Solve The Irish Independent Simple Crossword Clue April 1, 2024

Stuck on The Irish Independent Simple crossword? Our guide helps you solve it quickly with tips and tricks.

by J Divya

Updated Apr 01, 2024

Solve The Irish Independent Simple Crossword Clue April 1, 2024


Solving The Irish Independent Simple Crossword is easy. You have clues, and you have to find the answers based on those clues. Today, we have an interesting clue. You have to use your thinking skills to figure out the answers. If you get stuck, there are tips and tricks to help you out. So,let’s play.

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Slavedrivers (11) Letters


"Slavedrivers" are people who force others to work excessively hard. "Taskmasters" refers to someone who imposes burdens or difficult tasks on others.

Doctored (7) Letters

Solution: DRUGGED

"Doctored" can mean tampered with, often in a way that affects someone's health. Drugging someone involves giving them a drug without their knowledge, often to make them unconscious or less able to resist.

Noble gas (5) Letters

Solution: XENON

 Noble gases are a group of chemical elements with specific properties, including xenon. The clue "Letters" refers to the fact that the answer is the name of a gas written out as letters.

Stretch for (5) Letters

Solution: SPACE

"Stretch" can mean to extend oneself or something else. "Space" refers to a continuous area or distance. In this context, "stretch for" could mean to try to reach or cover a distance.

Uneasy (7) Letters

Solution: WORRIED

"Uneasy" means feeling anxious or on edge. "Worried" is a synonym for uneasy, indicating a state of apprehension.

Parachute (6) Letters

Solution: SAFETY

A parachute is a device used to slow a fall and ensure a safe landing. "Safety" is the state of being protected from danger or risk, which is the primary function of a parachute.

Coming (6) Letters

Solution: FUTURE

"Coming" suggests something that is yet to arrive. "Future" refers to the time period that is yet to come.

Candidate (7) Letters

Solution: WRITE IN

"Candidate" refers to someone nominated for a position. "Write-in" is a term used in elections where voters can write the name of a candidate who is not on the official ballot (7 letters).

Set of furniture (5) Letters

Solution: SUITE

"Set of furniture" describes a collection of furniture pieces designed to be used together. "Suite" (5 letters) refers to a set of furniture for a particular room, like a bedroom or living room suite.

Detection scanner (5) Letters

Solution: RADAR

"Detection scanner" describes a device used to locate objects. "Radar" (5 letters) is a system that uses radio waves to detect and locate objects, often used in navigation or air traffic control.

Distribute again (7) Letters

Solution: REISSUE

"Distribute" means to give something out to multiple people. "Reissue" (7 letters) means to issue something again, often after it has been withdrawn or is no longer available.

Clowns about (4,3,4) Letters


This clue refers to the total number of letters in each word of the answer phrase. "Clowns about" suggests someone behaving foolishly.

Ring (5) Letters

Solution: MAFIA

 "Ring" can refer to a group or organization, and "mafia" is a criminal organization (5 letters).

Tomato sauce (7) Letters

Solution: KETCHUP

"Tomato sauce" describes a condiment, and "ketchup" is a type of tomato sauce (7 letters).

Harmless snakes (6) Letters

Solution: ADDERS

"Harmless snakes" might be misleading, but "adders" are a type of venomous snake in Europe (6 letters).

Rends (5) Letters

Solution: CHEWS 

 "Rends" means to tear something violently, and "chews" is to bite and break food into smaller pieces with teeth (both 5 letters).

Jazz style (7) Letters

Solution: RAGTIME

Ragtime (7 letters) is a specific style of jazz music known for its syncopated rhythms and ragtime piano playing.

Eye of a tornado (5,6) Letters


Storm Centre (11 letters) describes the central, calm area within a storm's vortex (although "eye" is a more common term, fitting the 5 letter clue might be "STORM EYE").

Nest-eggs (11) Letters


Investments (11 letters) are financial holdings that are expected to generate income or appreciate over time, similar to how birds lay eggs to ensure future offspring.

Migratory (7) Letters

Solution: ROAMING

Roaming (7 letters) describes animals or people who move from one place to another seasonally.

Spinning rod (7) Letters

Solution: SPINDLE

Spindle (7 letters) is a rod or shaft used in spinning thread or yarn, which can be seen as a historical tool for a similar purpose.

Hunt (6) Letters

Solution: WINNOW

Winnow (6 letters) can refer to the separation of lighter chaff from heavier grain, similar to how a hunt might involve searching and selecting something specific.

Standards (5) Letters

Solution: RANKS

Ranks (5 letters) refers to the different levels or grades within a hierarchy, which can be seen as a set of standards for achievement.

Ice house (5) Letters

Solution: IGLOO

Igloo (5 letters) is a dome-shaped dwelling made from blocks of ice, traditionally used by Eskimos.

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