths and playstyle. Make strategic choices during conversations, as they may impact the story and future options. Enjoy the immersive Star Wars Outlaws experience and have fun exploring the galaxy!

Star Wars Outlaws Guide

1. Getting Started

  • Familiarize yourself with the controls: Before diving into the action, take some time to learn the game's controls. Understand how to move, interact with objects, and utilize combat abilities effectively. Practice these controls to become comfortable with them.
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2. Completing Missions

  • Follow the objectives: Throughout the game, you'll receive missions that propel the story forward. Pay close attention to your objectives and navigate through the game world accordingly. Objectives will guide you on what needs to be done to progress.

3. Combat Mechanics

  • Utilize Kay's skills and Nix's abilities: Engage in combat encounters using Kay's combat skills and Nix's unique abilities. Experiment with different combinations to find effective strategies against enemies.
  • Take cover: In intense combat situations, use the environment to your advantage. Take cover behind objects, walls, or structures to protect yourself from enemy fire. Peek out from cover to take shots at enemies while minimizing your exposure.

4. Exploration and Interactions

  • Explore the game world: Star Wars Outlaws features immersive environments filled with hidden secrets, valuable loot, and valuable information. Take the time to explore your surroundings, investigate suspicious areas, and interact with characters to uncover hidden rewards and story elements.
  • Talk to NPCs: Interact with non-playable characters (NPCs) you encounter during your journey. Engaging in conversations with them may provide valuable information, side quests, or unlock new paths. Choose dialogue options carefully to shape the outcome of conversations.
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5. Upgrades and Equipment

  • Upgrade your skills and gear: As you progress, you'll earn experience points and acquire credits. Use these resources to upgrade Kay's skills, such as improving her combat prowess or unlocking new abilities. Additionally, invest in better equipment and weapons to increase your combat effectiveness.

6. Decision-Making

  • Choose wisely: Throughout the game, you'll be presented with choices that affect the story's outcome. Consider the consequences of each decision before making a choice.
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Star Wars Outlaws Wiki

Star Wars Outlaws is an exciting and highly anticipated action-adventure game that is currently in development by Massive Entertainment and will be published by Ubisoft. The game is being created under the official license of Lucasfilm Games, ensuring an authentic Star Wars experience for players.

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Set in the iconic Star Wars universe, the game takes place between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, offering players a unique and engaging storyline within this beloved sci-fi saga.

In Star Wars Outlaws, players will have the opportunity to embark on an epic adventure filled with thrilling action, immersive exploration, and captivating storytelling. As they navigate the dangerous and gritty criminal underbelly of the galaxy, players will take on the role of a resourceful and cunning outlaw, facing formidable challenges and making impactful choices that will shape their journey.

Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay

Star Wars Outlaws is an upcoming action-adventure game set in the expansive Star Wars universe. Designed as a single-player experience, the game offers players a thrilling third-person perspective as they navigate through a captivating open world.

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Within this immersive setting, players will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of gameplay styles. Stealth and open combat mechanics will allow for strategic encounters, while vehicle combat and space battles will provide exhilarating action sequences. Additionally, the game will incorporate branching dialogue, granting players the freedom to shape the story based on their choices and interactions.

Taking place between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, the storyline of Star Wars Outlaws centers around the exploits of two central characters. Players will assume the role of Kay Vess, an outlaw scoundrel portrayed by the talented Humberly González. Alongside Kay is her trusted companion, Nix, portrayed by Dee Bradley Baker. Together, they embark on a daring mission to execute one of the most audacious heists ever witnessed in the Outer Rim.

As players delve into Star Wars Outlaws, they can anticipate an immersive blend of action, adventure, and intrigue set within the beloved Star Wars universe. With its engaging narrative, dynamic gameplay, and talented cast, the game promises an unforgettable experience for fans and gamers alike.

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Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay Trailer

You can check Star Wars Outlaws’ gameplay trailer in the link provided below:

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Star Wars Outlaws Official Gameplay Walkthrough - FAQs

1. What kind of gameplay can I expect in Star Wars Outlaws?

Star Wars Outlaws offers a blend of mission-based gameplay and open-world exploration. You'll engage in thrilling combat encounters, utilize stealth to navigate through missions, and have the freedom to explore a vast open world filled with towns and cities on various planets.

2. How does the reputation system work in Star Wars Outlaws?

Star Wars Outlaws features a reputation system that is influenced by your decisions in missions and your actions in the open world areas. Your choices and behavior will shape your standing in the galaxy, affecting how characters perceive you and opening up new opportunities or closing doors based on your reputation.

3. Can I freely explore different planets in Star Wars Outlaws?

Yes, the game provides the opportunity to explore different planets within the Star Wars universe. You can hop on a speeder and travel across planets, discovering unique towns and cities to explore.

4. Is Star Wars Outlaws a true open-world experience?

Yes, Star Wars Outlaws aims to deliver an immersive open-world adventure set in the Star Wars universe. With its vast game world, freedom to pilot your ship, and the ability to make choices that impact the narrative and your interactions, it fulfills the dream of playing an open-world Star Wars game.

5. What can I expect from the combat in Star Wars Outlaws?

In Star Wars Outlaws, you'll engage in combat encounters using Kay's combat skills and Nix's abilities. The game allows you to choose between stealthy approaches or more action-oriented combat with a blaster in hand. Take cover, time your attacks, and make use of your surroundings to gain an advantage in combat.

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