Solve the NYT Mini Crosswords Clue and Answer for April 3, 2024

Challenge your mind with the NYT Mini Crossword Clue! Crack the puzzle and learn the solution on our page. Enjoy solving crosswords!

by Dheshni

Updated Apr 03, 2024

Solve the NYT Mini Crosswords Clue and Answer for April 3, 2024

NYT Mini Crosswords

The NYT Mini Crossword is a shorter version of the classic New York Times crossword. The crossword puzzles will keep you engaged and help to make your brain active. For every crossword answer, you will be given a clue to solve it. So, always begin with the simplest clues so that you will feel a level of satisfaction upon finishing them and that you will continue to solve them. Still, having problems identifying the solutions? Visit our page to find answers. We know that filling in the little boxes can at times be difficult, which is why we are here to help.

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London ___, drink of steamed milk and Earl Grey tea

Answer: FOG

The blank space indicates that we're looking for a word that completes the phrase related to a popular drink. In London, a famous beverage is made by combining steamed milk with Earl Grey tea, resulting in a drink known as "London Fog."

Woman celebrating with a band?

Answer: BRIDE

This question suggests a scenario where a woman is celebrating, possibly at a wedding, and there's mention of a band. In such a context, the woman in question would likely be the "BRIDE," as weddings typically involve a bride celebrating with music provided by a band

Pinky or pinky toe

Answer: DIGIT

This question prompts us to think about body parts associated with the term "pinky." The answer is "DIGIT," as both the pinky finger and the pinky toe are referred to as digits, meaning a finger or toe in this context.

What a phoenix emerges from, with “the”

Answer: ASHES

When the phrase "the" is used, it often indicates a specific noun. In this case, the answer is "ASHES," as a phoenix is said to emerge from the ashes of its previous incarnation.

“You ain’t seen nothing ___”

Answer: YET

This question presents a well-known phrase that implies something impressive or surprising is about to happen. The blank space suggests a word that completes the phrase. The answer is "YET," as the full phrase is "You ain’t seen nothing yet," indicating that there's more to come or that what has been seen so far is just the beginning

Skirmish or scuffle

Answer: FIGHT

Both "skirmish" and "scuffle" refer to a small, brief conflict or altercation between individuals or groups. The answer that fits this description is "FIGHT," which encompasses various forms of physical or verbal confrontation.

Dog in “Garfield”

Answer: ODIE

In the comic strip "Garfield," Odie is the lovable but somewhat dimwitted dog belonging to Jon Arbuckle, Garfield's owner. Odie is known for his playful and sometimes clueless behavior, making him a prominent character in the series

Understands, as a joke

Answer: GETS

When someone "gets" a joke, it means they understand or comprehend its humor or punchline. The word "GETS" in this context refers to grasping the meaning or intention behind a joke, indicating comprehension and amusement.

Time to blow out the candles, informally

Answer: BDAY

"BDAY" is an informal abbreviation for "birthday." It refers to the occasion when someone celebrates the anniversary of their birth by blowing out candles on a cake, making a wish, and often receiving gifts or well-wishes from others


Answer: RISE

The term "increase" denotes a rise or upward movement in quantity, level, or value. The answer "RISE" fits this description, indicating a growth or augmentation in something, such as prices, temperatures, or statistics.

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