Sons Of The Forest Item Id List, And How To Use?

Make your Sons of the Forest gameplay easier with the latest working Sons of the Forest Item ID list, which allows you to spawn unlimited items instantly and save time on resource gathering. Start reading and check out the Sons of the Forest Item ID list and more.  

by Swetha P | Updated Mar 18, 2023

Sons Of The Forest Item Id List, And How To Use?

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest, a survival video game created by Endnight Games and published by Newsnight, is the sequel to the 2018 game The Forest. It was released on Steam for early access on February 23, 2023, for Microsoft Windows. The game puts players in the shoes of a protagonist who finds themselves stranded on an island inhabited by cannibals. As they explore and try to survive, players can craft weapons and build structures. Unlike the first game, Sons of the Forest includes friendly NPCs, such as Kelvin, a deaf and mute companion who can be given written commands, and Virginia, a woman with three legs and arms who can be equipped with weapons. The game's map is four times bigger than its predecessor, and it supports up to eight-player cooperative multiplayer or solo play. The game's ending can vary based on the player's choices and actions.

Sons of the Forest Item ID List

If you're feeling exhausted from collecting weapons, resources, and supplies on your own in Sons of the Forest, this Item IDs guide can help. By using the Debug Console, you can spawn unlimited items instantly, making your survival journey easier and more enjoyable. The guide covers everything you need to know about using the Debug Console, including how to access it and the codes for spawning different items. Whether you're playing alone or with friends, this guide can save you a lot of time and effort. With the ability to spawn any item at any time, you can focus on exploring, building, and surviving in this exciting game.

The following list contains all confirmed working Item IDs for Sons of the Forest as of March 12, 2023. These codes have been tested and verified to spawn in the game. It's important to note that these codes allow you to spawn unlimited items instantly, which can make your survival journey easier and more fun. 

Weapon Item IDs

Climbing Axe: 478
Compact Pistol: 355
Crafted Bow: 443
Crafted Club: 477
Crafted Spear: 474
Crossbow: 365
Firefighter Axe: 431
Golf Putter: 525
Grenade: 381
Molotov: 388
Rifle: 361
Shotgun: 358
Time Bomb: 417

Attachment Item IDs

Air Gun Scope: 470
Crossbow Quiver: 384
Flashlight Attachment: 378
Laser Sight: 375
Pistol Rail: 376
Pistol Supressor: 374
Scope: 377
Silencer: 374

Ammo Item IDs

Buckshot Ammo: 364
Carbon Fiber Arrow: 373
Crafted Arrow: 507
Grenade Ammo: 382
Molotov Ammo: 389
Pistol Ammo: 362
Slug ammo: 363
Stun Gun Ammo: 369
Zipline Rope: 523

Tool Item IDs

Binoculars: 341
Gps Locator: 529
Gps Tracker: 412
Walkie-Talkie: 486

Printed Object Item IDs

Printed Arrow: 618
Printed Grappling Hook: 560
Printed Flask: 426
Printer Resin: 390
Printed Sled: 428

Clothing Item IDs

Blazer (Old Jacket): 491
Camouflage Suit: 558
Hoodie: 490
Silk Pajamas: 487
Puffy Jacket: 500
Track Suit: 555

Armor Item IDs

Bone Armor: 494
Creepy Armor: 593
Deer Hide Armor: 519
Golden Armor: 572
Gold Mask: 435
Leaf Armor: 473
Mutant Armor: 492
Red Mask: 391
Tech Armor: 554

Log Item IDs

Log: 78
Log Plank: 395
Log Plank Quarter 1x: 576
Log Plank Quarter 2x: 577
Log Plank Quarter 3x: 578
Log Quarter 1x: 406
Log Quarter 2x: 408
Log Quarter 3x: 409
Quarter Log: 406
Quarter Log Plank: 576

Food and Drink Item IDs

Canned Food: 434
Cat Food: 464
Emergency Pack: 483
Fish: 436
Energy Drink: 439
MRE: 438
Ramen Noodles: 421

Plants and Seed Item IDs

Aloe Vera: 451
Blackberries: 595
Blackberry Seed: 598
Arrowleaf: 454
Blueberries: 445
Chicory: 465
Devil’s Club: 449
Energy Mix: 461
Energy Mix Plus: 462
Fireweed: 453
Fireweed Seed: 601
Guarana Berries: 594
Guarana Seed: 602
Health Mix: 455
Health Mix Plus: 456
Horsetail: 450
Horsetail Seed: 603
Salmonberries: 447
Salmonberry Seed: 604
Snowberries: 448
Twinberries: 446
Yarrow: 452
Yarro Seed: 606

How to Use Sons of the Forest Item ID?

To use Item IDs and spawn unlimited items in Sons of the Forest, you must first download WeMod and enable Debug Console from the list of available mods. Once you launch the game and open your saved world, press F1 to access the Debug Console. In the console, type "spawnitem" followed by the desired Item ID number and the number of items you want to spawn. Press enter to spawn the item in-game. For example, to spawn two Rifles, enter "spawnitem 361 2". This method saves you time and effort by allowing you to spawn items instantly, making your gameplay experience more enjoyable.

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Sons of the Forest Item Id list - FAQs

1. What is Sons of the Forest?            

Sons of the Forest is a survival video game and the sequel to The Forest, in which players must survive on an island inhabited by cannibals.

2. How can I spawn unlimited items in Sons of the Forest?  

You can use the Debug Console and Item IDs to spawn unlimited items instantly.

3. How do I enable the Debug Console in Sons of the Forest?  

You must download WeMod and enable Debug Console from the list of available mods.

4. Where can I find the list of Item IDs for Sons of the Forest?  

You can find the list of confirmed working Item IDs online.

5. Can I use Item IDs to spawn any item in Sons of the Forest?  

Yes, as long as you have the correct Item ID code, you can spawn any item instantly in the game.

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